Purple Head

First Produced By: GeckoBoa

Aliases: Lavender Tangerine, GeckoBoa Line

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 2010

Availability: Lower

Last Updated: 2022-02-09

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GeckoBoa: A line of tangerines that I have been working on since 2010. They originally come from unique crosses of Pacific green/Sykes emerine, Gecko Genetics (Mandarin), and Blood lines. I had a very unique gecko hatch in 2010 that was the foundation for the line. From her, I produced some very unique geckos that maintained purple colors over their head and body. The actual name ‘Purple Head’ originated as a nickname Matt from Sasobek gave them when we talked on the phone. He would mention stuff like “how are those purple head geckos doing” and it sort of stuck with me as I would label the geckos.
Over the years they have improved drastically and are now truly unique. There’s a line bred aspect to them that turns regular orange geckos into bright red. I haven’t released too many of them so the word of mouth hasn’t spread too much yet, but they will be big in years to come. [1]

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Not all purple heads display literal “purple heads”. [2]


The undertone of lavender/purple coloration throughout the body seems to be what causes the intense reds of this line.

In development most PHs start off sort of bland with color intensifying with age. They seem to be one of the best lines for color retention of adults. [3]

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