Aliases: Anery

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 2007

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-02-20

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Anerytheristic (or Anery, for short) eliminates red coloration in Super Dwarf Reticulated pythons, and is a naturally occurring wild recessive morph that got it’s start within the limited gene pool of several of the Dwarf and Super Dwarf Retics of the subspecies Malayopython reticulatus jampeanus.

It is one of, if not the all time favorites of Garrett Hartle, and is one of those genetic mutations that has long been under-appreciated, until it has been developed through selective breeding of bloodlines and genetic combinations to make the best use of its unique qualities.

So far, very few recessive genes have been crossed into Anery, and there is much left to do with this captivating morph. [1]

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Anery was first produced from a Jampea, making it a dwarf local morph. [2]

The Anery trait was first proven recessive by Prehistoric Pets back in 2007, when Garrett Hartle was working there. [3]

Garrett, now working at Reach out Reptiles, produced an Anery from a pure Karompa line in 2019. [4]

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Anery is a color mutation that is somewhat like Axanthic, which it means lacking yellow pigment, but Anerythristics actually sucks the red pigments out and leaves behind kind of a greenish tone. Removing that layer of red pigment gives an almost translucent look to the snake.

Anery removes all the red from the typical browns that are reticulated python has, it’s gonna pull from the the tan Browns on top, and turns them into a almost chrome-grayish-blue color.

The base color, where it’s normally a yellowy gold, turns into a greenish almost-highlighter color.

Anery really tweaks the color it makes for a lot of sort of unnatural looking color tones throughout the animal. [5]


Just because an animal looks silver does not mean that it is het for the anerythristic gene. A heterozygous for an Anery doesn’t show through reliably enough to consider this a Incomplete dominant trait. [6]

Proven Lines

RoR Anery (Super Dwarf)

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