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Recent Ratings

Below is feedback left recently about sellers.
Had a great transaction with Baker. Great communication, shipping was perfect, animal is a beauty and ate great within a few days. Would definitely do business again! Thanks!
Rating for Blue_Line_Morphs by a***s for Pastel Banana Enchi Piebald Ball Python ($750.00)
This is our second royal from southwest Boids and I can’t fault Guy at all, his communication is excellent and answered all our questions regarding our purchase. Kept us up to date and made the purchase an absolute breeze.
Rating for Snakey68 by d***0 for VPI Axanthic Ball Python (GB£120.00)
My experience with Sonja was nothing less than perfect. She was friendly, very helpful top notch all the way will definately deal with her again in the future
Rating for Sonjakreptiles by b***e for Sunset Boa (AKA Super Hypo Hog) Boa Constrictor ($475.00)
Lovely animal and good communication, can recomend this seller.
Rating for Crazyballpythongenetics by n***t for Banana Clown Ball Python (500.00 €)
Seller was professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with! I was able to add my dream snake to my collection, albeit for a great price! I recommend him to anyone looking for a great experience!
Rating for Smcc808 by n***6 for Super Lesser Ball Python ($400.00)
Excellent service stayed in touch all the way through and after to make sure she had settled highly recommend
Rating for Kylenesbitt by d***7 for Lesser 100% Het Pied 50% Poss Het Clown Ball Python (GB£195.00)
Very pleased with my new hognose. Seller was very helpful on care and even added detailed lineage on the parents. Very happy with my purchase!
Rating for Tduane23 by m***o for Tri-color Hognose ($295.00)
Great guy and great animal!
Rating for Delf by l***s for Super Black Pastel Het Pied Ball Python (750.00 €)
I met him locally! He is super informative and passionate what he does. Very underrated. More people should know him. Ball python is super tame and healthy.
Thank you so much! That means a lot! Feel free to hit me up with any questions you have! And thank you for your business!
Rating for Smittys_Serpents by f***s for DH Lavender Albino Pied Ball Python ($150.00)
Could not have got a better snake, we have an amazing bond and I love him to pieces! Sheridan is the perfect breeder, so attentive and caring and really goes the extra mile every time, even after I brought my boy home. So grateful for everything!!
Thank you so much! I'm so happy he's gone to such a wonderful home.
Rating for Serpentscove by j***y for Banana Gravel Or Yellow Belly Ball Python (GB£220.00)