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Recent Ratings

Below is feedback left recently about sellers.
This was my first purchase from a breeder on Morph Market and I could not be more pleased with it! I heard back quickly and he worked with me so that I could go and pick him up myself. The snake was exactly as described and I couldn’t be happier!
Rating for Paradoxtal_Pythons by a***6 for Pastel Nana 66% Clown 50% Pied Ball Python ($145.00)
Fantastic, all the way through! Baela is a beautiful girl and everything was perfect from initial communication to her arrival. Would definitely recommend and work with Troy again! Thank You!!
Rating for Troyleesreptiles by p***1 for Jungle Boa - 66% Het Kahl Albino - 66% Het Blood Boa Constrictor ($500.00)
Awesome service from MSfarmselmoore. Amazing customer service and gecko arrived just as expected. I would defiantly recommend to buy from them.
Rating for Msfarmslemoore by n***3 for Super Snow Raptor Leopard Gecko ($300.00)
I purchased a dragon and it arrived the next day well packed/warm, very very alert and active. He jumped up onto my arm upon opening the container he arrived in. After he warmed up he ate like a champ. He enjoys being held..very healthy boy. Thx k&k!
Rating for Kandkdragonfactory by m***4 for Red Hypo Trans Bearded Dragon ($350.00)
Fantastic quality animals and great customer service. Would definitely buy from again in the future.
Rating for Darling_Geckos by t***s for Mandarin Tangerine Blood Cross Possible Het Tremper, Noir Desir Leopard Gecko ($225.00)
Sebastian and Adam are exactly what you look for in a snake breeder. Awesome communication, even better quality animal. Will be back for more animals. Thanks again!
Rating for Showcaseserpents by h***s for Pastel Leopard Clown Het Pied Ball Python ($1,750.00)
Honestly I'm new buyer, but Kaos Balls' boss was extremely helpful in some care tips for the Fire Ball Python that I purchased, shipment was super quick and extremely well packaged. The snake was healthy and exactly as pictured. 100% satisfied.
Rating for Karlvee by m***m for Fire-Clearance Price! Ball Python ($50.00)
I love how fast they reply and ship their animal
Rating for Dehartreptiles by b***3 for Lesser Mojave Ball Python ($375.00)
Jaime was extremely quick and thorough with his responses. He went beyond and above to make sure any of my questions were answered, ( which were a ton, this being my first snake ever). I highly recommend him to anyone else.
Rating for Jimmy2615948 by c***4 for Albino Poss Het Pied Ball Python ($150.00)
Chris was very patient and responsive with all my questions/concerns. He included all the information one might need. There was a super sweet surprise as well. Our beautiful girl is everything we hoped for and more!
Rating for Mrsmith by j***i for Black Pastel Pied Ball Python ($700.00)