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Recent Ratings

Below is feedback left recently about sellers.
No Complaints snake is great
Rating for Socalscales by p***p for Pastel 66% Het Ghost 66% Het Axanthic Ball Python ($125.00)
The seller wasn't super helpful with answering questions or assisting a first time online snake-buyer. But the snake shipped timely and arrived safe and healthy and is doing very well still a week later.
Rating for Arzerkle by s***s for 2020 Male Mandarin #43 Rat Snake ($250.00)
We received our baby quickly and she was packaged very well and was lively and happy. She was beyond our expectations in beauty . The seller was very caring and answered all my pesky questions without hesitation . I will definitely recommend buying .
Rating for Pandamonaeon by w***1 for Albino Western Hognose ($250.00)
Pictures and description were perfect, seller was very quick to respond to messages and very helpful. Great service hope to purchase from cornish colubrids again.
Rating for Cornishcolubrids by b***l for Classic Tessera Corn Snake (GB£45.00)
A+++ ; buy from with confidence!
Rating for B_Mcever by m***s for Fire Lesser Pinstripe Clown Het Ghost Ball Python ($2,550.00)
Verry nice Contact and professionell Packing the Animal No Problems.
Rating for Reptilienfaszination by k***i for Piebald Ball Python (320.00 €)
Absolutely the best breeder to buy from. I will be buying from them again
Rating for Thescalesfamilyreptiles by e***d for Yellowbelly Ball Python ($75.00)
Communication was fast and he answered all of my questions. My snake arrived in great health. I would recommend Franks Exotics. Thank you for a wonderful snake!
Rating for Cfranks88 by m***6 for Hypo 100% Caramel Glow Ball Python ($120.00)
Excellent seller. I am new to the hobby and the seller not only remained communicative but also offered such a vast array of knowledge! I look forward to being able to buy from them in the future.
Rating for Pythonsgonepostle by a***o for GHI Het Pied Het Orange Ghost Ball Python ($500.00)
Communication was quick and easy! The seller was kind and my animal arrived safely. He's adorable and I will definitely order form this seller again.
Rating for Mgleason by m***4 for 2019 Baby Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($65.00)