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Recent Ratings

Below is feedback left recently about sellers.
Rating for Tspuckler by j***5 for Butter Motley Corn Snake ($70.00)
Gen Z was great to deal with. Jace was very responsive and patient with all of my questions. The pinstripe axanthic vpi I bought from him arrived healthy and with a great temperment. I would highly recommend purchasing from him to anyone.
Rating for Genzreptiles by c***1 for Axanthic (VPI) Pinstripe Ball Python ($300.00)
Beautiful little MBK
Rating for Tspuckler by j***5 for Mexican Black Kingsnake Western Black Kingsnake ($200.00)
Good looking animal. Fair price. Slow shipping time. Requested friends and family payment. Charged more to use PayPal as it is intended.
Rating for Redclayreptiles by d***1 for Pastel Orange Dream Enchi Calico Pos Het Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
Everything went well! I am very happy with my purchase!
Rating for Mesozoicreptiles by i***j for Albino Corn Snake ($150.00)
Beautiful hognose. Thanks!
Rating for Ddnoodles by d***6 for Normal Western Hognose ($200.00)
Couldn't have asked for a better breeder to work with! They were quick to respond and included info like DOB and feeding history which I greatly value with any new addition. Will look to Maltese Morphs whenever I am in the market for a new ball!
Thanks for the great review Nathan - it was awesome working with you! Best of luck with your upcoming projects!
Rating for Dzinsky by n***e for Banana Pied Ball Python ($600.00)
Great job ;)
Rating for Jerk by l***g for Poss. Het Axanthic *Read Description* Crested Gecko ($400.00)
Everything went smoothly, communication was good. The snake arrived in perfect condition and was as stunning as the pictures, looks healthy and bright. Jon was kind enough to hold him for me for a few days until I got everything ready. Thanks!
Rating for Jon by s***h for Banana Pied Ball Python ($375.00)
Stunning animal , Very friendly breeder
Rating for Crazyserpentmorphs by t***s for Banana Pastel Clown Poss Motley Ball Python (GB£600.00)