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Recent Ratings

Below is feedback left recently about sellers.
Worked with me on shipping when it was convenient, and made sure the animals safety was priority the whole time. Let her settle in for 5 days and she took the first meal I offered. Very good experience and good communication the whole time
Rating for Crowed by b***1 for Cinnamon 100% Het Piebald Ball Python ($135.00)
I paid for the snake and had to be out of town. The process of planning the date for delivery went perfectly. Great seller. Would do business with them again.
Rating for Elegantanomaly by s***4 for Pastel Gravel Or Yellowbelly Ball Python ($125.00)
Above and beyond
Rating for Anthonyfleming by j***c for Pastel Champagne Ball Python ($400.00)
The seller has excellent communication answered all of my questions and did it promptly. They shipped the ball out on my schedule and it was properly packed and arrived safe. I highly recommend!
Rating for Bawnjorno by t***d for Pastel 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($150.00)
I contacted Mark regarding the Killer Pied he had available, Mark replied quickly and answered all of my questions regarding the Male. I arranged to collect the snake in person, Mark was great and I am very happy with my new boy.
Rating for Marktballs by a***s for Killer Pied Ball Python (GB£495.00)
Anthony was awesome! My package was redirected and we had SUCH a hard time tracking it down but he was on the phone with FedEx constantly trying to fix the issue. He was constantly giving me updates. It was awesome and my baby arrived safe and sound!
Rating for Fairplaypythons by s***5 for Enchi Calico Ball Python ($300.00)
Seller was very easy to deal will
Rating for Boac1 by a***9 for Arabesque Parahet Pos Het Anery Boa Constrictor ($350.00)
Pretty much a seamless transaction. Chances are I will buy from them again.
Rating for Jmgreptile by p***k for Arctic Anaconda Male Het Lavender Pos Het Albino Pos Het Toffee Western Hognose ($1,350.00)
Great Snake. Looks healthy and active. Worth the journey 👍
Rating for Worcestermorphs by s***7 for Orange Dream Pastel Ball Python (GB£140.00)
Snake arrived freezing cold with no heat pack. Also box did not have ventilation holes anywhere around it and was taped completely shut. I was told snake was gonna be over 1100 grams and she was 1005 grams, dehydrated and basically starved skinny.
Rating for Redrat007 by j***4 for Pastel Het Pied Ball Python ($225.00)