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Below is feedback left by buyers about this user.
great customer service, amazing communication. ordered a adult female versi she came just as described nice and healthy. Austin is awesome! he got her to me right on my birthday! & I very much look forward to shopping with him more in the future!!
Rating by t***a for Caribena Versicolor Tarantula ($400.00)
Well packaged they are exactly what i asked/bought
Rating by d***o for Neoholothele Incei (Trinidadian Olive) Tarantula ($35.00)
I received an Absolutely flawless western widow extremely satisfied! Will be purchasing many more species moving forward great customer service highly recommended 03Arachnids
Rating by m***8 for Latrodectus Hesperus (Western Black Widow) Other Spider ($50.00)
Got a leopard gecko that was advertised as being 4 moths old but was only 7g when I received her. There's no way the hatch date was accurate. She was also not the gecko I ordered. contacted the seller and they kept ghosting. Now I'm out the $20 diff
Rating by j***2 for Mac Snow Pos High Yellow Leopard Gecko ($70.00)
Excellent response time. Great communication. Very informative. Fair price. Product was everything is hoped it would be and more! Thank you for easing my concerns about online live animal purchasing.
Rating by m***i for CB Phrynosoma Modestum (Roundtail Horned Lizard) More Lizard ($200.00)
Awesome breeder, beautiful animals , thank you for beautiful Ts
Rating by a***9 for Hapalopus Formosus ('True' Pumpkin Patch) Tarantula ($40.00)
Great communications, well-packaged and shipped fast... 5 stars all the way!
Rating by j***5 for Regal Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma Solare) More Lizard ($250.00)
Rating by w***s for Longnosed Snake More Colubrid ($120.00)
Absolutely amazing customer service. I love my new babies and went above and beyond to make sure I got what I was looking for.
Rating by r***2 for Phidippus Carneus (Red-backed Jumping Spider) ($52.00)
Everything worked out well. Not sure if the fed ex guy knocked, but with the tracking number it was easy to tell when the animals were delivered.
Rating by 4***8 for Pair Western Rat Snake ($250.00)
Spiders arrived safe and sound. Great seller, awesome communication! Will definitely buy from again!!
Rating by f***s for Phidippus Cardinalis Other Spider ($15.00)
Amazing gecko at an amazing price and a male as promised.
Rating by g***l for Murphy Patternless Leopard Gecko ($65.00)
Ordered 3 awesome little jumping spiders, good communication from seller, arrived healthy and happy despite a shipping delay. Very happy with this purchase.
Rating by j***s for Phidippus Mystaceus (High Eye Lashed Jumping Spiders) ($15.00)
The babies arrives healthy and happy- eating immediately upon arrival. Well packaged.
Rating by m***3 for Phidippus Mystaceus (High Eye Lashed Jumping Spiders) ($15.00)
Very easy to work with! I will probably buy from Austin again!
Rating by s***l for Avicularia Avicularia M1 Tarantula ($40.00)
03Arachnids is great. Very communicative, and personable. I love my slings!! Thank you!
Rating by a***n for Aphonopelma Mooreae (North American Cobalt Tarantula) ($300.00)
pretty decent animals, pretty decent communication, not perfect but very good
my only complaint, and its a small one, is I asked what the freebie was they sent me and never got a response back, they wrote it on the container but cant read it, other then that great to do business with
Rating by b***2 for Aphonopelma Anax Tarantula ($130.00)
This man sold me a male and the purchased a FEMALE this not a morel person I wouldn't have him represent me
Review left on accident. He was meaning to leave it on another sellers profile. I have screen shot conversations confirming this.
Rating by j***7 for Theraphosa Stirmi Tarantula ($250.00)
Fast communication and shipping. Very happy with the Ts I received.
Rating by j***3 for Aphonopelma Mooreae (North American Cobalt Tarantula) ($295.00)
Animals showed up fine, and look Good ! Thanks again Austin
Rating by b***h for Christmas Mountain Sonoran Gopher Snake ($165.00)
Great folk transition was great I hope other people go there
Awesome I'll be back!100%
Rating by j***7 for Phormingochilus Sp. 'Rufus Tarantula ($300.00)
Seller was easy to talk to and willing to work with different delivery options. I was shown two similar pattern snakes and pointed out the one I preferred although either was fine and he sent that one (attention to detail!) Snake is healthy!
Rating by b***z for Albino Striped CA California Kingsnake ($200.00)
I decided on a female P. Metallica from this seller, and she was perfect. I also got a nice freebie, as well.
Rating by m***y for Theraphosa Blondi (TRUE Goliath Birdeater) Tarantula ($400.00)
Was VERY fast at response times, shipped very quickly and arrived in amazing packaging and conditions. Very happy with my purchase!
Rating by j***s for Eresus Walckenaeri (Orange Ring Ladybird Spider) Other Spider ($130.00)
Outstanding customer service and communication was impeccable Snakes were just as pictured and were packaged perfectly and arrived in exellent condition 5 stars all,the way and I will not hesitate to buy from 03ARACHNIDS again!
Rating by r***s for Classic Corn Corn Snake ($140.00)
Quick to respond, and orderly, animal came as describe, healthy and lively. Very happy with my experience.
Rating by c***1 for Sauromalus (Chuckwalla) More Lizard ($300.00)
The seller was very responsive on shipping times and dates and was transparent about the condition and health of the animal! The packaging was great, and animal healthy! I would defiantly recommend this vendor to friends of mine!
Rating by m***l for Yellow Eastern Rat Snake ($90.00)