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Oct 18, 2015
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“Absolutely great experience, actually went to pick up the snake I was getting, very knowledgeable and the snake I purchased is healthy and beautiful.” — lyndseyg

We are two small hobby breeders focused on producing high quality ball python morphs. We have built our collection by purchasing from reputable breeders in the industry, focusing on pattern, color and quality. Our goal is to provide the same high quality ball pythons to our customers!

Store Policy
**The following “terms” have been established for your protection, as well as ours. Please read them thoroughly prior to placing an order. Your order shall be interpreted as understanding and acceptance of the terms as stated.**

Unless a specific exception is made, no animal is considered to be sold until payment is received in full.
Payment methods: Cash, USPS Money Order, and PayPal. Checks MAY be considered from known customers, but must clear before shipping; a fee of $50.00 will be assessed for returned checks. Friends are friends, but business is business!
Upon request, and receipt of a 20%, non-refundable deposit; We will hold an animal for up to 14 days. We will hold orders of $1000.00 or more for up to 1 month; with an additional 20% payment due by the 15th day. If payment is not received by the required date; the animal(s) will be considered available for sale, and all monies will become the property of 412Balls. The only time a deposit will be refunded is if we are unable to provide the animal.
Payment plans will be considered on a case by case basis. Specific terms will be, must be agreed upon, via email or text, prior to any exchange of funds.
Shipping will be via FedEx Priority Overnight or SYR(Ship Your Reptiles), at the purchaser’s expense. Insulated shipping boxes are standard. Heat/Cold packs will be used as appropriate. Currently, actual shipping costs are applied. Please contact us for a quote before sending payment.
Live arrival is guaranteed; as long as you are there to accept delivery on the first attempt. When receiving a package shipped via FedEx, when held for pick up, you must pick up the package within four hours-unless we are advised that this will not be possible prior to shipping. In the unlikely event of a DOA, you must contact us within 4 hours and retain the animal. Proof will be required.
412Balls is not responsible for shipper mishandling/delays beyond the guarantees listed on this page.
Shipping may be postponed due to extreme temperature/weather conditions. We may, at our discretion, require FedEx shipments to be held for pickup or suspend overnight shipping. This is for the health of the animal….. Thank You in advance for your understanding.


Unless otherwise noted, any animals for sale are captive bred and feeding on live rodents.
All animals will be outwardly healthy, correctly sexed, and free of external parasites
Since we cannot control conditions after they are out of our care, we only guarantee animals health and sex for 48 hours after receipt. If a problem is noted within that time, contact us immediately about returning the animal for refund/exchange/credit. **We reserve the right of final judgement on this matter; and may, on occasion, limit the return options.**
Unless the return is due to a pre-existing health problem with animal(proof may be requested), we will NOT refund shipping costs.
We may extend this guarantee period at our discretion, if and only if we are notified of your intentions/concerns within those 48 hours.
We will not knowingly ship any animal that is prohibited in your area. By placing an order with us, you are assuming full responsibility. Check your local laws.
Finally, 412Balls is in no way responsible for any injury, illness, or other hardship you may experience as a result of your purchase.