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Fantastic seller, great communication and lovely healthy snake
Rating by 3***s for Pastel Bongo Ball Python (GB£220.00)
Brilliant from start to finish just a absolute pleasure and would recommend to others.
Rating by v***e for Spotnose 100% Het Clown Ball Python (GB£250.00)
Just what I was looking for. Speedy hassle free transaction. A good seller, Who I will hopefully be able to buy from seller again in the future.
Rating by c***7 for Clown Ball Python (GB£140.00)
Second purchase in a few months & I wasn't disappointed. I got a healthy and great example GHI. An absolute pleasure again and I will definitely be buying from some time in the future.
Rating by r***r for GHI Ball Python (GB£140.00)
Great seller, made sure we had lots of communication, a smooth easy transaction and received a perfect healthy snake. Thank you
Rating by r***e for Mojave Ball Python (GB£90.00)
Great service. Prompt communication and very knowledgeable and informative. Beautiful GHI
Rating by d***7 for GHI Ball Python (GB£120.00)
Great seller to deal with, snakes are in good shape and all is as it should be. Would happily buy from this seller again.
Rating by a***1 for Pinstripe Ball Python (GB£70.00)
Bought a female Mojave about 6 weeks ago and she is healthy, eats every time and docile to handle. Communication was good and arranging a pick up time was easy. Would recommend!
Rating by e***h for Pinstripe Ball Python (GB£65.00)
Absolute pleasure to deal with as a seller. Top guy who was flexible and willing to hold the animal for me. Quality animal to boot. Many thanks.
Rating by r***r for Leopard Mojave 100% Het Albino Ball Python (GB£260.00)
Seller replied to messages very quickly and once collection was arranged he held the snake with no problems . Great level of communication and information given
Rating by j***p for Leopard Pastel Mojave 100% Het Albino Ball Python (GB£350.00)