Acidic pHythons

Christopher Eubel
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Jan 08, 2019
21 (100% positive in 12 months)
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“My experience with this breeder was really simple and very rewarding! My ball python seemed healthy, active, and alert. would recommend this breeder to anyone considering ball pythons. seller seems very passionate about the animals.” — cinman18
“Chris was awesome to work with. Awesome with communication and snake was neatly packed. She came as described and advertised. You can tell this was a well cared for. Keep up the great work!” — nskaraskiewicz

I am a small hobbyist ball python breeder producing a few high quality clutches a season. When it comes down to it, my snakes are my pets and not business assets. My small collection allows me to give them the close attention and care that they deserve.

As a child I kept all sorts of snakes, lizards, fish, and amphibians as pets, but I just recently got into ball pythons in university.
I never had any intentions to breed when I purchased my first ball python, but I quickly became intrigued with all of the morphs and projects breeders were working on. When I stumbled upon the new Acid morph, I realized I wanted to be a part of it and have some projects of my own.

Store Policy
The health/safety of my snakes is my #1 priority

Please check out my projects and collection on Instagram at @acidic_phythons or

Feel free to call or text me with any questions or comments at (937) 542-9484 -- If I don't pick up your call, please leave me a voicemail so that I can differentiate you from all of the spam calls that I get. My goal is full transparency.

** I only do transactions through MorphMarket, I don't have the time or quantity to sell at shows **
Purchasing from a stranger online always has a level of uncertainty and risk; that's why I am willing to set up a video chat with any potential customers so that you can see your possibly new snake "live" and speak with me face-to-face. Please let me know if you'd like to take advantage of this form of communication.

[My Word]
All snakes are accurately sexed and the genetics are advertised to the best of my ability. Only genes clearly/obviously identifiable will be included in my advertisements. Possible genetics may also be included and will be stated as such.

I will not knowingly sell to anyone under the age of 18.
I will not knowingly sell/ship reptiles in violation of state/federal laws.
All payments must be made/processed before I prepare your snake(s) for shipping or pickup.
I reserve the right to refuse sale as seen fit.

I highly recommend picking up at a FedEx hub, only rare circumstances will I allow delivery. You must pick up your animal at the FedEx hub within two hours of arrival or DOA refund is void. FedEx shipping tracking is always provided and should be utilized. No DOA refunds for deliveries, currently. Other than DOA, all sales are final.
All problems/concerns with your new snake must be brought to my attention within 1 hour of reviewing them, otherwise, all refunds will be void (I cannot be held responsible for poor husbandry practices). I recommend you video-record the unboxing of your new snake, as this is the only way I can verify any liabilities on my end or the shippers.
In the sad event of a DOA, get in contact with me ASAP so that we can have a video chat and get you a refund or credit if appropriate. Do not discard the snake or DOA refund will be void.

On arrival, inspect your new snake for any signs of health concerns (and then allow your new buddy to rest and relax undisturbed in its prepared enclosure; obviously, shipping can be very stressful for animals).

Shipping can be coordinated to best accommodate your schedule (Monday - Thursday Arrival ** with special restrictions due to Covid-19 FedEx impacts)

The weather/temperature at my location and my customers must be appropriate for shipment in order to preserve the snake's
health. I will hold your snake and continue to feed and care for them as normal, at no extra cost, until temperatures coincide
within an appropriate range.

Mandatory payment method is Venmo or PayPal.

20% nonrefundable payment to hold a snake.

Payment plans available for purchase above $1k. The snake must be paid in full within 8 weeks of payment plan agreement. If the purchase is canceled, all payments will be promptly returned, besides the 20% reservation payment (this cost covers the amount of time my snake has been unavailable for purchase). Please let me know if you are interested in a payment plan and we can try to organize something that works for you.

** All purchases over $1000 will require a selfie with a legal form of ID (all information other than the full name may be omitted). This is to protect your card from fraudulent purchases and myself from fraudulent buyers. After 90 days, I will delete this information from my records. **