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Anna Kirby

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Hi, I'm Anna👋
AK Morphs is a breeder of designer ball python morphs with a focus on imports and pattern disrupters located in East Texas.
My collection is meticulously tested continuously throughout the year with Real-Time PCR testing.

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Store Policy

⬟ Genetics You Can Trust
When dealing with multiple incomplete dominant genes in a pairing, it can be subjective what genes the animal is actually carrying. If there is any question an animal may or may not carry a gene, it will be listed as possibly carrying the gene and priced accordingly.

֍ Hatchling Shipments
I do not ship out hatchlings that are under 100 grams in weight. It's a personal belief of mine that a healthy, food responsive hatchling has not only had a few meals in them but also has had some good weight added. The only exception I'll allow for a hatchling to ship under 100 grams is if the hatchling has had 10 meals without issues. I will deliver a hatchling under 100 grams locally to anyone in the DFW Metroplex after the hatchling has had 4 meals without issue.

► Payment Methods
Accepted methods of payment includes Cash App, Zelle, and Cash (local/shows). I will take Venmo and PayPal but there will be a 3% surcharge when paying via Goods & Services (so please just use Friends & Family). Invoices can be sent and paid for via Quickbooks if requested. All methods will need to clear the bank before an animal is shipped. Short term payment plans are available; 10 - 25% non refundable deposit for all payment plans.

⦿ Payment Plans
Payment plans are welcomed and determined on a case-by-case basis on purchases over $500. A typical payment plan can be started with a non-refundable deposit between 10 – 25%, ranging from 30-90 days depending on the price of the animal. Please inquire in regards to specific animals. No holds will be placed on animals without a deposit. Shipping will not occur until the full agreed upon amount is received from the payment plan. If at any time you feel like you cannot complete a payment plan, I will allow the amount paid thus far to be transferred to a different animal of said value.

If you go longer than 60 days without making a payment you will be considered default on your payment plan. Communication is key and I am a very reasonable person to work with. However, defaulting on a payment plan will result is the animal(s) being placed back on the market. If the animal(s) sell you will be issued a credit for the amount paid towards the animal(s) minus the amount that equals a 25% non-refundable deposit. Unfortunately, once you have defaulted on a payment plan any animal(s) you wish to purchase in the future will need to be paid in full – no exceptions.

✈ Domestic Shipping
Shipping is included in the list price of animals over $500 in the continental United States. All animals will be properly packed and shipped via FedEx for over-night delivery. Shipping will occur on Monday – Wednesday when temperatures are between 40°F-85°F.

✈ International Shipping
International shipping to Canada, Germany, and Asia can be arranged. Exporting to Europe will be processed through Dutch Dragon Imports, and Asia exports will be processed through Ballroom Pythons South.

European Shipment Costs:
- $375 first snake
- $150 each additional snake
- Cites Paperwork: $150

Asia Shipment Costs:
- 10% of Package value
- $279 USFW Inspection
- $250 US Customs Broker
- $80 Airport Fee
* $450 - $650+- air freight charge
(Air freight charge depends on airline, airport, and size of box)
- Cites Paperwork: $150
*Please note customer will have to have their own import permit

✾ Insurance with Live-Arrival Guarantee
Insurance is included with any animal or package valued at $3,000+ USD. To receive a live-arrival guarantee FULL refund – you must purchase insurance. Animals must be shipped to a local FedEx hub for pickup in order for the live-arrival guarantee to apply. If animals are not picked up by noon from the FedEx hub or if door-to-door delivery is insisted, the customer must assume the risk and the live-arrival guarantee is no longer valid. In the unlikely event an animal dies during transit, and insurance was not purchased I will issue a credit for half the amount of the purchase price that can be used toward any available/future animal(s).

I will request proof of death of the animal, whether that be a video or shipping the animal back. Failure to comply with providing proof of death within two hours of receiving the animal will void any guarantees. If you purchased insurance and the animal is DOA, there will be specific instructions to follow in order to submit a claim and receive a refund.

✪ 30 Day Health Guarantee
I am offering a 30 Day Health Guarantee on all snakes sold by AK Morphs to be 100% healthy. In the off chance that an animal passes away within the first 30 days the buyer must schedule a necropsy (within a week) and have the cause of death determined as a bacterial infection. IF the animal in question is found to have died by a bacterial infection, and the Veterinarian who performed the necropsy determined that the snake had received this bacterial infection while in my collection before shipping then I will 100% pay for the necropsy and either refund the entire payment of the snake or ship out a replacement snake of equal value. If the animal is found to have died not of a bacterial infection then no refund or replacement will be made.

✎ General Information
Customer satisfaction is very important to me. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me ASAP to discuss how we can ensure your buying experience is a positive one. Every effort will be made to properly sex animals including popping and probing, but please be sure to confirm the sex upon receipt. It is the customer’s responsibility to learn how to properly care for the animals they purchase. I am more than happy to answer any questions to ensure these animals are in the best of care, but cannot be held liable for death that is due to improper care/poor husbandry. All sales are final.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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“AK was amazing to work with and she obviously cares about her animals. Communication was excellent and the snake arrived in perfect condition. I will definitely be buying from AK Morphs again!”


“Fantastic to work with! She was very easy to work with regarding payment plans and giving any information requested. The snake is beautiful and I’m great condition. Packaging was very nice and professional. A++ hope to buy more from her in the future”


“The snake is incredible and literally glows like a neon fluorescent highlighter! Packaging was impeccable. Seller was prompt with communication. Very satisfied customer.”


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