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May 30, 2019
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Bearded dragon enthusiast turned breeder located in the Pacific Northwest. I specialize in colorful bearded dragons and also breed with personality in mind to create a fun companion that you will be proud to own and show off.

Store Policy
Shipping is additional. *Due to covid-19 available delivery days are currently limited to Wednesdays and Thursdays to avoid delays wherever possible.
●To purchase please message for a shipping quote. Payments are accepted via paypal. You do not need a paypal account to purchase with paypal.
●To expedite your ordering process, once you've decided on an animal please provide your email address to send a PayPal invoice, your name, full fedex shipping address and phone number.
●Please keep in mind I generally get multiple messages for each animal posted and no sales are final until a payment has been made.

Sex is not guaranteed. While I'm fairly good at sexing babies, occasionally you have a late bloomer that fools you one way or the other. If I'm ever unsure I will list that in the listing. Hatch dates are approximate as most clutches will hatch over a few days time.

Payment plans now available
A $50 nonrefundable deposit will be added in addition to listed price and shipping for all payment plans. This helps cover cost of care during payments and helps me recoup some costs if you should cancel or default on your plan.

All dragons are healthy and eating on a varied diet well before being made available for new homes. I will not sell an animal I haven't confirmed to be thriving. I guarantee the health of all my dragons for 14 days as long as the care provided has been deemed appropriate (i.e. lighting, housing, substrate, feeding and supplementation).

​If your new dragon is not doing well or you are concerned for any reason please call or message me right away! I'm here to help! Sometimes just a few adjustments to their care can make all the difference between survive and thrive. It is my responsibility to ship you a healthy dragon. It is your responsibility to communicate any problems you may be having with your new baby. I'm here for you!

​I reserve the right to refuse a refund or replacement if I deem the animal has been inappropriately cared for and/or the situation could have been avoided. Again, please contact me right away if you have any concerns. While I do guarantee the health of your dragon this guarantee does not encompass any veterinary costs incurred during ownership. This only covers the cost of the dragon. Veterinarian costs are a part of responsible animal ownership.

live delivery guarantee
I use only the safest, tried and tested shipping methods using FedEx approved live animal packaging to ensure your new baby arrives to your door safe and sound.

Animals are shipped via FedEx priority overnight delivery. Delivery time varies by area. I use reptiles2you as my live shipment vendor. They are a trusted name in the industry and supply top of the line shipping supplies with easily recognizable dual color boxes to stand out so your shipment is clearly marked as a live animal. I take no risk and spare no expense to ensure your animal arrives safely to your door. You are required to be home to accept delivery. It is unacceptable to leave the animal on a porch for any length of time.

I stand by my shipping methods, in the rare event an animal arrives and is doa I will replace the animal at no cost to you. You MUST contact me within 30 minutes of delivery otherwise it is assumed the package was left unattended and the animal perished due to exposure to the elements (ie box left in the sun or rain).