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Beautiful animal and smooth transaction. She arrived healthy and well. You are in my thoughts and prayers Brian.
Rating by d***e for Super Chocolate Ball Python - Female #2022F02 ($650.00)
Snake was delivered on time in great condition. He as acclimated very well to his new enclosure. I tried to feed him today for the first time and he ate two pinkies with no problem! I highly recommend BHB reptiles.
Rating by r***1 for Greenish Ratsnakes 2022 Other Rat Snake ($50.00)
I placed my order on Friday, my snake arrived right on time on Wed. Beautiful healthy year old Corn snake. Great customer service, answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed to take care of him once he arrived. 👍👍
Rating by e***4 for Albino Cornsnake 2022 Corn Snake ($75.00)
Great communication order shipped quickly hopefully looking to purchase another soon
Rating by e***e for Het Granite Mex Mex Kingsnake (San Luis Potosi) 2022 San Luis Potosi Kingsnake ($175.00)
My snake arrived healthy and properly packed in her bag and box with absolutely no issues. The seller called me on the phone to schedule a good shipping and receiving time, and gave me some advice for basic care, and when to feed her next. Excellent.
Rating by s***p for Pastel Genetic Stripe Ball Python - Female #2022F01 Female ($250.00)
Baby girl is amazing! I can't wait to watch her grow up.
Rating by a***n for Chocolate Ball Python - Female #2022F01 Female ($250.00)
The seller was kind and helpful with quick responses. The gecko came happy and healthy. Would definitely buy from this breeder again! :)
Rating by k***k for Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail W/Y Leopard Gecko ($75.00)
snake is beautiful and I love her!
Rating by d***s for Okeetee Het Scaleless - Corn Snake ($150.00)
Beyond perfect, great experience, would do business again over and over
Rating by m***b for Abbotts Okeetee Corn Snake ($50.00)
Absolutely a pleasure to deal with communication was fantastic as well as customer service thank you for everything
Rating by b***8 for Suma Ball Python ($400.00)
Greqat service!
Rating by p***3 for Mack Snow Raptor W/Y Leopard Gecko ($125.00)
Arrived on time and healthy.
Thank you for your business! Enjoy the new member of your family!
Rating by a***l for CHINESE CAVE GECKO GH- Female #GH16-71922 More Gecko ($175.00)
Snake is gorgeous, so excited for my little brother once he gets here. The snake is a bit shy right now but she'll be just fine in her new home.
Rating by j***p for Vanilla Spider Ball Python ($225.00)
The animal came in healthy and happy. Shipping time was fast and the package was perfectly set up. Definitely recommend buying from BHB. :)
Rating by j***s for Murphy Patternless Pos Het Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
Excellent communication and the little girl is already setting in for her quarantine.
Rating by l***t for Granite Checkered Garter Snake ($275.00)
Thank you again Beth for everything we are thrilled with our new family member she is awesome we will definitely buy again from BHB in the neer future thanks again perfect experience!
Hi Brett!! I al so happy that you are pleased with the new member of your family, and your BHB experience!! I look forward to working with you in the future!!
Rating by b***w for Pastel Leopard Clown Ball Python ($1,750.00)
I have successfully received my gecko
That is wonderful! Thankyou for letting me know :)
Rating by j***y for Tangerine Het Tremper And Murphy Patternless Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
Easy purchase and communication. Entire experience was great and will definitely buy from BHB again. Our gecko looked better in person than the photos in the ad but they were great as well.
Rating by d***s for Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail W/Y Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Received this beautiful pied girl happy and healthy as advertised
Rating by t***1 for Pied Ball Python ($500.00)
AWESOME EXPERIENCE excellent communication all my questions were answered and feeding plus care was explained also. Animals arrived in perfect condition!
Thank you Pat! Please do not hesitate to reach out, if you need to.
Rating by p***i for Hyper Melanistic Het Lavender Snow - California Kingsnake ($175.00)
Quick shipping, well packaged, comfortable temperature when unboxed, healthy, feisty, and beautiful scaleless corn snake. Will go to them first for any future reptiles.
Rating by a***0 for Scaleless Abbotts Okeetee Corn Snake ($250.00)
Good communication and a very healthy little gecko.
We are very happy that you are pleased with your BHB experience. Have a wonderful day!
Rating by p***3 for Mourning Gecko - #2021 More Gecko ($50.00)
Wonderful breeders. My albino bell is absolutely stunning and I can’t thank you guys enough for ensuring she was packaged safely. She has quite the appetite and has a wonderful personality, I can tell she was handled well and with care. Thank you! ♥
Thank you so much for your business and kind words. :)
Rating by h***e for Hypo Albino Bell W/Y Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Always I have a good experience with BHB.
Rating by o***s for Mack Snow Raptor Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Great folks to do business with communication was excellent and they really care about the animals they sell , packing and shipping were both good and the snake arrived in great shape . I would highly recommend doing business with these folks !
Hello Billy!!! I am so glad that you are happy with your BHB experience!!
Rating by b***l for Scaleless Abbotts Okeetee Corn Snake ($400.00)
Great experience will definitely order from them again
Rating by d***4 for Pastel Genetic Stripe Ball Python ($300.00)
Nice 2020 Lavender Snow. Thank guys!
Rating by m***s for Lavender Snow California Kingsnake ($500.00)
Very good communication, wouldn't ask for anything more.
Thank you Alex. I am so glad that you are pleased with your BHB experience!!
Rating by a***l for Ultramel Ball Python ($450.00)
My first reptile purchase online, and wasn’t sure what to expect, but an amazing experience. I received a call the same day I placed an order to schedule shipping. The animal arrived in perfect condition. Would shop here again.
Rating by s***a for Albino Flame Blotched Kingsnake ($180.00)
Great seller, fast shipping, beautiful gecko. very pleased
Rating by c***1 for Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($40.00)
My baby is so cute and healthy!
We are so happy that you are pleased!!! Enjoy your new family member :)
Rating by s***i for Super Snow Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($75.00)
Overall very smooth process
Rating by g***f for Orange Dream Ball Python ($200.00)
Everything went super smooth snakes were even prettier than the pictures overall great experience
Rating by g***f for X-treme Gene Ball Python ($200.00)
You guys make fantastic job 👏
Rating by k***h for Super Snow Leopard Gecko ($65.00)
Would buy from again. Item was as listed.
Rating by d***n for Enchi Het Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
Easy to work with. Item was as listed. Would buy from again.
Rating by d***n for Enchi Het Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
Seller was very professional. Item was as listed. Process was flawless. Would deal with again.
Rating by d***n for Super Pastel Ball Python ($200.00)
Just a gorgeous animal, thanks for all your help!
Rating by j***4 for Pastel Special Ball Python ($300.00)
I would highly recommend this seller again. My gecko was even better than what was in the picture, and the customer service with them as far and above what I would’ve anticipated. I’m extremely pleased with the seller.
Thank you so much Mr. Wilson! We greatly appreciate you and your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us, 586-884-6646.
Rating by g***e for Super Snow Pos Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($75.00)
Could not be happier with the awesome Blue Tongue Skinks we purchased from BHB!!! Beth was awesome to work with and the Skinks were gorgeous and healthy. Thanks Beth and everyone at BHB Reptiles!!
Rating by r***r for Male And Female Coffee Adult Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($1,250.00)
She is even more stunning in person! Definitely will purchase from them again!
Thank you Ariel!! We are so happy that you are pleased with your BHB experience. Enjoy your new family member :)
Rating by a***f for Mystic Potion Ball Python ($400.00)
Everything was awesome and she is beautiful
Rating by l***9 for Mojave Ball Python ($150.00)
Super animals, great communication and service. Top level all around.
Thank you very much for your business. We are very happy that you are pleased with your BHB experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need to.
Rating by k***a for CHINESE CAVE GECKO GH-Possible Female - #GH101-PF-61421 More Gecko ($125.00)
Great customer service and great shipping animal was on a kryo pak and when I got him it was still warm beautiful snake
Thank you so much for your business and review. Enjoy your new family member!!
Rating by n***9 for Pied Ball Python ($500.00)
Great seller !! A ++
Rating by t***b for Mahogany Pinstripe Spector Ball Python ($500.00)
Got a leopard gecko! Communication was fantastic and the leopard gecko arrived on time and completely healthy!! Very satisfied!!
Rating by m***n for Tangerine W/Y Leopard Gecko ($65.00)
beautiful female pied glad i got her and to be from bhb love the vlog watch it everyday
Thank you so much. We are so happy that you are pleased with your BHB experience!!
Rating by 4***v for Pied Ball Python ($475.00)
The gecko arrived safe and well packaged my only problem is how skinny my gecko is and it’s hatched in 2019 . I have geckos only ten months old that are double the size and aren’t giants by any means. Overall the pattern looks great and he’s eating
Rating by p***5 for Super Snow Pos Het Murphy Patternless, Tremper Albino & Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($65.00)
Very friendly place everyone was helpful and i just love the snake I got from them definitely will be doing more business there!
Rating by b***0 for Albino Het Pied Ball Python ($400.00)
Great communication and a beautiful animal
Rating by p***k for Pinstripe Ball Python ($200.00)