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Oct 11, 2019
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We are reptile breeders. We strive ourselves in producing great healthy high quality morphs/reptiles. We love what we do it's not just our business it's our life and passion and our enjoyment to see reptiles evolution right before our eyes to experience that great joy when coming out of the egg to there life as adults and to see the joy from other clients faces that there happy with a reptile we create to provide love and joy to there lives at Boss dragons reptiles matter where quality is everything.

Store Policy
If you have any questions feel free to email us at or contact us through our Facebook business page at boss dragons. We will answer you as soon as possible. Follow or like us through Facebook and Instagram

Payment plans
We do payment plans If you can not require the reptile at the moment, we can put the reptile on hold that require 40% costs of the reptile and it's not refundable. This requires insurance for us and your reptile that you have interests in. We do not hold reptiles with out payment of 40% costs of the reptile expenses first. If the reptile is under 120 euros we dont accept 40% deposit, we would need full payment in the reptile your interested in and its not refundable. All reptiles need to be fully paid latest 2 weeks before shipping date.

Warranty conditions

By purchasing a reptile from us you are automatically agreeing to our policies.

Any animal that becomes ill within your care before 12 days after import must provide proof of proper housing. Please do alot of research on the reptiles your are interested in, also please contact us at first sign of illness.

Any animals during traveling get sick by stress must contact us directly first sign of illness and take the reptile to the vet when needed and advised to do so.

Must read and follow all the care and guidlines by us. So please do alot of research on the animals that you want to require to see if these kinds of reptiles is the kind for you. Cause reptiles need love and care and forever homes not temporary, treat them with kindness and love.

Reptiles that become ill require diagnosis from the Vet at buyers expenses.

Animals that possibly arrive dead within the traveling day period must show proof with video.The reptile cost will be reimbursed. In case of death during transport from the import company you can ask for a refund after establishing the cause of death through a vet.

No Vet bills will be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Any evidence of abuse and neglect or improper diet, improper housing and physical accidents. Bearded Dragons or ball pythons housed with other animals, death or injury caused by improper care and improper husbandry will terminate our policies. Photos of enclosures may be required for proof.