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I’m 100% happy with the purchase and would definitely buy from him again. Great communication he was willing to arrange local pick up. Im a very happy new snake owner.
Thank you Keith!
Rating by n***4 for Lesser Clown Ball Python ($250.00)
Best of the best to work with
Rating by t***s for Banana Honey Redstripe Ball Python ($350.00)
Always an amazing experience
Rating by t***s for Het Red Axanthic Super Stripe Ball Python ($250.00)
Highly recommend! They go above and beyond!
Rating by t***s for Banana Cypress Ball Python ($250.00)
10 outta 10. Super easy to work with. The snakes are beautiful and Welly taken care of. The things that are sent with the snakes are top notch. I've never had anything like that come with my can tell he takes pride in his babies.
Thank you for your businesses! Enjoy your new babies!
Rating by c***s for Fire 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($75.00)
This was a great experience the snakes where in great shape loved that but what really surprised me was the laminated sheets that came with each snake I will definitely buy from him again
Thank you for the kind words!
Rating by f***1 for Lesser Mahogany 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
Happy with the purchase.
Rating by b***i for Yellowbelly 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($100.00)
Seller was incredibly responsive and involved! Worked fast to send me my purchased snake literally the day after, and he arrived overnight. The snake I received was as described, active and healthy! Overall a fantastic experience!
Thank you for the kind words!
Rating by v***e for Pastave Fire Calico Ball Python ($200.00)
I got this snake because he looked exactly like a past calico blast I had who meant a lot to me. He came packed super well, seller was communicative before during and after shipping. Perfect specimen, came out of the box eager to show he was healthy.
Rating by s***e for Calico Lemon Blast Ball Python ($200.00)
Thanks for a great experience. The snake looks great and well cared for.
You’re welcome!!
Rating by s***s for Orange Dream Jigsaw Ball Python ($150.00)
Had a fantastic experience with Ricardo from the get go. Excellent communication and delivered a beautiful snake just as described in excellent condition. Will 100% be back to get more from Ricardo in the future. Highly recommend working with him.
Thank you for the kind words!
Rating by r***y for Leopard Spotnose Poss Yellowbelly 100% Double Het Ultramel Clown Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Very happy with the entire experience! Snake arrived warm and healthy. I’m thrilled to have her!
Thank you for the kind words!
Rating by k***9 for Super Orange Dream Fire Yellowbelly Clown (Eyeless) Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Ricardo was great to work with. He kept me in the loop on everything and got me a beating snake in perfect time.
Thank you!
Rating by m***5 for Black Pastel 100% Het Pied 50% Het Paint Ball Python ($150.00)
Great communication and packaging, would definitely purchase from them again.
Rating by s***j for Firefly Yellowbelly Poss Orange Dream Ball Python ($250.00)
Super breeder. On-time with drop off. Great communication. Even better animal. Does everything the way its supposed to be done. Will absolutely repeat buy.
Rating by w***e for Pastel Trick 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($650.00)
Snake is absolutely beautiful and sweet, he arrived safely and on time, and seller and I stayed in consistent communication during payment plans. New boy's name is Sanji now 💛👍 Thank you much!
Thank you!
Rating by k***b for Leopard Lemonblast Ball Python ($250.00)
The picture didn't do him justice. He's a gorgeous male. Packaging from Breeder's Circle is beyond outstanding. Also their communication is top notch. Thank you guys so much. Cliché but, I highly recommend anyone to use Breeder's Circle
Thank you for the kind words! Means a lot!
Rating by o***2 for Fire Pinstripe Ball Python ($100.00)
Good experience
Rating by m***4 for Firefly 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($100.00)
Awesome as always! 🤘
Rating by l***n for Mahogany Ball Python ($150.00)
Received the same snake as advertised, love the packaging, he was still warm when we received him. Love the quality in the work, communication was phenomenal. I will be purchasing from them for a long time! Love the certificate of authenticity!
Thank you for the kind words!!
Rating by e***4 for Pastel Calico Ghi Poss Yellowbelly Ball Python ($350.00)
Welcome addition.
Rating by m***s for Phantom 100% Het Ultramel Poss Black Head Ball Python ($250.00)
Beautiful animal, a win all.the way around.
Rating by m***s for Pied 66% Het Ultramel Ball Python ($600.00)
Awesome to work with super helpful and super passionate. Would recommend!
Rating by z***o for Super Pastel Leopard Marvel 100% Het Clown 50% Het Pied Ball Python ($2,250.00)
Seller is on point with absolutely everything! His presentation is out of this world and I’m impressed! The way the bp took to me, his behavior/health, there are no words! It’s clear this guy cares and it truly shows through this purchase!
Thank you so much for the kind words Kim! It means the world is to me!
Rating by k***a for Enchi Lesser Firefly Ball Python ($450.00)
The whole process went good and as planned a good experience and good business
Thank you Brayden!
Rating by b***4 for Banana Lesser Enchi Ball Python ($300.00)
Beautiful animal and great communication. Very helpful in working with me for my payment plan
Thank you!
Rating by s***3 for Spotnose Yellowbelly 100% Double Het Ultramel Clown Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Awesome experience through and through, I got a beautiful honey female. The packaging from this seller was second to none. I will buy here again
Rating by b***f for Honey Ball Python ($200.00)
Awesome gentlemen to work I now have a few of his snake great response times and overall great to work with hopefully will do more business in the future with him
Rating by x***x for Black Head Mojave Het Red Axanthic Ball Python ($600.00)
Ricardo was great and took the time to answer our questions, and make everything right for us. I would recommend him and Breeders Circle to anyone. Thanks Ricardo
Thank you for the kind words Diane!
Rating by d***1 for Banana Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
I bought 2 boys from Breeders Circle and could not be happier with my new babies! Quick replies and very professional would definitely recommend and would buy from Breeders circle again!
Thank you so much for the kind words!
Rating by n***r for Mystic Phantom Ball Python ($450.00)
Excellent addition to the project.
Rating by m***s for Black Head Raven 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($950.00)
Great to work with and the snake is in great shape
Rating by d***r for Orange Dream Ball Python ($150.00)
This was my first snake purchase and Breeder's Circle could not have been more helpful, prompt and accurate. She arrived healthy and active and was just as pictured. Even better, after a long day with FedEx, she still seems friendly as described.
Thank you for the kind words Jami! Enjoy your new addition to your family!
Rating by j***2 for Bumblebee Pied Ball Python ($850.00)
It was a good experience
Rating by j***m for 100% Het Ultramel Ball Python ($150.00)
Would recommend for anyone looking for a beautiful new snake! Extremely happy with my 2 boys I bought from Breeders circle!
Rating by n***r for FireFly Calico Yelowbelly Ball Python ($350.00)
This Pastel male BP arrived happy and healthy today. Packaged well and with a warm pack to accommodate for cold weather. Another great experience with Breeder’s Circle!
Thank you!
Rating by k***1 for Pastel Ball Python ($75.00)
This isn't the first snake I've purchased from Breeder's Circle, and definitely won't be the last. Ricardo is very responsive and easy to work with. And the snakes are absolutely gorgeous! This particular one exceeded all my expectations! A++ rating!
Rating by s***s for GHI Fire Desert Ghost Ball Python ($2,750.00)
Beautiful female that will catapult my clown projects. Thanks.
Rating by m***s for Orange Dream Pinstripe Clown Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Beautiful upgrade and entry into the double recessive projects.
Rating by m***s for Leopard 100% Double Het Ultramel Clown Ball Python ($500.00)
Beautiful upgrade and the wife loves it.
Rating by m***s for Ghi Ultramel Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Great packaging, beautiful animal, and amazing service!
Rating by g***6 for Yellowbelly Clown Ball Python ($950.00)
Great packaging, beautiful animal, and amazing service!
Rating by g***6 for Enchi Gravel Clown Ball Python ($2,500.00)
Flawless transaction from beginning to end. I plan on buying from breeders circle again.
Thank you Mark!
Rating by h***r for Fire Ball Python ($350.00)
Great to do business with and will definitely buy from them again
Thank you!
Rating by d***0 for Black Head 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
Smooth transaction and great communication.
Rating by l***x for Super Pastel Bamboo Ball Python ($450.00)
Very professional and knowledgeable. I'm already buying more snakes from Ricardo.
Rating by y***o for Desert Ghost 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($3,500.00)
Great overall experience. This is my 5th or 6th ball python from Breeder's circle and i'm sure there will be many more in the future. We tend to like the same projects!
Rating by o***s for Leopard Chocolate Lemon Blast Ball Python ($250.00)
Great overall experience. This is my 4th or 5th ball python from Breeder's circle and i'm sure there will be many more in the future.
Thank you!
Rating by o***s for Pastel Leopard Pied Ball Python ($400.00)
Great people to work with! Would purchase again! Thank you!
Thank you!
Rating by b***s for Ultramel Ball Python ($600.00)
Great communication, fast shipping, and secure packaging. Couldn't be any happier with my purchase and would definitely recommend these guys!
Thank you for the kind words Brandon!
Rating by b***d for Pastel Desert Ghost Ball Python ($650.00)