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Located in Central Fl, we are a small in-home breeder of high quality Beardies and Geckos.My goal is to produce quality, not quantity.All are handled daily, including my breeders.They are my pets above everything else.

Store Policy
Brimstone Dragons and Geckos reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone, for any reason.

By putting a deposit down on a gecko or dragon, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated below:

Live arrival is guaranteed if someone is home to accept delivery, but shipping to the nearest hub is preferred. In case of DOA(extremely rare), DO NOT remove or dispose of any deceased animal from original packaging until we have been contacted and approved disposal. If any of the above steps are not followed, Brimstone Dragons and Geckos will not be responsible for replacing animal or issuing a refund.
Brimstone Dragons and Geckos guarantees the health of your animal for 7 days from the time received as long as proper care and adequate housing/feeding is proven.
You must notify us immediately if any health concerns arise.

*Things that are not covered by our 7 day health guarantee include conditions that result from poor husbandry : dehydration, tail loss, choking/impaction from substrate or feeder insects that were too large, burns, and injury resulting from accidents or overheating.

Brimstone Dragons and Geckos can't guarantee final color, size, or look of your animal, nor is sex guaranteed unless animal is an adult.

Gecko Tails:
It is very rare but geckos can drop their tails during shipping. They can also drop their tails when stressed and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. It is a natural occurrence and it has no effect on their health or breeding ability. We are not responsible and no compensation will be given if your gecko drops its tail during or after shipping.


Online orders are processed through PayPal ONLY. Animals are marked sold after final payment has been received. No animals are shipped until payment has been received in full.

Payment Plan

*Animals listed at $200-$500 require a non-refundable minimum down payment of 25% with the balance due within 14 days.
*Animals listed at $500-$1,000 require a non-refundable minimum down payment of 35% with the balance due within 30 days.
*For Animals listed over $1000, payment plan is case by case.
Any sale over $500 will require a copy of purchasers state issued photo ID (Please edit out your ID number in the photo). This policy is in place to protect all parties against fraud.


Brimstone Dragons and Geckos ships FedEx Priority Overnight Monday through Wednesday ONLY, as long as temperatures are safe. No additional charges for holding the animal due to weather conditions.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL!! Any order canceled prior to ship/pick up will result in loss of deposit and any monies already paid towards animal.
If returning an animal, the customer must make arrangements to do so within 24 hours and via Reptiles2you.

Purchase Terms:
By purchasing one of our animals you acknowledge that reptiles may appear slightly different than in photos as a result of several factors such as firing up/down, temperatures, stress, and shedding. If there is any problem with your purchase please contact us immediately. However, this is not a reason to receive a refund.