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We are working with Crested Geckos (including Sable) and a small selection of African Fat Tailed gecko morphs (Amelanistic, Zulu, Caramel, Patternless, Oreo, White Out and combinations).

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Store Policy

*MUST BE 18 TO PURCHASE* Please ask any and all questions before sending any payment to us! If you need photos or other data, it is your responsibility to ask and we will to the best of our ability try to answer everything to your satisfaction PRIOR to exchange of money.

PAYMENT: Invoices are emailed to you through our invoicing system and allow you to make payments using any major credit card, Google pay or Apple pay. We DO NOT accept PayPal, Zelle or Venmo.

Full payment (including shipping cost) is due in full before animal is shipped.

FULL REFUNDS (including downpayments) occur only under these circumstances:
-If we cannot get the animal to the buyer safely or do not believe we can do so in a reasonable time out of anyone's control. A paid in full gecko that we can't get to the buyer for more than 6 months would enter unreasonable territory.
-If the animal passes away.
-If the animal drops its tail while under our care and buyer no longer wants to receive the animal in that condition. (Note the refund is NOT issued if the gecko drops its tail during shipment)
-If we decide to cancel or refuse a sale at any point in the transaction, no further information provided to the buyer.

If a buyer changes their mind about an animal before shipping occurs, there is a 30 percent non-refundable restocking fee (the downpayment amount). The remainder of any amount paid is refunded.

PAYMENT PLANS are only available on animals that exceed $200: Price listed in ad is paid in full pricing. Ten percent surcharge may be added to payment plans extending longer than 7 days or involving more than two payments in total.

Downpayments to hold an animal are 30 percent down and non-refundable, and the remainder (including shipping) is due within 14 days OR a time decided upon by the parties (not to exceed 60 days).

If animals are paid in full and buyer changes mind before shipping occurs, see above section about restocking fees.

SHIPPING: We ONLY ship using overnight FedEx and directly to Fedex Hubs, so plan accordingly and be willing to pick up your gecko at an approved hub when the time comes. First and foremost, the health and well-being of any animals we sell is top priority. Wisconsin weather is erratic but we can usually ship at varying times during April through October. We reserve the right to delay shipments until conditions are favorable at both our location and the location of the recipient. There are no extra fees to hold animals until shipping is safe.

We ship only between temperatures of 45 and 80 degrees on both shipping and receiving ends. (If you agree to have geckos shipped in hotter or colder temps, and we agree to it, all guarantees are void.) We always use Phase 22 packs either warmed, refrigerated, frozen or room-temperature, depending on the weather. We will not ship if the weather is categorically unsafe, or if there are warnings advised by Reptiles2you, our exclusive shipping company.

We will ship only on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays, and packages MUST be picked up at a FedEx hub near you. Not all fedex ship centers are Hubs, and some hubs are up to an hour away, but we can help find your nearest hub and advise doing so before a purchase is made, as you must pick your gecko up at a hub the day it arrives. Please contact us immediately when you have picked up your animal, and let us know it has made it to you safely.

SEXING: Unless we are absolutely positive about the sex of your gecko, we will state "probable female" or "probable male" and that is to the best of our knowledge. No compensation will be made if we happen to be incorrect about "probable" animals.

TAIL loss or drop BEFORE a gecko is shipped will be declared by us, and you can choose if you'd like to still receive the animal or not (refund will be made in full if you decide you don't wish to purchase the animal any longer). No discount will be offered for dropped tails. If a tail drop occurs DURING SHIPPING such an occurrence does not devalue an animal, nor is it the fault of anyone, therefore no refund or compensation will be issued. We also do not offer any compensation if a tail detaches once the animal is under your care.

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE - please read carefully

We only ship live animals to Fedex Hubs (of your choosing - only actual hubs will be used, not all fedex ship centers are hubs), which means geckos must be able to be picked up there by a day we both agree upon. This ship day will be planned after a purchase is made in full.

We do offer a conditional live arrival guarantee as follows:
1. If temperatures are within safe ranges on both ends (see above for safe ranges)
2. If the package arrived to it's destination (hub of your choosing) on time.
3. Package was picked up by the recipient on that same day of arrival.
4. Photographic (3 good quality images) and video proof of deceased animals must be provided to us within 60 minutes of pickup. You will be given our cell phone number during the shipping process and images and video must be sent there. We reserve the right to deem videos and photos as adequate evidence or not.

If we have ample proof and the above conditions are met, we will issue store credit for a deceased animal/s, minus the shipping cost.

Shipping cost will NOT be refunded or credited in the event of a DOA. (Any geckos that were offered with "free shipping," please note the shipping value on these items will be $75 and will NOT reimbursed to you in the event of a DOA)

We are not responsible for carrier (fedex) delays. Therefore we do not offer live arrival guarantee in the case of carrier delays. No refunds will be issued for carrier delays.

Under no circumstance will we issue any credit or offer a guarantee on a tail detaching during shipment or after you have the animal and it is in your care. This is out of our control and does not affect the value of the animal.

Any credit for DOA would be "store credit" that is, good toward another purchase from us. No cash or refunds are issued for a DOA. Shipping cost is not refunded for any reason. For animals that are consider "Free Shipping" the cost of shipping shall be assumed as $75.

We do not guarantee the life of your gecko once the gecko is in your possession, hours, days or weeks after you receive it. However we would love to provide support by answering any care related questions you may have to ensure your gecko's health and survival. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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