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I received a healthy, active yearling corn snake from this breeder and he was packaged very well and safely. It was important to me to find a handleable snake and this breeder sent me a video of her handling him easily and that sealed the deal for me
Rating by m***e for Red Factor Amel Corn Snake
Incredible experience, she answered all of my questions and shipped super quickly
Rating by c***k for Peppermint Tessera Corn Snake
Wonderful buying experience! Seller was very quick to respond. I received the exact item I was looking for. Packaging was great for shipping a live animal. I will be considering this seller for future purchases!
Rating by j***t for Super Arctic PH Albino Western Hognose
Very easy to deal with and responds back quickly.
Rating by c***1 for Peppermint Tessera Corn Snake
Beautiful snake. Arrived healthy. Overall an easy transaction. The seller was very helpful and answered all my questions very quickly. Very professional
Rating by t***d for Hypo Bloodred Tessera PH Amel, Anery, Stripe Corn Snake
I had a very positive experience with this seller! They answered any questions I had regarding the animal! Please make sure tho, if paying with goods and services add %3 onto the total! PayPal taxes them heavily! They deserve more honestly!♡
Rating by v***e for Knoblochi Jonel Lopez Megaband Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake
Received a beautiful healthy corn snake with no problems. Communication was fast and to the point. I would do business with them again.
Rating by c***_ for Coral Snow Motley Het Sunkissed Ph Stripe Corn Snake
The snakes were perfect and the customer service was great!
Rating by b***s for Palmetto Ph Ultra/amel, Caramel Corn Snake
Gorgeous snake and easy transaction and shipping. Thank you for a perfect experience.
Rating by n***8 for Palmetto Ph Ultra/amel, Caramel Corn Snake
Snake is even more beautiful in person!
Rating by q***n for Amel Stripe Het Cinder Caramel Corn Snake
Absolutely beautiful little snake! Great communication and kept the animal's health in mind in this summer heat. Thank you!
Rating by a***w for Palmetto Ph Ultra/amel, Caramel Corn Snake
Unfortunately snake passed away, didn't make it a full 90 days. Communications were sour(it's sad considering the situation) and definitely wouldn't pass in a business's customer service program. Lesson learned.
Rating by a***y for Palmetto Ph Ultra/amel, Caramel Corn Snake
Cute little girl. Ate fine for me day 3 after receiving!
Rating by r***r for 2020 Scaleless Het Anery Corn Snake
Great communication and fast transaction. The snake is perfect and even more beautiful than the picture. THANK YOU!
Rating by l***s for Palmetto Ph Ultra Ph Amel Ph Caramel Corn Snake
So happy I went with this seller. Super responsive and understanding about personal circumstances. Snake arrived beautiful and healthy. Very happy customer!!
Rating by e***s for BloodRed Tessera Het Stripe Ph Anery Amel Hypo Corn Snake
Everything went perfectly. Seller was super nice and very fast with communication. The snake is gorgeous and very docile. Love her so much already.
Rating by l***l for Bloodred Tessera Ph Lavander, Ph Hypo Ph Carmel, Ph Amel, Ph Anery Low Expression Pied Corn Snake
Beautiful snake, great shipping time and just nice all around people!
Rating by o***s for Sunkissed Amel Motley Corn Snake
I really enjoyed receiving this beautiful snake from this breeder. This little girl is absolutely adorable and came in very good condition in safe packaging.
Rating by r***8 for Orange Candy Cane Tessera Het Cinder Ph Stripe Lavander Corn Snake
The snakes in great health and very responsive
Rating by m***3 for Candy Cane Tessera Het Cinder Corn Snake
The seller responded quickly to all the questions that I had. As it was my first time buying a snake, they were excellent with me and answered all my general questions both about the snake and of keeping them (and I asked a lot of questions)
Rating by g***r for Candy Cane Het Cinder Ph Stripe Lavander Corn Snake
Received a healthy, beautiful snake. Seller is very to the point with communication
Rating by r***a for Amel Stripe Het Cinder PH Lavender Corn Snake
Product was as described. Seller was quick to respond to questions. Would reccomend seller.
Rating by k***7 for Candy Cane Het Cinder PH Stripe Lavander Corn Snake
Snake appears to be in good health and arrived quickly. The seller was very nice and responded quickly.
Rating by d***m for 2020 Candy Cane Het Cinder PH Stripe Lavander Corn Snake
Great seller! My miami pinstripe corn is healthy and sassy. Wound up purchasing two more cornsnakes from this seller. All are doing great and eating like champs!
Rating by s***s for 2020 Miami Pinstripe Corn Snake
This is my first snake. These folks here are simply amazing! Any question, and I do mean any question I had they answered. The snake was even more beautiful in person then in pictures. I will def. Buy again from them.
Rating by s***1 for Anery Scaleless Corn Snake
I had a very seamless experience dealing with the listed breeder, he or she was very prompt in responding to all my question and I am satisfied with my purchase. Thanks again.
Rating by s***i for BloodRed Tessera Het Stripe Ph Anery Amel Hypo Corn Snake
Awesome service, quick delivery, only con is you have to find a fed ex hub but overall great experience.
Rating by r***9 for Christmas Mountain Alterna Gray-Banded Kingsnake
Great transaction.
Rating by j***r for Pastel Genetic Stripe Ball Python
Great to work with, great communication I would definitely buy from them again
Rating by d***6 for 1.1 Tessera Het Cinder Lava Amel Corn Snake
All around a perfect experience! Communication was spot on and the animal arrived in perfect packaging and in great condition; very alert and healthy looking. I highly recommend them!!!
Rating by a***f for Scaleless Het Snow Corn Snake
Seller held the snake until the weather permitted shipping. When I received the snake he was very alert and looks to be very healthy. He ate a F/T pinkie the first week. I am very happy with my purchase! Thank you!
Rating by t***e for Christmas Mountain Gray Banded Kingsnake Gray-Banded Kingsnake
Beautiful snake and fast communication from seller! Highly recommend Captivating Reptiles for your future reptile purchase! Thank you!
Rating by s***y for Buckskin Okeetee Het Amel SMR LINE Corn Snake
Beautiful bp, great communication and fast shipping.
Rating by u***s for Pastel Butter G-Stripe Ball Python
Seller was a really nice guy and very helpful.
Rating by g***1 for Pastel Butter G-Stripe Ball Python
The baby I received was healthy and beautiful.
Rating by h***a for BloodRed Tessera Het Stripe Ph Anery Amel Hypo Corn Snake
I just received my cornsnske from Captivating Reptiles. The process was very easy and they were great to work with. I would not hesitate to puchase from them again!
Rating by m***0 for Peppermint Corn Snake
First time purchasing on morphmarket. I received a beautiful healthy male corn snake. Thanks
Rating by d***z for Het Palmetto Ph Ultra Amel Caramel Motley Corn Snake
Seller was quick to reply and was very helpful.
Rating by d***8 for Caramel Motley Het Scaleless Het Amel Corn Snake
Great communication, received the next morning ! Snake was healthy and friendly !
Rating by d***o for 2019 Pastel Ball Python
The seller communicated fast and well and answered all my questions. He was even able to get him shipped that same day. My candy cane corns are gorgeous and healthy! I Highly recommend and will buy from them again!
Rating by j***2 for Candy Cane Corn Snake
Snake arrived today, looks great, none the worse for the trip, she's in an enclosure and isn't acting stressed, looks good. Very pleased. Can't wait for her to mature and breed with a boy who has genes to make those hets shine!
Rating by g***r for Classic Scaleless Het Anery Amel Corn Snake
Very responsive, excellent service.
Rating by t***r for Miami Pinstripe Corn Snake
I was constantly and still am in communication with this seller. They were very positive and professional, and they really seem to care about their reptiles. They gave me all the information I wished to know and more. Definitely would buy from again.
Rating by k***i for Bloodred Motley Corn Snake
Everything answered within 20 minutes and are super helpful they also know what they are talking about.
Rating by s***4 for Palmetto Corn Snake