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They did a very good job with communicating with me and keeping me updated on my purchase. i would highly recommend buying from them!
Thank you very much! Enjoy
Rating by m***s for Extreme Harlequin Flame Crested Gecko ($280.00)
Seller super friendly and easy to communicate with. All questions answered and safe prompt delivery. All in all would purchase again from seller if in market for another crested in future!
Thank you very much.... Enjoy!!!!
Rating by w***s for Extreme Harlequin Full Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($250.00)
My first time time purchasing off of morph market. It was a great experience chris kept in touch until the weather was nice enough to ship. Thank you so much
Rating by j***6 for Red Base Dalmation Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Ordered 2 sulcata.Upon arrival one was always slower, it did eat. 2 month later the slower one died suddenly.Husbandry is correct.The 2nd one is thriving.Seller offered no condolences on death of child’s Xmas gift, just 9 days after holiday.
Rating by c***3 for 8 Months Old Sulcatas Sulcata Tortoise ($125.00)
I reached out to Ohio Reptiles and purchased my first Blood Python she is a beauty! Was a easy process I drove 2 hours to pick up the snake!
Rating by c***s for Blood Python ($250.00)
We are absolutely happy. They are a little over 2 hours away and decided to go in person for pickup. All of their animals are housed in proper cages that are well maintained and cared for. Friendly staff and clean store.
Thanks for your business and kind words
Rating by j***n for Australian Whites Tree Frogs White's Tree Frog ($60.00)
The sale went smoothly. I appreciated the whole sale☆
Thank you!
Rating by s***2 for Pied Ball Python ($450.00)
Very happy with my purchase.
Very pleased with the animals and customer service.
Rating by j***r for Blue Tongue Skink Kei Island Blue-Tongued Skink ($300.00)
The animal I received had mites and was clearly underfed, her spine and ribs were showing and she was very bitey. Listing pic did show her body condition so I can’t complain too much on that part. Seller was otherwise very friendly and communicative.
Rating by t***s for Banana Pastel 66% Het Pied Ball Python ($600.00)
Great looking snake and excellent transaction.
Rating by r***n for Ultramel Ball Python ($450.00)
Responses to questions/communication was quick. The snake shipped at the agreed upon time and arrived in good health.
Rating by k***n for Mystic Potion Ball Python ($450.00)
She was a lot more beautiful than I expected! Very light. Camera did not do her justice.
Rating by j***4 for Fire Pinstripe Ball Python ($450.00)
Snake was in good condition.
All good trying to convert her to frozen tonight. Great temperament.
Rating by l***r for Pied Ball Python ($750.00)
Great communication and service! Great animal, appears healthy. Thank you!
Rating by n***d for Pied Ball Python ($750.00)
Good communication from the seller, and the snake is in great condition. Would purchase from this seller again.
Rating by m***s for Cinnamon Pied Ball Python ($600.00)
Good customer service. I needed him to ship on a day that I already had off of work and he accommodated. Animal seems to be healthy with no visible issues. Would definitely buy again.
Rating by m***g for Spider Het Tsk Axanthic Ball Python ($100.00)
Gorgeous, friendly, healthy snake. I absolutely love her, she's my 'ambassador' at expos. Thanks so much!
Rating by m***s for Scaleless Corn Snake ($600.00)
Great service
Rating by v***7 for Cinnamon Mystic Het Clown Ball Python ($500.00)