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Carlo did a great job, went above/beyond in working with Fedex when shipment was delayed. The animal is beautiful. I would highly recommend him as a breeder.
Rating by t***s for Black Pastel Hurricane 50% Het Ghost Ball Python ($1,750.00)
I would highly recommend CH reptiles, overall it was a great experience from start to finish. My beautiful boy arrived on time and very warm and packed with care. Very calm and healthy!
Rating by d***1 for GHI Mojave Male Ball Python ($400.00)
Thanks! Great advice and someone who cares just as much of his customers as he does his snakes. My piebald arrived next day, happy and healthy, is absolutely gorgeous and every question was answered quickly through the process. Truly appreciate it!
Rating by m***6 for Piebald (Possible Leopard) Ball Python ($450.00)
Great communicator! Made sure she got to her new home by messaging up to the point. Packaging was beautifully done. Very well thought out by Carlo with this experience.
Rating by b***n for Pastel Leopard 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($350.00)
Carlo! Thank you so much! So helpful and patient from the beginning. Always kept me in the loop with new photos and videos until she arrived this morning healthy and happy. The care & professionalisms for your company are clear. Thank you!!
Rating by j***o for Killer Clown Ball Python ($850.00)
Amazing Snake, Excellent Communication! Thanks!
Rating by b***z for Banana Black Pastel Het Ghost Ball Python ($700.00)
Hes beautiful and healthy and I’m super happy with him. Carlo was amazing. Answered every question and provided videos and photos when requested, as soon as the payment cleared he was shipped the same day. I’m super happy and will be going back :)
Rating by r***s for Banana Black Pastel Het Ghost Ball Python ($700.00)
Quick response and healthy snake. Would buy from this seller again.
Rating by s***s for Banana Ghost Ball Python ($400.00)
Yes, as described and then some; the pied boy is glowing; the het girl, yes, het, nonetheless "BOMBASTIC." From the look/their condition support that seller took excellent care of hatch-ling, no skimming on feeding. No pr-Madonna hobby breeder
Rating by b***h for Pastel Yellowbelly Piebald Ball Python ($400.00)
Very well packed and the animal was in great shape.
Rating by p***n for High White Gravel Or Yellowbelly Piebald Ball Python ($500.00)