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Andre Kosovych & Patrick Macknight

Richmond, VA, USA

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Store Policy

Payment methods: We accept most common forms of payment, including credit card, Venmo, Zelle, SQUARE, Apple Pay, wire transfer, and cryptocurrency. Payments are non-refundable. All sales are final. A sale is not complete untill payment is received.

Payment plans: Offered on a case-by-case basis. Our typical plans start with a 20% deposit and require the full balance to be paid within 30-60 days. Please inquire about a plan specific to this animal. All deposits and payments are nonrefundable and non transferable. All sales are final. If customer is non responsive once the payment plan time has expired the snakes will be relisted.

Heath Guarantee: All animals are 100% guaranteed for safe and healthy arrival.

Sales / Shipping Guarantee:

1. If Chimera backs out of a deal that Buyer has paid money into, Chimera is responsible to pay back 100% of the money, including any portion labeled as non-refundable.
2. If Chimera goes 14 days or more without a response to Buyer that has given them money and not yet received the animal, then the Chimera may forfeit all rights to any non-refundable portions and owes the Buyer a 100% refund if/when they ask for it, subject to MorphMarket’s discretion.
3. Animals are guaranteed to arrive to Buyer alive and in good health condition.
4. Chimera guarantees that the animal being delivered is exactly the one represented in the ad, unless otherwise stipulated in the ad with the use of an official Representative Photo.
5. Chimera guarantees the sex of the animal being delivered. The claim period is 1 day, please double-check the sex of your purchase upon arrival.
6. Chimera guarantees that the animal shipped will not be LESS than a 20% margin of error in weight of the weight is advertised
7. All animals will be shipped via FedEx priority overnight delivery to the buyer's nearest FedEx hub, if FedEx hub delivery is not an option for the buyer the buyer must inform Chimera prior to purchase, if Chimera is not informed prior to purchase the animal will not be shipped and no refund will be offered.
8. Chimera guarantees the animal is shipped out in a healthy state and shipped according to all FedEx and rules and regulations. Buyer is responsible for animal injury or loss if buyer fails to obtain animal within 4 hours of hub delivery or if buyer has animal shipped to home.
9. Buyer must inform Chimera of DOA animal within 3 hours of delivery
10. If the animal is shown to be sick or injured within 6 hours of delivery as proven by the Buyer (with photos and videos, as needed), Chimera is responsible for refund or replacement.
11. Chimera is not responsible for animal temperament. Chimera does not guarantee the animals feeding under the customers care. We charge a $10 per week care/feeding fee to hold if the temps are within the Redline safe shipping guidelines and the customer does not want the animal to be shipped.

Genetics Guarantee:

1. Because of the increasing complexity of Ball Python combos, Chimera can not 100% guarantee the accuracy of incomplete dominant (co-dom) genes in our animals.
2. Recessive genetics (homozygous & heterozygous) are always fully guaranteed.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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Wholesale Policy

Minimum wholesale order of $500

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“What more to say about Chimera? Leading breeders in the industry. High quality animals and genetics. I totally recommend them.”


“This boy came in beautiful and in immaculate condition. Chimera was swift and diligent with their responses and make the whole process simply and effective. Shipping was perfect. Packaging was great and received in outstanding time! Much appreciated!”


“I came to Chimera trying to buy a breeding group, unsure of exactly which snakes I wanted. They were great about trying to be flexible to find the perfect group for me, where other breeders might have ghosted. Would, and probably will, buy from again”


“One of the best sellers I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Very professional, constant communication and my snake arrived in great condition and the packaging was outstanding! I will be buying more animals from Chimera.”


“Everything about this purchase and my experience buying a reptile from Chimera has been phenomenally wonderful. I can see the care, professionalism and expertise shine through in every little detail of this transaction! Thank you guys!!”



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