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Excellent seller response quickly
Rating by c***6 for Female Normal Ball Python ($24.00)
Absolutely gorgeous snake, great communication between the seller and myself. I would buy from him again!
Rating by c***6 for Black Bee Het Hypo Pied Ball Python ($69.00)
Beautiful snake arrived in perfect health. I couldn't be happier.
Rating by r***t for Black Pastel Dbl Het Hypo Pied Pos Het Albino Ball Python ($69.00)
I really enjoyed this interaction with seller. The animal they delivered is amazing. =]
Rating by s***y for Enchi Clown Ball Python ($650.00)
Would and will buy again from this seller.
Love him! Even more beautiful in person!
Rating by m***e for Black Pastel Spider DBL Het Hypo Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($99.00)
Seller was great. Was a fast sale and the person was knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend this to everyone
Rating by p***1 for Black Pastel Pinstripe Ball Python ($75.00)
Great seller will buy again
Rating by r***2 for Specter Or YellowBelly Ball Python ($49.00)
I had a great experience. They got back to me in a very timely manner. My baby ball python is doing well and beautiful even more than the pictures actually. Will do business again. Very helpful with any and all my questions.
Rating by k***n for Male Spider Ball Python ($29.00)
Transaction went smooth. The animal arrived in excellent condition.
Rating by j***j for Cinnamon Banana Calico Ball Python ($375.00)
Rating by e***9 for Huge Female Het Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
Just like Chris other negative feedback after buying from him I experience almost the exact same thing. And the snake he sold me looks just like a Banana Pinstripe and no Cinnamon. I asked him to look deeper into it but that did not help much.
"Like the other negative feedback you experienced the same thing??" The snake you received has Cinnamon in it. I answered all your emails, sent photos, and even offered you a full refund since you were not happy with the snake.
Rating by d***u for Cinnamon Banana Pinstripe Ball Python ($340.00)
Great experience all around.
Rating by q***o for Cinnamon Banana Pinstripe Calico Ball Python ($600.00)
We both live in the same area so he was able to meet me! Seller was very responsive and understanding when my fiancé left his wallet at home and we were late. The snake is perfect and worth the money!
Thank you so much, it was great meeting you guys and hope to see some pics in the future when he grows up a bit!
Rating by m***7 for 8 Pinstripe Ball Python ($400.00)
Very nice people! I received my baby and he’s in healthy condition. Very active right away. There were some things I had to ask repeatedly before the seller answered but overall great experience! I recommend this breeder!
Rating by s***e for Pastel Enchi Banana 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($275.00)
Responded quickly at first then never emailed me again since the day I bought him it was shipped and I Did receive him was packaged well but was told he was 150 to 200 grams he is 88 grams and is very skinny and his spine sticks out.
Rating by a***2 for Hypo Het Pied Poss Het Clown Ball Python ($129.00)
great communication and animal came as advertised. Would buy from again
Rating by c***3 for Pastel Het Hypo Pied Ball Python ($60.00)
A pleasant experience from inquiry to the arrival of my ball python.
Rating by p***n for Enchi 66% Het Clown Ball Python ($50.00)
All you could ever ask for in a transaction. Would definitely buy from again.
Rating by r***r for Normal Ball Python ($25.00)
Beautiful animal. Great communication. Will be doing business again!!!
Rating by b***k for Het Pied Het Hypo Ball Python ($129.00)
Very pleased with my purchase! Highly recommend.
Rating by m***l for Pinstripe Black Pastel Cinnamon Ball Python ($299.00)
Great communication with Chris. The animal arrived well packed, and in incredible condition!
Rating by b***s for Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($400.00)
I contacted Chris & he was great the whole time through. I am actually out of town and purchased with plans for local pick up when I return!! The process has been great & the communication has been excellent. Highly recommend.
Rating by l***w for YellowBelly / Specter Ball Python ($49.00)
This was my first purchase on Morph Market. This seller was very quick to respond, helpful and professional. 10/10 recommend!
Rating by m***7 for Black Pastel Cinnamon (8Ball) Ball Python ($499.00)
When I emailed Chris, he got back to me quickly within 24 hours. Throughout our conversations, he replied very quickly, told me exactly what he needed from me, and was very nice about answering all of my many questions.
Rating by a***4 for Pastel Calico Ball Python ($149.00)
Great service and wonderful snake...
Rating by m***4 for Pastel Calico Ball Python ($149.00)
Great communication, shipped quickly and received very fast. He arrived perfectly and perfect packaging. A+ would recommend I would buy from SFB Exotics again!
Rating by j***2 for Het Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($39.00)
A+ Will do business again. Thanks, SFB Exotics!
Rating by m***4 for Het Red Axanthic Ball Python ($69.00)
She does have a bit of a wobble that wasn’t stated but otherwise great!
Rating by k***0 for Cinnamon Spinner Ball Python ($149.00)
Quality animal and excellent service!! We will definitely purchase from SFB Exotics again!
Rating by m***6 for Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($385.00)
Beautiful girls. Thank you :)
Rating by m***n for Het Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($390.00)
Chris was a great seller this is my first purchase ever on MorphMarket and happy it wasn’t a scam I got my baby male spinner great edition to my collection
Rating by n***_ for Spinner Blast Ball Python ($119.00)
There was no heat pack in the box for the snake. He was very cold, he did warm up nicely in his enclosure and looks very healthy.
Rating by l***n for Bumble Bee Ball Python ($115.00)
I bought a beautiful ball python from SFB Exotics and she arrived in perfect health. I definitely recommend them and would definitely do business with these folks again. Thanks!
Rating by t***8 for Specter Gravel Ball Python ($549.00)
My first ball python purchase, seller responded in a timely manner and answered every question I had. My snake came as described and her temperament is amazing thanks again :)
Rating by b***x for Cinnamon Ball Python ($125.00)
Wonderful, patient seller! Very friendly on the phone, and shipped my female quick! Highly recommend. Beautiful animal.
Rating by j***i for LemonBlast Ball Python ($125.00)
I was extremely pleased with this transaction. I will not hesitate to do business with this seller again in the future.
Rating by k***2 for Bumble Bee Ball Python ($125.00)
Definitely enjoyed doing business with SFB Exotics. Quick response time to emails and speedy delivery!
Rating by c***s for Pastel Enchi Banana Clown Ball Python ($999.00)
The sale was great to deal with and super fast shipping her to me and she looks better thin the picture of her very happy with the over all experience
Rating by m***4 for Spider Het Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($99.00)
He's healthy he's eating but the seller has bad communication
Rating by t***4 for Black Pastel Het Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($215.00)
Oh man is he a gorgeous snake! Thank you for him and your great customer service. :)
Rating by b***s for Pewterblast Ball Python ($250.00)
Prompt replies, little lady arrived in beautiful condition.
Rating by z***u for Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($375.00)
Rating by a***6 for Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($275.00)
Overall this was an amazing first buying experience! Wonderful help and communication from the seller. My one and only complaint was that this poor little guy wasn’t shipped with a heat pack so he was *very* cold upon arrival.
Rating by k***e for Pied Poss Het Albino Ball Python ($275.00)