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Snake was as described. Healthy, gorgeous, and eating well right away. Seller was very professional and had good communication. I would be happy to buy from them again.
Rating by e***u for Pet Only Snow Anaconda Western Hognose ($500.00)
Excellent communication, friendly and professional. Snake was packed well, arrived in great condition and is vibrant and beautiful. Perfect transaction from start to finish. Looking forward to doing business with this seller again.
Rating by j***e for Lava Het Lavender Corn Snake ($150.00)
They were great! As described, healthy little hognoses! They include so many great extras like a genetic tree of the individuals, care information, and detailed health records!!!
Rating by t***i for Superconda Het Snow BLJA-05 Western Hognose ($650.00)
I purchased a trio (Two Corns and a Tri-Color Hog). Words cannot express how beautiful and healthy they all were! They were also much larger than I anticipated (LOVED THAT)! 10/10 wonderful seller with great communication. Highly recommend!
Rating by g***6 for Coral Ghost Het Amel 66% Het Motley KMLW-07 Corn Snake ($250.00)
Seller was friendly, communicative, and gave detailed responses to my questions. The buying process went smoothly and I received my lovely hognose without any problems. Highly recommend!
Rating by a***4 for Arctic Het Axanthic 66% Het Albino POSK-03 Western Hognose ($500.00)
Cleo's Kingdom Colubrids is a fantastic seller! Communicative, friendly, fast, and easy transaction. Also provided some very helpful information (parentage, shed/feed records, weight), as well as a kind note! Happy and thankful for my new noodle!
Rating by m***h for Ghost Leopard DRSP-08 Corn Snake ($250.00)
I can't say enough great things about working with Laura to obtain my new Toxiconda baby. From inquiry to receipt, I have felt nothing but excitement and ease. He arrived in excellent health and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!!
Rating by s***n for Toxiconda FLEU-09 Western Hognose ($1,700.00)
Rating by s***t for Snow Superconda SKBF-07 Western Hognose ($2,200.00)
This breeder is awesome! Answered all my questions and made everything easy. Snake was shipped overnight and arrived alive and active. 10/10, would recommend!
Rating by m***o for Male MPHW-03 Tri-color Hognose ($300.00)
Fantastic as always- quick communication, beautiful animal, and I appreciate the rich detailed history of the animal's care. I'll continue being a returning customer :)
Rating by h***e for Red Albinoconda Het Axanthic SKBF-10 Western Hognose ($500.00)
Great experience, answered all questions. Amazing snake! Will be back for more
Rating by e***1 for Lavender Het Toffee ROPE-14 Western Hognose ($1,200.00)
Fantastic seller! Excellent communication and my new hognose is even more beautiful in person. Very happy and will be back to purchase again. Highly recommend!
Rating by s***y for Red Albino Superconda Het Axanthic SKBF-01 Western Hognose ($1,050.00)
Great snake! Answered all my questions and were overall great people. Will definitely buy from again.
Rating by d***s for Red Albinoconda Het Axanthic SKBF-13 Western Hognose ($500.00)
Great customer service
Rating by s***o for Anaconda 66% Het Sable 50% Het Albino Western Hognose ($600.00)
Beautiful snakes. Laura waited patiently with me all summer until it was safe to ship. The animals were safely and professionally packed and I couldn't be happier with this transaction. Thanks so much!
Rating by g***e for Ghost Leopard Motley DRSP-03 Corn Snake ($250.00)
I had a Wonderful experience purchasing from Cleo’s Kingdom Colubrids.
Rating by q***s for Toffee Het Axanthic CAEU-12 Western Hognose ($450.00)
Great looking animal and great seller communication.
Rating by j***s for Red Phase Het Albino 50% Het Axanthic WLWI-12 Western Hognose ($275.00)
Have bought a couple of hogs from Cleo’s, love the service and would buy from again! Great communication and a love for the breed / hobby
Rating by p***n for 100% Het Toxic CAEU-07 Western Hognose ($400.00)
Just bought a baby hognose and did in person pickup. Brian and Laura were extremely helpful and courteous throughout the whole process. As a first time owner all of my questions were answered! Also provided all feed and shed records! Will buy again!
Rating by t***n for Anaconda 66% Het Sable 50% Het Albino Western Hognose ($525.00)
Darling baby! Curious and friendly. Love the pedigree.
Rating by s***9 for Toxic FLEU-04 Western Hognose ($1,100.00)
The seller is very friendly and responsive and answered my (many) questions. The little hoggie was healthy and exactly as pictures. I would order from them again!
Rating by r***7 for 100% Het Toxic CAEU-10 Western Hognose ($300.00)
It was great. They were very nice and answered any questions I had. And the snake got here safe and sound.
Rating by t***t for 100% Het Toxic CAEU-10 Western Hognose ($300.00)
I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at Cleo's Kingdom Colubrids. Laura was communicative and enthusiastically helped me prepare for my first hognose. It's clear the love they have for their snakes and their customers. 10/10.
Rating by p***x for Arctic Het Axanthic 66% Het Albino WAWO-07 Western Hognose ($475.00)
Wonderful expirence and everything went very smoothly. Would highly recommend 😊
Rating by c***t for Proven Breeder Arctic Superconda Het Axanthic Western Hognose ($1,000.00)
I picked up this and several other Hognose snakes and the quality of the animals, communication, packaging, everything was awesome. I will definitely be buying again. I heavily recommend them!
Rating by d***s for Male Pos Hypo-e ELBO-44F Tri-color Hognose ($300.00)
I couldn’t be happier with this transaction and my beautiful new tri. I inquired about him on mother’s day and within a few hours received a response…on a holiday! He was shipped out and arrived in less than 24 hours, happy and healthy
Rating by c***t for Male Pos Hypo-e ELBO-31E Tri-color Hognose ($300.00)
Very respectful, responsive, and has wonderful specimens.
Rating by r***4 for Male Pos Hypo-e ELBO-48 Tri-color Hognose ($300.00)
Fantastic to work with, quick replies. Laura was able to work with our crazy weather patterns. Snake is even better looking in person!
Rating by l***5 for Toffeeconda Het Toxic FLEU-05 Western Hognose ($450.00)
Amazing to work with. Snake arrived alive and happy! Thank you for a great experience.
Rating by y***8 for High White Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake ($150.00)
The snake arrived in perfect condition and was carefully packaged. I also appreciated that the seller contacted me about the snake’s feeding schedule in advance so we could ensure a safe delivery. Would do business again!
Rating by w***n for Anaconda 66% Het Toffeebelly 50% Het Lavender Western Hognose ($400.00)
He is just such a beautiful boy. Amazing colors, super healthy! It's everything we wanted. I love doing business with you guys!
Rating by u***s for Coral PH Axanthic, Hypo HOGR-25B Western Hognose ($2,300.00)
Wonderful seller with wonderful high quality hogs! Will definitely be back in the future!
Rating by j***e for Powerhouse Anaconda Triple Het Lavender, Albino, Axanthic Pair Western Hognose ($2,000.00)
Laura was wonderful with communication, flexibility, and service. Animals are awesome. Would love to do business again.
Rating by s***4 for Female Pos Hypo-e ELBO-16 Tri-color Hognose ($275.00)
Very happy with this seller, she was very nice and the communication was great! The snake is very healthy and active. Definitely will be buying from again :)
Rating by k***m for Het Lavender PH Toffee BIPE-02 Western Hognose ($235.00)
Communication was great, they answered all my questions. Arrived right on time, packaged well. I really appreciate all the information that came with him. I am so excited for this guy!! Will for sure do business with again.
Rating by c***s for Lavender Het Coral MYGR-20 Western Hognose ($950.00)
Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again. Everything went perfect. Thank you.
Rating by m***3 for Arctic Axanthic WAWO-06 Western Hognose ($1,500.00)
Beautiful healthy snake, straight forward buying process
Rating by r***l for Red Toffee Het Toxic FLEU-09 Western Hognose ($675.00)
Great service, packaging and info! Great ppl who truly care for their animals. I received the snake. It was beautiful. Thank you :) Will do business again with them.
Rating by q***s for Reverse Okeetee Tessera RCFL-04 Corn Snake ($275.00)
Another beautiful snake with excellent genetics. Everything is as expected or better.
Rating by k***t for Anaconda Triple Het Lavender, Albino, Axanthic URBA-11B Western Hognose ($1,500.00)
Laura is always so fantastic to deal with. The animals are in amazing shape, they're always perfectly packaged and come with a ton of information both on the individual animal and species level care. I never hesitate to buy from Cleo's Kingdom.
Rating by e***e for Toffee Het Lavender CAPE-12 Western Hognose ($650.00)
He's so pretty 🤩 thanks!
Rating by s***4 for Triple Het Lavender, Albino, Axanthic URBA-16 Western Hognose ($600.00)
The seller is very friendly and super communicative, also reply’s in a timely manner. My boy came to me healthy and happy.
Rating by a***s for Male Normal BP02 Ball Python ($40.00)
Absolute first class all the way around. Top tier communication, better than the rest! Excellent animals and a very pleasant transaction. Will absolutely be coming back to Cleo's again. Thank you!
Rating by b***s for Former Holdback Anaconda Het Coral MYGR-04 Western Hognose ($1,200.00)
I received my adorable salmon snow boy. He came a day late because fedex stinks but he was perfectly fine thanks to the attention that cleo`s Kingdom pays to packing their snakes for shipping. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again.
Rating by d***c for Salmon Snow KMBR-01 Corn Snake ($175.00)
Wonderful experience buying and Laura is very easy to work with. Healthy and beautiful snakes! Would definitely buy from again. :)
Rating by r***s for Coral Conda Making Pair Western Hognose ($3,200.00)
Wonderful buying experience! Very communicative and helpful. This seller also sent amazing past history documentation and helpful information with each snake. 10/10 recommended! :)
Rating by g***6 for Lavender Het Albino MYGR-12A Western Hognose ($1,100.00)
Cleo’s Kingdom was great to work with! The hognose I bought is healthy and exactly as described. I would recommend this seller to anyone looking for hognoses.
Rating by l***i for Anaconda 100% Het Lavender 66% Het Toffeebelly CAPE-02 Western Hognose ($500.00)
Seller answered very quickly, was accommodating about holding on to my snake for a month, snake arrived perfectly
Rating by c***s for Lavender Het Albino MYGR-13 Western Hognose ($1,200.00)
Small hiccup with data entry but was fixed immediately and my gorgeous girl is home and even nicer than her ad photos, seller also included a wealth of information with her! Will be back in the future
Rating by f***1 for Hypo-E Female ELBO-02 Tri-color Hognose ($375.00)
Well known and rated for a reason. Worry free transaction with great communication. Will definitely shop again.
Rating by r***s for Het Coral PH Hypo, Axanthic HOGR-08 Western Hognose ($500.00)