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Paige Maks
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Sep 25, 2019
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HI there! My name is Paige. While I have been interested in and keeping reptiles from a very young age, I did not purchase my first gargoyle gecko until 2013. From that moment on I was addicted. But hey... ​there are worse things to be addicted to, right?! I am a small hobbyist breeder focusing on producing healthy and high color Rhacodactylus auriculatus. I love my geckos and I hope you do too!

Store Policy
Reserving a Gecko and Payment Plans
You may reserve a gecko with a $50 nonrefundable fee. If the buyer later decides they would like to purchase a different gecko, the deposit can be transferred to another animal. However, any additional payment past the $50 is nontransferable. The buyer then has 2 months to pay off the remaining balance of the gecko. The price of the gecko must be paid in full before shipping can occur.
I ship using Shipping will be arranged once the full payment has been received. I will only ship when there is safe weather conditions on both ends and at shipping hubs. This includes appropriate temperatures and clear weather to avoid any potential delays. We will decide on a shipping date that works for the both of us. I can ship out Monday-Wednesday. I do work 12 hour shifts, so if I am scheduled to work during these week days I would be unavailable to ship out on those days. Between weather and scheduling conflicts, it may take a while to find the right date to ship out your gecko, so please be patient.
I guarantee live delivery as long as the buyer is immediately present to receive the shipment if delivered to their address or is able pick to it up from the shipping center within 3 hours of delivery. While I have always been successful both shipping and receiving geckos, there is always a small chance of a DOA (dead on arrival). Should this unfortunate circumstance happen, please contact me with pictures of the animal immediately. I will compensate the buyer by giving credit for a new gecko in the full price of the original. Additionally, shipping will be free.
Sometimes gargoyle geckos will drop their tails as a defense mechanism when stressed. Gargoyle geckos do regrow their tails, but they are often black and white and lacking the original color. If a gecko for sale has previously dropped its tail, it will be very clearly stated. If you have already purchased a gecko or are in the process of a payment plan and the gecko drops its tail, you will be notified; however, there will be no discount on the gecko as this will not effect the health of your gecko.