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Welcome! Crestie Spectrum is a Nevada based business in the West Coast specializing in breeding Crested Gecko (Correlophus Ciliatus). I'm a hobbyist, collector and small-scale breeder aiming to produce an array of QUALITY Tricolors, Cappuccinos, Drippy and Extreme. I domestically ship throughout the United States and have the resources to export internationally. Crested Geckos, come in a spectrum of morphs, traits and colors for various projects. Whether you are new or seasoned, I hope I am able to help you find something to add to your collection, nonetheless, thank you for your support!

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Store Policy

You MUST be 18 years of age or older to purchase a gecko from me. I reserve the right to refuse the sale of any available geckos, to anyone that is considered unfit to properly care for the animal.

​All sales can be made online through the Available geckos listed. However, you are able to contact me directly through any of my social media platforms, if you find that more convenient. Geckos will be sold to the person whom I receive first payment from.

​Holds require a nonrefundable 30% deposit and the remaining balance must be paid within the time scheduled between the buyer and myself. Must contact me directly, to discuss further action.

​ALL sales are FINAL. Once the payment has been made, you are not able to request a refund or an exchange for a different gecko available. No exceptions.

Balances must be paid in full on the scheduled deadline, agreed upon buyer and seller. Failure to do so, is a termination of agreement and I will have the right to relist the gecko and the deposit will be forfeited. Must contact me directly, if changes are needed in advanced.

By purchasing a gecko from Crestie Spectrum, you are aware and acknowledge that you have read and fully accept these Terms and Conditions.

ALL geckos are shipped overnight and delivered to YOUR local FedEx Hub. I offer a 48-hour live arrival guarantee. It is YOUR responsibility to notify me via. e-mail, Instagram/Facebook Messenger within 30 minutes of having the gecko in your possession. It is necessary that you arrive at your FedEx at (9:00 AM - 10:00 AM) if you are unable to arrive within the hour of your closest FedEx opening hours, you must keep me informed otherwise all guarantees are voided.

​If your animal is DOA, within the time listed in your possession, you MUST record or photograph the animal in order to determine the animal was in fact DOA due to error in my care. I will replace the gecko with a gecko of equal in value or give your store credit if you decide to purchase a gecko from me in the future. NO exceptions.

​Once a gecko leaves my care, I am NOT responsible for carrier delays or any related to carrier issues. While I take every precaution to ship in proper temps, Priority Overnight so reptiles are not in transit long, there are circumstances such as delays that are out of my control.  Should delays occur, I will work with you to resolve any situations if possible. I am NOT responsible for carrier delays or any related to carrier issues.

ALL babies 4-6g will be listed as "Unsexed". ALL babies 6-10g will be looped and checked for "PPV" (Possible Pores Visible) or "NPV" (No Pores Visible). This DOES NOT guarantee the eventual sex of the gecko, not at least until 15 grams. From the time of purchase to arrival, I cannot guarantee the sex of the gecko unless listed otherwise. Refunds or store credit will not be issued.

I do my best to photograph each of my geckos with the close to precise color representation of each gecko. The geckos available are photographed "fired up", to the best of my knowledge, however, not all of them will cooperate. I am happy to discuss the color of the gecko you are interested in purchasing and if I have time to provide additional photos, I will. Color of each individual gecko are not guaranteed.

TOTAL payment MUST be cleared within 72-hours prior to shipping your gecko.
- Credit Card / Debit Card
- Zelle
- PAYPAL Friends and Family
- Wire Transfer

Shipping is $65 Flat Rate for U.S. customers. I ship my animals through 'Redline Shipping' to 48 states (excluding Alaska, Hawaii).

​Shipping is ALWAYS Overnight to YOUR FedEx Hub location, where it will be held at your location until you are able to pick it up. I offer the option for you to choose Residential Delivery, however, if you decided to choose this option, Live Arrival and Health guarantees will be voided.

I reserve the right to postpone shipment at my discretion if weather is a factor. Weather from origin to destination and all hub stops in-between are to ensure the health and safety of your gecko.

I will ship as long as temperatures are in the range of 40-90 degrees. Temperatures above 80 degrees I will usually ship with a Phase22/CryoPak, to regulate the temperature to ensure the safety of the gecko. I will hold until shipping weather is safe, but NO refunds will be issued if you are impatient to receive your gecko.

​Shipment Days (subject to change):
Monday for Tuesday arrival
Tuesday for Wednesday arrival
Wednesday for Thursday arrival

Buyers must arrange their own reptile exporter. YOU are responsible for choosing your exporter. Once your purchase is made and the payment is completed, the gecko is then shipped to YOUR exporter. From this point on ALL guarantees are void, it is your exporter’s liability and responsibility to care and transport your gecko in healthy condition - NOT mine. It is your responsibility to contact and communicate with your exporter to have your gecko arrive safely to your destination.

​If you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you for your support,
Ralph, Crestie Spectrum

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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