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Aug 25, 2016
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Hi everyone! You can see more pictures, updates and content from us either on Facebook or Instagram! Want more pictures of an animal that’s available? Chances are they’ve been updated on our FB or IG pages. Thank you for stopping by and showing us so much love ❤️ we appreciate it!

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Live Arrival Guarantee
Animals are guaranteed to arrive alive, in good health, and correctly sexed. Animals will only be shipped within safe shipping temperatures. Shipping will take place Monday-Wednesday.

***UPDATE: 6/25/20
Please bare in mind that shipping is at our discretion until things are back to as normal as possible during these times of COVID. We will of course do our best to coordinate with our customers for safe shipping and delivery.

Thank you for your understanding!!! ***
Health Guarantee
All snakes purchased from us are guaranteed healthy, feeding and correctly sexed. Please open the shipping box and inspect all animals upon receipt, if you are unhappy with your purchase we must be notified within the first 24 hours. Once the animal is in the customer's hands, we cannot control what the customer does or the new environment the animal is in, so this is as far as the guarantee runs. We are continuously available to help our customers with questions or concerns. Our goal is for you to have a great experience with our animals. Please remember these animals have just been moved from their homes and will take some time to adjust to your way of doing things.

Trades: Only looking for visual recessive ball python morphs (or verifiable hets) (Clown, DG, Pied, Orange Ghost or compatible lines of ghost), no pastel, spider, pinstripe. Local trades preferred.

Please contact at or text to 786-872-4031/786-872-4041 with any questions, I do not pick up calls from unknown contacts.
Thank you!!!