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Western Hognose

Daniel I Rinckey
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Jul 14, 2019
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Hello! My name is Daniel, and I've been breeding hognose snakes for a couple seasons now. I also have a history with producing captive bred savannah monitors, as well as some other less commonly bred species such as steppe runners. I look forward to expanding what I have to offer, and I ask that you check back often, as I am continuously adding new animals to my store as they become available.

Store Policy
I am based out of Toledo OH, 43606, and I ship via shipyourreptiles.com standards. Expect shipping to be about $60 give or take depending on proximity. Paypal is my preferred method of payment.

All animals are first come first serve. I will accept down payments of 20% to hold the animal, as well as payment plans, but I only ship once the agreed upon payment has been met. I am very lax about payment plans as well.

My personal policy on the animals that I post for sale is that I do not post any snake for sale unless it has eaten at least 4 straight meals in a row, and if they go off feeding for some reason, such as going into winter or with hognose being picky, I will hide their ad until they have started eating again. In the case that an animal on hold stops eating, the buyer and I will discuss the best course of action, whether to find a replacement, wait until it starts eating again, or refund the original payment.

I have a live arrival guarantee, and will ensure that the animal will thrive when put into a proper environment. If there are any issues with getting any of my animals to feed, we can discuss the enclosure parameters, food offered, methods of feeding and such in order to get them to feed. (mainly with hognose being picky eaters occasionally, especially after shipping)

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