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Passion for uncommon colubrids, specifically rear fang species as well as Australian pythons, and many venomous snakes. I have always had a passion for reptiles and I love seeing other people join this hobby. No animals here are “power fed” I prefer a slow growing approach to get animals up to a breeding size at a healthy pace and give them plenty of time to grow. Nothing here is bred before it should be. I love each and every one of my animals and treat them all as pets! All snakes sold are eating frozen thawed unscented prey unless stated otherwise. If an animal is eating a certain scented or more specific prey I will let you know. Always feel free to ask any questions and I will answer to the best of my knowledge, I just want people to get top quality animals and thoroughly enjoy the hobby.

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Store Policy

Shipment through Reptiles2you currently I can only ship to your nearest FedEx Hub for pickup. I include a Cryopak in every shipment for the safety of the animal, a Cryopak is a must have in live shipments as it works to keep the temperature safe for the animal. Cryopaks and heat packs are built into the cost of shipment. Shipping cost is non-refundable. If you are buying a rear fang species make sure you are comfortable and have enough experience to handle said species. Overnight shipping available across the USA. In the unfortunate event of a DOA you must contact me with pictures of the animal first inside of the container, then a picture taken out of the container. I can see when the package has been delivered to the hub and ready for pickup so you must contact within 3 hours of it being delivered to the hub and ready to be picked up. If you do not contact me in the allotted time live guarantee is voided. I am not responsible for reimbursement if shipping is delayed as FedEx is no longer offering refunds in that event. I have not ever had a DOA but have to have a policy in place in case the situation ever occurs. I cannot give longer than that because shipping companies require you make a claim right away if something happens during shipping. Payment plans available on animals of 500 dollars or more. 25 percent nonrefundable deposit holds the animal for 1 week, 50 percent nonrefundable deposit holds for 2 weeks. Always feel free to ask any questions regarding enclosure requirements, previous diet etc. If you buy an animal and then decide that you do not want said animal I have the right to refuse refund. Shipping cost is always non-refundable. I love getting people into this hobby, if you are ever having concerns about an animal you have got from me in the past don't hesitate to reach out and I'll help as much as possible. I accept Paypal and venmo. On Paypal you can send as a business expense and pay the fee or send as friends and family so there is no fee, whichever way makes you feel comfortable works for me. I quarantine every animal I receive and monitor their health to ensure safety of my other animals and I recommend all customers to do the same. Any other questions just send me a message I’m happy to help.

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