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Amazing and super big gecko. Nothing else needs to be said.
Rating by b***0 for SG Blood Emerine Leopard Gecko ($350.00)
I have gotten multiple geckos from them, and they always work with me to provide something that is different and unrelated to anything I've gotten before, and if it is, they let me know in advance so I can plan how best to pair.
Rating by b***0 for Giant Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
good communication, and good animal excellent service
Rating by j***6 for SG Normal Leopard Gecko ($300.00)
Fantastic gecko! Quick communication, very helpful and to the point! Don’t hesitate to do business.
Rating by 3***s for Blizzard Het Diablo Blanco Leopard Gecko ($350.00)
I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone interested in a SG leopard gecko. Breeder is very responsive and helpful in answering all your questions! Packaging was great!Animal had all genetic info on deli cup, and the package was heated! 5 Stars
Rating by t***k for Super Giant Blood Emerine Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($350.00)
Great communication. Prompt shipping and a very nice big healthy gecko. I would definitely do business with them again.
Rating by m***3 for G-Project Clown X Blood Mandarin Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Amazing communication as well as prompt replies and his hold backs are amazing
Rating by b***0 for G-Project Clown X Blood Mandarin Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
Great communication and kept me updated on shipping and delivery. Honest and upfront, leopard gecko was what was described and listed. Would recommend seller.
Rating by j***o for GP Clown Mandarin Leopard Gecko ($200.00)
The breeder was very response and gave me updates as to the status of my shipment. I highly recommend this breeder.
Rating by n***l for Giant Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($200.00)
Fantastic communication and very healthy gecko. Just as described. Very easy to work with, highly recommend!
Rating by s***s for SG BloodEmerine Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($320.00)
F and S geckos is nothing but great! Packaging is perfect and the quality of geckos are top notch. Pictures dont do them justice at all!
Rating by w***s for SG Blood Emerine X Giant Pos SG Tremper Albino Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($275.00)
Phenomenal experience.
Rating by b***0 for SG BloodEmerine X Giant Pos SG Tremper Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($275.00)
they were quick to respond, send pictures and any info i wanted about eating habits and temperament, i would easily recommend them to anyone.
Rating by n***e for SG Blood Emerine X Giant Pos SG Albino Tremper Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($275.00)