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Seller was amazing to work with. I purchased two girls that came packaged with great care. I would highly recommend and will look into them again to see if they have what I'm looking for when I know what my next purchase may be.
Rating by c***l for 100% Het Clown 100% Het Albino Ball Python ($175.00)
I am so glad to have found From the Darkside! Molly answered all of my new mom questions; there were a lot. Everything went flawlessly, from purchase, to shipping, to his first meal. If I ever add another snake, I will go back to From the Darkside.
Rating by t***e for Banana Ball Python ($225.00)
200% recommend purchasing from From The Darkside. Molly was quick to respond with additional pictures and info about my new baby girl. She packaged the snake perfectly as it made it to Wisconsin from Georgia. I am so happy with my new family member!
Rating by v***w for Coral Glow Lesser Pinstripe Ball Python ($275.00)
Great communication, with almost daily updates on the snake (even with pictures). She clarified several doubts for me and I am very grateful to have chosen From The Darkside for my first ball python :)
Rating by g***c for Normal Ball Python ($60.00)
This was a pleasant experience all around. From communication to receiving the snake we’d picked out, we were impressed! We definitely plan on buying from the dark side again!!
Rating by a***o for Pastel Ball Python ($60.00)
I just received my baby python and I’m very satisfied with this transaction. Ms. Marshall was very helpful and answered all my questions quickly. The packaging was perfect to keep my baby safe and warm during shipping period.
Rating by m***l for Normal Ball Python ($60.00)
Excellent. Easy to work with and very caring about her animals.
Rating by j***l for Clown Poss Spotnose Ball Python ($500.00)
Molly from the Darkside was amazing from the start and I am convinced that because of her kindness and helpful nature encouraged me to by my cute little ball python. Throughout the whole experience, she was helpful and all-around amazing
Rating by e***d for Banana Ball Python ($250.00)
The animal arrived on time and very well packaged. Tracking info was kept current. He is perfect in every way, ate within a week, and is easy to handle. All as advetised! From The Darkside was great from start to finish.
Rating by d***h for Bamboo Pinstripe Ball Python ($475.00)
Great communication, seller very willing to answer any questions. Snake looks great and healthy
Rating by k***p for Orange Dream Mojave Fire (Fury) Ball Python ($450.00)
over all great transaction and communication, seller was quick to work it out on short notice shipping within hours of my payment. Seller answered all my questions and even helped with all my questions. will not hesitate to be a future customer.
Rating by d***r for Sulfur Ball Python ($100.00)
Healthy beautiful snake
Rating by r***s for Orange Dream Fire Ball Python ($300.00)
My snake came in great condition! Molly was super nice and very helpful!
Rating by s***r for Mojave Ball Python ($100.00)
Everything was smooth and easy, i was a first time snake owner and they made everything so easy. Communicated with me about everything going on.
Rating by a***e for Tangerine Normal Ball Python ($100.00)
Such an amazing seller, she is so nice and will help you with everything every step of the way. Even sent pictures and videos when I asked for them. I highly recommend buying from her!
Rating by t***r for Mojave Ball Python ($100.00)
Review for 3 snakes: Amazing breeder! Extremely carefully packaged I received the ball pythons i ordered within 24 hours of payment from about 600 miles away! Obviously loves her animals, snakes very well cared for, couldnt be happier!
Rating by w***o for Mojave Ball Python ($80.00)
Beautiful snake and arrived still warm! Great communication from the seller! Will definitely buy from her again
Rating by s***s for Calico YB Ball Python ($120.00)
Easy transaction, great seller, the animal arrived in perfect condition even though he pooped all over himself, he was totally fine and happy to be out of his bag.
Rating by l***l for Leopard 100% DBL Het VPI Axanthic/Albino Ball Python ($125.00)
Great seller and great animal thank you!
Rating by h***s for Joliffe Axanthic Tiger Ball Python ($250.00)