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Love this little one, absolute killer, can’t wait to see what the future has for her! And huge thanks to gekko barons for the stunning gecko and awesome communication
Rating by s***s for Tricolor Lilly White Female Crested Gecko ($1,200.00)
In love with this gecko, arrived with no issues. Experienced seller very but new store, had lineage available, great experience.
Rating by a***o for Lilly White Female Crested Gecko ($900.00)
Beautiful gecko! Thanks :)
Rating by a***s for Tricolor Lilly White Crested Gecko ($1,500.00)
Seller was very nice and the gecko I received was exactly as described. Will be looking to purchase from them again in the future.
Rating by z***s for Red Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($175.00)
I purchased this gecko from Gekko Barons and man is this gecko gorgeous!! He was very responsive and friendly and had a lot of info! Highly recommend snagging a beauty off of them! She looks even better in person and the photo quality is amazing! :)
Rating by g***s for Drippy Harlequin Crested Gecko ($450.00)