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Below is feedback left by buyers about this user.
Glen was great to buy from! Beautiful snake, great communication and great shipment packaging. I would definitely recommend him
Rating by m***s for US CBB Amazon Tree Boa
The transaction went very smooth. As always quality snakes, great communication, fast shipping and the packaging was perfect. Glen is a known top breeder and I'm happy to get another of his animals.
Rating by r***t for Annulated Tree Boa
A great experience, one of the smoothest transactions I have ever had.
Rating by r***6 for Striped Het Snow Annectens (Het Anery, And Klumper's Albino) Gopher Snake
Answered my many questions before deciding on the snake I purchased, great communication! Packed well, gorgeous animal, extra effort when I expressed interest in another snake as well. Thank you!!!
Rating by c***x for Hi Orange Klumper's Albino Annectens (Het Stripe) Gopher Snake
Seller responded fast and communication was good. Was shipped on time and was well packaged, animal arrived healthy and beautiful, couldn't ask for more! Thanks again!
Rating by g***8 for Nelson Milk Snake Albino Nelson's Milk Snake
Amazing small and growing company.
Rating by s***s for Anery Tessera Cornsnake Corn Snake
Glen was Great & Easy to work with. I will look in his direction with my next purchase first !
Rating by m***r for Ultramel Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
Easy transaction. Would buy from again
Rating by t***d for Nelson Milk Snake T-positive Albino Nelson's Milk Snake
Very smooth transaction, great communication and fast delivery. I received the exact one I purchased and is healthy. Thanks so much!
Rating by m***u for Amelanistic Cornsnake (Aberrant Pattern) Corn Snake
Would definitely purchase again from this seller
Rating by r***o for Ultramel Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
Snakes arrived safely. They were just as lovely in person as in the pictures. Seller was easy to work with. I would purchase from him again.
Rating by r***o for Ultramel Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
Glen was awesome! The animals I wanted sold but he ended up finding a few more for me. Animals came in looking great! Packaging was great! Communication.....great. Fantastic all around.
Rating by 2***2 for Annulated Tree Boa
I purchased 3 Annulated Boas from Glen Reptiles and am very happy with the process and the boas themselves. Every aspect was professional and top-notch. Thanks again!
Rating by t***n for Annulated Tree Boa
Entire process was great! Seller was incredibly nice and answered all my questions. Would definitely purchase from him again!
Rating by a***4 for Stillwater Hypo, White-sided Bullsnake
Snakes was as described and in great shape. Very nice working with Glen Reptiles
Rating by g***t for Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
The inquiry to payment to receiving of snakes went very well! Look forward to future purchases.
Rating by g***1 for LTC Solomon Island Tree Boa Other Tree Boa
I had lots of questions as a first time snake owner and he answered every one promptly. We received this pretty girl today, looking just as she's pictured. I would highly recommend and purchase from Glen again, no hesitation.
Rating by c***s for Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
Glen has such an amazing collection and you can tell he loves them all. Great transaction and will be checking out what he has new every chance I get.
Rating by e***c for Nelson Milk Snake Albino Nelson's Milk Snake
The snake was absolutely beautiful and the overall buying experience was great
Rating by e***1 for US CBB Amazon Tree Boa (Light Colored)
Very helpful seller, great animal, I couldn’t be happier.
Rating by j***9 for Dark Klumper's Albino San Diego Gopher Gopher Snake
Great quality animals. Very responsive and ethical seller. Thanks
Rating by g***s for Ultramel Cornsnake "Redback" Aberrancy Corn Snake
Glen was wonderful to buy from, especially it being my first time purchasing a pet and having it shipped to me. He responded quickly and made sure to ship it to me in time. Would buy from again!
Rating by f***2 for Fluorescent Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
Very communicative and focuses on quality of the animal rather than quantity of sales. I would definitely buy from them again.
Rating by c***s for US CBB Amazon Tree Boa
Very professional. Great service and outstanding animals.
Rating by d***h for Fluorescent Ultramel Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
Great transaction with Glen! He held animal for me until weather was good to ship and animal is great! Thanks Glen!
Rating by t***y for Klumper's Albino San Diego Gopher Gopher Snake
I've purchased from Glen multiple times, which I think speaks for itself. Prompt communication, fast shipping, good packaging, and quality animals. Don't hesitate to buy from him if he has something you want.
Rating by s***n for US CBB Tiger Amazon Tree Boa
Great snake, beautiful, with rare genes! Thanks
Rating by j***y for White-sided Hybino Bullsnake (Stillwater)
Just Perfect! Very nice and knowledgeable; and superior stock which I got to see in person today! High end bloodlines and very healthy snakes! Will definitely go back again!
Rating by j***y for Striped Double Albino San Diego Gopher Gopher Snake
The snakes all arrived in great condition and they are exactly what I was looking for. Very happy with my purchase :))
Rating by g***s for Red Zep Cornsnake (PAIR) Corn Snake
Beautiful snake! Very good communication, shipped fast, and arrived healthy. Would do business with again!
Rating by m***7 for Variable Kingsnake Nuevo Leon Kingsnake
Fantastic transaction and fantastic snake! Would definitely do business again (eyeing those ATBs)
Rating by c***0 for Madagascar Tree Boa (Sanzinia) Other Tree Boa
The snake took a while to eat and the seller offered full refund. Now the snake is eating like a champion, but the refund offer made a big difference. Would buy from him again, especially since he has such cool stuff.
Rating by g***s for Aberrant Ultramel Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
Awesome service and specimen came in prettier in person, healthy, and quite pleasant. I am a very happy camper
Rating by k***t for Brazilian Rainbow Boa - Male
Good communication, professionally packed and fast shipping. Good looking Leonis.
Rating by t***c for Variable Kingsnake (Pure Leonis) Nuevo Leon Kingsnake
Seller was great to work with and the animal was very handleable and healthy upon arrival.
Rating by d***5 for Extreme Orange Klumper's Albino San Diego Gopher Gopher Snake
Very easy purchase process. Great communication and the animals I received are top notch. I will definitely be doing business with you again. Thanks for the quality bull snakes.
Rating by e***s for White-sided Bullsnake
Amazing bullsnake again from Glen. All the snakes I ever received from Glen have been top quality.
Rating by f***e for White-sided Bullsnake
Just received animal about 20min ago. Glen has good communications, description of animal was spot on. Glen also answered any questions I had about the animal. Will buy again from Glens Reptiles! Thanks
Rating by m***e for Patternless White-sided Male Bullsnake
Glen was very responsive, shipped immediately, and delivered a superb quality animal! I'll be purchasing from him again.
Rating by s***n for Variable Kingsnake (Tiger Phase) Nuevo Leon Kingsnake
Received a trio of fabulous red zeps. Would purchase from him again.
Rating by c***1 for Red Zep Cornsnake Corn Snake
Glenn has some Top notch animals, and great service :)!!
Rating by m***1 for Axanthic, Stillwater Hypo Bullsnake
Very positive experience. Shipped quickly and the animal arrived healthy and just as advertised.
Rating by j***s for Brazilian Rainbow Boa - Female
Fantastic animal received from Glen Reptiles. Looking forward to future purchases!
Rating by b***r for Aberrant Ultramel Okeetee Cornsnake Corn Snake
awesome snakes we waited over a month for safe shipping weather and could not be happier
Rating by s***n for 2021 White-sided Axanthic Male Bullsnake
Seller is very helpful and responsive to questions. He's one of the few experts on Madagascar cat-eyed snakes, so his knowledge is invaluable. The snake is beautiful and healthy, and arrived in perfect condition. A+++
Rating by b***r for Madagascar Cat-eyed Snake More Colubrid
Absolutely perfect transaction, extremely professional and efficient comms, and great snakes. Already going back for more!
Another great transaction, as usual. Really good service, and beautiful, healthy, well-started Rainbow Boas. I highly recommend Glen!
Rating by b***r for Brazilian Rainbow Boa -Pair
Glen has quality snakes and am proud to get a pair from him.Transaction was as smooth as it gets. Fast shipping, beautiful, healthy snakes. He also has a YouTube channel with great information about his snakes. Thanks !
Rating by t***n for Brazilian Rainbow Boa -Pair
Everything was great! Seller communication, shipping quickly. Our new snake is cute and sweet! Would certainly purchase from Glen Reptiles again!
Rating by p***s for Nelson Milksnake T-positive Albino Nelson's Milk Snake
Beautiful, healthy snake full of sass. Seller’s response time was very fast and helpful. Also shipped the snake quickly and he arrived with no issues or delays. Packaged well. Would definitely purchase from again.
Rating by a***_ for Nelson Milksnake Albino Nelson's Milk Snake