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Green Stuff Exotics was clear and made the overall purchase experience very easy and non-stressful. My mourning geckos arrived safe and well! They are bright eyed and active right out of the deli cups.
Rating by w***9 for Mourning Gecko Other Gecko ($25.00)
Really easy person to deal with
Rating by w***9 for Tangerine Jungle Leopard Gecko ($40.00)
Good communication meeting up for pickup went smooth animal looked like the picture and description
Rating by l***s for Light Cream Harlequin Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Very prompt responses. Healthy animal. Good experience.
Rating by d***8 for Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($40.00)
Quick to respond and process followed the documented steps. Could not have been easier! Gecko is healthy and cute. FedEx was a pain but not related to Green Stuff Exotics. Would purchase again and recommend!
Rating by c***5 for Jungle Leopard Gecko ($40.00)
The Leopard gecko came in fine, healthy and on time and the breeder responds quickly. Over all it was a perfectly fine experience.
Rating by k***z for Tangerine Jungle Leopard Gecko ($40.00)
This gecko is exactly as pictured, i got a response very quickly didn't have to wait long at all! I would definitely buy from them again. Thank you for the beautiful gecko!
Rating by l***r for Blizzard Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
Seller was able to ship the same day as purchase. Efficient communication, gecko was well packed. Thank you!
Rating by c***s for Dark Grey Harlequin Pinstripe Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($100.00)
I received my gecko in perfect condition and exactly as pictured. Seller was vey easy to work with throughout the process, excellent communication, and very responsive answering any questions I had. Would highly recommend working with them!
Rating by j***1 for Lavender Harlequin Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($100.00)
This was my first time getting a reptile and I was shocked at how easy it was. I would definitely recommend ordering from here!
Rating by j***0 for Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($35.00)
The gecko arrived looking just like pictured.
Rating by l***e for Grandis Day Gecko ($75.00)
There are no complaints. Everything went smooth with, especially with it being my first time buying an animal online. Didn’t think it’d be this easy.
Rating by t***r for Lavender Harlequin Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Answered all my questions promptly and worked with me to find the best shipping date. Beautiful animal .Highly recommended and appreciated.
Rating by g***k for Standingi Day Gecko ($125.00)
Great experience, little gecko is settling in well
Rating by c***3 for High Red Grandis Day Gecko ($75.00)
Cute little gecko, arrived safely. The box was re-used and was in rough shape, but other than that, everything was fine. Thank you!
Rating by c***s for Drippy Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($75.00)
I could not be happier!! The geckos are awesome, healthy and even cooler looking than the picture! I would highly recommend Green Stuff Exotics!! They were very responsive, helpful and nice.
Rating by r***r for Mourning Gecko Other Gecko ($25.00)
Great experience very healthy animal
Rating by a***5 for Cb African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($100.00)
Received a healthy gecko baby. He or she is doing great and eating well. Seller was quick with responding.
Rating by b***6 for Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
All went very well. Seller was especially helpful and responsive.
Rating by n***s for 2-3” Pixie Bullfrog ($50.00)
This was my first time ever buying an animal online or on MM. Seller responded to my inquiry within a few hours and answered any questions I had along the way. My frog was well-packed & healthy; ate immediately. Highly recommended.
Rating by c***y for Large Pixie Bullfrog ($200.00)
Went really well, better than I expected.
Rating by w***e for Harlequin Crested Gecko ($60.00)
This is my second gecko from green stuff and I'm very pleased. Good communication, healthy animals. I highly recommend.
Rating by j***5 for Grandis Day Gecko ($75.00)
Very professional. Answered all of my questions in a timely manner and I love my gecko.
Rating by a***o for Extreme Harlequin Super Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Great communication the entire time! The gecko is super healthy and looks just like the pictures if not better. I am a very pleased customer!
Rating by b***s for Brindle Phantom Crested Gecko ($75.00)
Wonderful customer service and fast, safe shipping. Very happy with the little guy!
Rating by l***3 for Harlequin Crested Gecko ($60.00)
The seller was very fast with they’re commutation and very helpful with all of my questions since I am a first time buyer. The gecko got to my house safely and looking healthy as ever!
Rating by c***s for Brindle Phantom Crested Gecko ($75.00)
Quick response hassle free quality animal would recommend
Rating by w***n for Harlequin Crested Gecko ($60.00)
Seller was nice and quick to respond with any questions that i had. My gecko got here safely and on time. I had no issues at all with anything.
Rating by j***n for Mack Snow Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Super positive experience for my first gecko. Seller was very prompt and professional. The gecko seems to be well cared for as well!
Rating by j***r for Drippy Lavender Harlequin Crested Gecko ($75.00)
Excellent communication. Easy transaction. Kindly held my gecko for several weeks while I cycled my bioactive setup. The gecko was packaged appropriately, and arrived healthy and minimally stressed.
Rating by s***n for High Red Grandis Day Gecko ($75.00)
Very satisfied with my purchase...seller was very quick with responding and answering any questions I had. Gecko arrived safe and healthy. Will purchase from seller again.
Rating by c***8 for High Red Grandis Day Gecko ($75.00)
Wonderful person to work with, my gecko is stunning.
Rating by s***8 for Flame Harlequin Crested Gecko ($75.00)
It was very easy and simple and they were very helpful and my crested gecko looks amazing! Would highly recommend!
Rating by 2***h for Extreme Harlequin Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Excellent seller. Will buy from again 🙂
Rating by s***s for Blood Bell Leopard Gecko ($100.00)
Seller was very communicative and patient with my questions. Received my little baby today, she(hopefully she) arrived safely, alert, and curious! Very friendly! Shipped very well. Put her into an enclosure and she immediately started to eat!
Rating by j***7 for Halloween Harlequin Crested Gecko ($75.00)
She arrived safe and sound with a healthy appetite!
Rating by m***s for Orange Quadstripe Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Very healthy gecko. Good experience.
Rating by j***5 for Lavender Harlequin Crested Gecko ($60.00)
Amazing seller and beautiful gecko! Extremely happy with my purchase. As it was my first time buying a reptile online, the seller was extremely patient with me and helpful. Would totally recommend.
Rating by c***o for Striped Gargoyle Gecko ($200.00)
The seller was professional and very quick to respond. They were also willing to adjust the shipping date according to my schedule. My little guy arrived safe and sound this morning and looks healthy and active. Thank you!
Rating by j***5 for Tangerine Jungle Leopard Gecko ($75.00)
We are grateful.
Rating by a***3 for Grandis Day Gecko ($75.00)
Seller was very responsive and understanding, answered all of my questions, and agreed to a local pickup. I recieved a fiesty, fiery young gecko and the seller encouraged me to reach out with any future questions. Great!!!
Rating by k***s for Orange Brindle Phantom Crested Gecko ($75.00)
Seller was very responsive and I received exactly what I expected. Animal arrived in great condition, and I would definitely recommend purchases from this seller.
Rating by g***4 for Normal Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
Seller was really quick to respond and answered all my questions and even offered sending additional pictures of the little guy. He arrived a few days ago and is eating and pooping well. I would definitely buy from these guys again in the future!
Rating by c***1 for Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($50.00)
Communication was great. Answered any and all questions throughly. Was able to pick the best day for me for shipping. WHen I got my gecko she was in perfect condition. Would definitely recommend
Rating by c***s for Bold Jungle Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($75.00)
Great communication, animal as described, arrived on agreed ship time, and healthy animal!
Rating by m***o for Standingi Day Gecko ($100.00)
Great to deal with will buy from again
Rating by b***0 for Red Pinstripe Harlequin Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Literally perfection! Great seller!
Rating by r***2 for Orange Phantom Brindle Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($75.00)
Seller was quick to communicate everything went smoothly gecko arrived alive and healthy and is doing well, would purchase from seller again.
Rating by n***r for Yellow Phantom Brindle Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($75.00)
The seller answered all my questions almost immediately. Gave me a fair price and produced a beautiful and healthy gecko
Rating by t***1 for Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($75.00)
The seller was very professional and I received a happy and healthy mal Blaesodactylus sakalava just as advertised. The only issue that I noticed is he was a little cool when I first got him. It didn't effect him but it could others.
Rating by j***g for Sakalava Velvet Gecko Other Gecko ($75.00)