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Easily the best packed box I’ve ever received, and the snake inside was even better. 10/10 experience, from communication to quality - HCR doesn’t disappoint. Highly recommend!
Rating by c***s for 66% Het VPI 66% Het RDR (Specter) Boa Constrictor ($200.00)
Awesome individual hope to do business in the future
Rating by w***0 for Superfly Het Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
Process was great. They sent lots of pictures to help me choose between 3 and worked with my schedule for delivery. She's exactly as the photos showed. Would buy from again. THANKS!
Rating by c***s for Het 66% VPI 66% Het RDR (Specter) Boa Constrictor ($200.00)
Animal was gorgeous. Breeder was awesome. Very helpful and easy to deal with. Highly recommended.
Rating by c***e for RDR BEA 66% Het VPI Boa Constrictor ($1,100.00)
Unbelievable service! I will definitely say he’s probably one of the best I’ve dealt with on MM. From the packaging and to the shipping.!
Rating by b***3 for Superfly Leopard Spotnose Het Clown (Possible Super Leopard) Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Great seller and great communication, beautiful snake! Thanks again!
Rating by w***s for Fire Bee Ball Python ($225.00)
Great experience and communication - the little guy is laid-back, healthy, beautiful and was happy to start eating quickly. He also came with full paperwork of parents, all feedings, guarantees, etc. You can tell Denny really cares about each animal.
Rating by w***n for Killer Lesser Clown Ball Python ($750.00)
Great communication, fast shipping and the best packaging I’ve experienced! Would happily purchase from High Country Reptiles again.
Rating by r***1 for Killer Leopard Clown Ball Python ($900.00)
Great communication fast shipping high quality animals will 100% buy from High country reptiles again.
Rating by q***s for Firefly Leopard Spotnose Het Clown (Possible Super Leopard) Ball Python ($1,850.00)
Seller was very helpful with shipping time frame. The order was delayed, at no fault of the seller. FedEx mechanical issue. My order arrived alive and well packaged. Would highly recommend this seller!
Rating by m***e for Black Pewter Het Clown Ball Python ($575.00)
Great communication, snakes were healthy and exactly as described. Will do business with again
Rating by s***g for Het Clown Ball Python ($100.00)
I purchased this snake on Feb 5th. Due to cold weather/storms/major delays with FedEx, I just now received him. He is absolutely perfect and is looking like he’s in great condition and very healthy. Denny is an awesome guy! Recommend 100%!
Rating by 8***h for Super Pastel Leopard Het Clown (Poss Fire) Ball Python ($550.00)
Got my little guy in perfect health and seller communication during the process was top notch. 10/10 experience
Rating by r***e for Banana Silver Streak Het Clown Ball Python ($550.00)
Had a great first time getting snakes in the mail! Denny was very patient and answered all my questions while we worked out a deal.shipping went great, a tiny bit cold but they are perfectly fine, and look amazing in person. Will def be back!
Rating by c***s for Superfly Het Clown Ball Python ($450.00)
This is my second purchase from him! He is very nice, responds quickly and ships quickly! Highly recommend purchasing from him!
Rating by h***9 for Killer Clown Ball Python ($1,000.00)
It was a great by everything went smooth!
Rating by p***s for Pastel Banana Enchi Clown Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Awesome, healthy, and beautiful BP!!! Very happy with everything!!! Thank you!!!
Rating by b***e for Superfly Clown Ball Python ($900.00)
Seller responded very quickly to my inquiry and my questions. He provided me with a detailed report about the snake including feeding, breeding, and weight records. He was shipped quickly and was packed very well!
Rating by h***9 for Adult Pastel Clown Ball Python ($600.00)
Great, great communication. Denny helped me all the way through the purchasing process and went out of his way to start getting my ball python feeding on frozen thawed. 100% highly recommend purchasing from High Country Reptiles! Amazing packaging!
Rating by d***d for Massive Dbl Het Dreamsicle Ball Python ($400.00)
Very prompt with response and very informative about the snake . Will very much buy from him again.
Rating by k***7 for Clown (Reduced Pattern) Ball Python ($350.00)
I have bought from several other snake dealers before and I am here to tell you High Country reptiles is top notch! I had a problem with FedEx trying to send it 3 different ways, their shipping company recognized the problem and they got hold of me
Rating by j***e for Albino Piebald Ball Python ($750.00)
I recommend ball pythons from them! Very quick response, fast shipping, beautiful healthy ball python. Thanks again!
Rating by r***o for Fire Bee Ball Python ($235.00)
Danny at High Country Reptiles has been amazing in his professionalism, promt replies, and overall help with any questions or concerns. He worked closely with us to ensure nothing was shipped until it was safe and reliable during this COVID pandemic.
Rating by m***e for Pastel 100% Het Piebald Ball Python ($140.00)
Very responsive, accommodating, nice animal
Rating by s***6 for 2018 Adult Killer Clown Ball Python ($650.00)
Denny with High Country reptiles was very responsive and knowledgeable about his animals. Transaction was flawless.. looking forward to working with him again in the future and would definitely recommend High Country Reptiles
Rating by b***k for Pastel Piebald (High White!) Ball Python ($400.00)
Local pickup. Snake was as described as best to my knowledge. Great communication and answering of my dumb questions. Happy to do business and would look to this company for my next animal.
Rating by b***4 for Fire Spinner Blast Ball Python ($200.00)
This guy was extremely patient with all my massive tests. He responded within the hour, most of the times within minutes. I trust him with the genetics and will most certainly buy from him again. Great dude, great snake, looking to grab more!
Rating by m***_ for Het Dreamsicle Ball Python ($200.00)
Awesome seller. Included very detailed information about feedings and weight. Quick shipping and very robust packaging. Item exactly as pictured. Would buy from again.
Rating by g***3 for Lemon Blast Ball Python ($100.00)
Amazingly quick and professional service! Luckily, I’m local. However, I received this amazing animal within a few hours of the inquiry. Professional with digital and physical pics of parents, along with stickers and a magnet! Highly recommended!
Rating by a***0 for Albino Piebald “emoji” Ball Python ($700.00)
High Country really went out of their way to make a good sale
Rating by b***7 for Lesser Het Piebald Ball Python ($350.00)
Absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. I receive an absolutely beautiful healthy animal. She was well packed and shipped as quickly as weather permitted. Would be very happy to do business with them again.
Rating by s***s for Pastel Dbl Het Dreamsicle Ball Python ($500.00)
High Country Reptiles was not only had timely response, but also was over all extremely professional. We received not only our snakes, but their complete care sheets and all the genetic information on their parents (including pictures). Recommended!!
Rating by h***r for Nuclear 50% Piebald Ball Python ($325.00)
Best seller that I have dealt with. Communication was top notch, info on snakes included was far beyond other sellers. Snakes arrived very well packaged and marked. I wish all breeders took some notes from this seller.
Thanks so much for the kind words, it was effortless doing business with you and I wish you the best of luck! Hope to see some killer combos!
Rating by m***d for Pastel Het Clown Ball Python ($145.00)
Purchased a beautiful male ball python from them! I got fast replies, they answered all of my questions, and the snake shipped and arrived quickly and healthy. Will definitely buy something from them again!
Thanks Halley! We loved working with you on your purchase and really hope you are enjoying your new pet! Thanks for a smooth transaction
Rating by r***s for Nuclear Spider 50% Piebald Ball Python ($475.00)