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Animals arrived on agreed upon day. All questions were answered quickly. Highly recommended,many thanks!
Rating by b***o for Eastern Box Turtle Box Turtles & Terrapin ($200.00)
I purchased 2 3-toed Box Turtles. Brian was excellent in communication, response time. Everything went VERY SMOOTHLY. Would do business with him again!!!
Rating by b***s for 1.4 Three Toe Box Turtles 3 Proven Females Box Turtles & Terrapin ($1,000.00)
Nice and healthy animals
Rating by e***4 for Gulf Coast Box Turtles (2 Year Old) Box Turtles & Terrapin ($150.00)
Great communication and professional customer service. My Eastern Box Turtle was packaged expertly, arrived safely and is lively and active. I highly recommend Black Star Reptiles!
Rating by b***e for Eastern Box Turtle Box Turtles & Terrapin ($180.00)
Great communication, animals were well packaged for shipment. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with Brian again!
Rating by w***t for 2021 Gulf Coast Box Turtles ( Dark Variety) Box Turtles & Terrapin ($130.00)
Transaction went well. ..satisfied with the purchase.
Rating by p***3 for 3 Toe Box Turtles Box Turtles & Terrapin ($150.00)
I ordered two hatchling Eastern Box Turtles. Brian was excellent in providing customer service and answering my questions. The turtles were packaged well and very healthy, exactly as described. Thank you.
Rating by c***n for Eastern Box Turtles Box Turtles & Terrapin ($200.00)
My experience with black star reptiles was awesome! Their not just trying to sell animals they also make sure you have the correct needs for that animal! 10 outta 10 I would recommended.
Thank you. Let me know if you have any questions.
Rating by d***s for Eastern Box Turtle Box Turtles & Terrapin ($200.00)