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Derek M Larson

Boone, IA 50036, USA

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Father/Daughter business in Boone, IA. My daughter wanted a pet ball python from a pet store in 2017 and I said "no you don't". Every time we were at the pet shop getting meal worms, we would look around and she always held this one specific ball python that they had there. The man who owned the shop explained to us that it was a Fire morph and if we mixed 2 snakes like that together it would make an all white snake with some yellow on its back. We were amazed and did some research and Googling and discovered Mystic Potion, Pied, Clown, GHI Mojave and a $30,000 Sunset and it all blew our minds. As of October 2023 we have about 200 of our own snakes and we do exotics full time, as well as classes, videos and kids books. We are officially a pet shop with all kinds of snakes and lizards, hedgehogs, the best dogs in the world, some fat frogs, micro squirrels, a short tailed possum, love birds, axolotls, a few tarantulas, and a couple cats. We would love to have you over if you’re going to be in town! My daughter took over as Office Manager and she raises ball pythons, hedgehogs & micro squirrels. We also breed carpet pythons and boas and will be going big on the hybrid pythons & monitors in the coming years. We are always expanding or evolving in some fashion, but would like to focus on exhibits & education as much as possible. Contact us for any reason; we'd love to chat! If you have any questions or comments of any kind, please feel free to reach out & be sure to check us out on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Rumble. Dad here is seriously slacking on uploading videos, so I have handed over social media responsibilities to my wife Keo & daughter Naomi. Check out Naomi's old YouTube channel Naomi’s Python Playground for some throwback videos and follow her on Instagram as well @OmiExotics thank you!!

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Live arrival, sex, and health are guaranteed. You must be available on the first delivery attempt or the live arrival guarantee is void. HOLD FOR PICK-UP AT FED EX HUB IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! Please open box at Fed Ex and get a video, if possible, to protect both of us. Shipping is done through Ship Your Reptiles Fedex Priority overnight. To hold and reserve an animal a 20% non-refundable deposit is required. 30 day (Sometimes longer) payments plans are welcome! We accept payment through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, Square or cash in person. Payment must be made in full and clear before we will ship the animal. Due to the increasing complexity of genetic combos we cannot guarantee every incomplete dominant gene, however recessives and hets are always guaranteed and if there’s uncertainty about anything, then that will be stated in the ad. Temperament cannot be guaranteed. All animals listed are in good health, bug-free, with no dietary or species-specific concerning behavior issues. Abnormally bad behavior or long-term behavior concerns will be noted in the description. Once a buyer receives the animal, they accept all responsibility of every kind concerning the animal. Issues that need to be addressed shall be brought to the attention of Iowa Family Exotics as soon as they are discovered. Sicknesses, cuts & abrasions, and bugs can easily appear within 48 hours if the animal is not kept correctly. Full and partial refunds are always on the table if Iowa Family Exotics is at fault, so please contact us immediately if there's a problem, thank you!

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