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Very pleased to do business with this seller
Rating by g***0 for Great Plains Rat Snake Other Rat Snake ($120.00)
Everything about this transaction was perfect. Jay was very helpful, very prompt reply, toad seems very healthy, shipped fast. Everything was real smooth and worry free. Highly recommend to anyone else.
Rating by j***e for Subadult/adult Colorado River Road Toad ($120.00)
Excellent communication and excellent snake. She’s a beauty. Very satisfied
Rating by r***0 for High Red High Blue California Red Sided Garter Snakes ($600.00)
We received a healthy gecko, communication was great and shipping was very fast! I recommend and would happily buy from Jay’s Exotic Fish & Reptiles
Thanks again enjoy!
Rating by k***s for Harlequin Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Healthy active turtle that I received. He was shipped to me quickly and the seller was very fast at communicating. A great experience!
Rating by r***a for 4-5” Alligator Snapping Turtle ($175.00)
Great transaction. Would definitely purchase from this seller again. Animal arrived in great condition and was exactly as described.
Rating by s***s for 4-5” Alligator Snapping Turtles ($175.00)
Great communication and excellent customer service! Will definitely be a repeat customer for sure! Thanks for the because animal.
Rating by s***s for 4-5” Alligator Snapping Turtles ($175.00)
Great seller quality animal, would recommend
Rating by t***8 for 4-5” Alligator Snapping Turtles ($175.00)
Jay answered all my questions, and animals arrived alive and looked great. I plan on purchasing from him again. Thanks Jay!
Rating by r***o for High Red High Blue California Red Sided Garter Snakes ($600.00)
This seller was very professional and went out of his way to resolve and issue I was having after I had paid for the animal. I would definitely purchase from him again.
Rating by r***s for Pueblan Milk Snake ($160.00)
The pictured snake arrived as agreed upon for the agreed price. Good communication and follow up throughout. Happy with my new little snake!
Rating by m***i for Montreal Flame Eastern Garter Snake ($575.00)
Completely satisfied with my purchase everything went smooth. Would be happy to do business again
Rating by m***e for Burmese Python Het Granite Het Albino ($200.00)
Great experience overall: very communicative throughout and item arrived just as described.
Rating by m***d for High Red Montreal Flame Garter Snake ($650.00)
Excellent communication. Very courteous. I received my beautiful healthy dragon.
Rating by q***l for Hypo Red Fire Blue Bar Het Trans Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($450.00)
Communication was excellent. I received my beautiful healthy dragon and I love her.
Rating by q***l for Hypo Orange Citrus Leatherback Het Trans Central Bearded Dragon ($650.00)
Snake arrived in great shape and I got exactly what I paid for ! Overall great experience and I would order again without a doubt
Rating by t***n for Albino Coastal Banded California Kingsnake ($180.00)
Jay coordinated with me very well to figure out the safest shipping time for the snake. The snake arrived well packaged with newspaper, styrofoam, and a heat pack through overnight shipping. The snake is in great health! Extremely pleased!
You’re welcome enjoy the baby king!
Rating by d***t for Scissors Crossing Locale Cali King California Kingsnake ($160.00)
Great experience getting this girl. Jaleel was very responsive and easy to work with. She arrived healthy and as describe. Would definitely buy from him again!
Rating by j***s for Lavender Albino Brooks King Snake Brooks' Kingsnake ($180.00)
Pleasure to work with and we desired to buy and support local such as this young man. We bought two desert band ca kings (male/female juvenile-future breeding pair). Both snakes were very healthy and great temperament. Will buy from him again.
Thank you for purchasing hope you enjoy them!
Rating by m***t for Desert Phase B & W California King Snake California Kingsnake ($125.00)
REALLY nice guy! Very patient w/me re: 2 failed/cancelled pickup dates (local pickup, not shipped). Pics of his animals don’t do them justice -much nicer in person. Would not hesitate to buy from again.
Rating by p***t for Albino Striped California King Snake California Kingsnake ($180.00)
He was very responsive with communication, shipped out quickly, and when there was a problem with FedEx due to the holiday he even contacted them for me, and followed up afterward. Very professional!
Thank again for buying I hope you enjoy the little guy!
Rating by m***d for Uscb Peach Throat Monitor Other Monitor ($550.00)
Very good experience, I would recommend to anyone.
Rating by a***6 for Hypo Het Trans Super Citrus Blue Bar Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($150.00)
Fast shipping and healthy animal.
Rating by b***1 for USCB Argus Monitor Other Monitor ($600.00)
5 Stars in every respect! Trustworthy vendor.
Rating by e***6 for Hypo Coastal California King Snake California Kingsnake ($160.00)
Beautiful little snake, exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!
Rating by c***c for Scissors Crossing Locale Cali King Snake California Kingsnake ($180.00)