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I appreciated the prompt shipping on short notice.
Rating by r***k for Tangerine Tornado Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
Overall the transaction went smooth! Will buy from again!
Rating by a***3 for Enchi Yb/asphalt Ball Python ($55.00)
Great experience. Will definitely purchase from again.
Rating by e***l for Black Pewter Het Pied Ball Python ($600.00)
Great experience.
Rating by e***l for Butter Het Clown Ball Python ($500.00)
Good communication and very thorough will be doing business again in future
Rating by j***1 for Electric Tangerine Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
The 3 female Brazilian Rainbow Boas I received are amazing and healthy. Lunar Exotics is amazing. Was a pleasure to work with for adding these beautiful females to my small business. Would definitely recommend them.
Thank you so much! Hope they do great with you!
Rating by k***3 for Gorgeous Adult Females (Possible Calico Carriers) Brazilian Rainbow Boa ($575.00)
Great seller. My snake is just as described and very healthy! Would definitely buy from again.
Rating by s***a for Butter Pos Het Sunkissed Corn Snake ($300.00)
Seller was easy to work with and answered my questions. Snake was shipped in insulated box, and arrived with overnight shipping. Due to email error I didn't receive a notification Snake had arrived at hub, but was notified by Seller promptly.
Rating by s***s for Hypo Tessera Het Sunkisssd Pos Het Amel And Stripe Corn Snake ($300.00)
The Brazilian Rainbow Boa I purchased from Lunar_exotics arrived healthy and on time. Jasmine was a great communicator and kept me informed throughout the purchase. I would definitely purchase from her again.
Rating by m***s for Gorgeous Adult Female Brazilian Rainbow Boa ($600.00)
Would definitely buy from again.
Rating by l***l for Red Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($400.00)
Great animal
Rating by f***0 for Ghi Honeybee Ball Python ($500.00)
Seller was awesome, very responsive and the snake was as advertised. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Lunar_exotics again.
Rating by p***0 for Het Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
Great communication. Snake was as described. Snake appeared in good health. Highly recommended this seller
Rating by d***2 for Enchi Mojave Het Hypo Pos Het Pied Ball Python ($700.00)
The seller was super nice and responsive, but unfortunately I must leave a bad review. I received my snake crawling with mites. Like a lot of mites. I have no other pets and saw the mites in the package I got my snake in. Beware
Did mention to the buyer about noticing mites in the recent shipping supplies handed down from another breeder. Everything has been tossed and under control.
Rating by s***z for San Clemente Rosy Boa ($350.00)
Beautiful snake! Had no problems getting this sweetie. Thanks again!
Rating by n***t for Subadult Male Nuevo Leon Kingsnake ($220.00)
I couldn't be any happier with the customer service I received, and my Rosy Boa. She's a beautiful Rosy!
Rating by s***9 for Melanistic Bay Of LA Rosy Boa ($300.00)
Pleasure to work with ! My monitor arrived safe and healthy .
Rating by b***9 for Possible Female Spiny-Tailed Monitor ($550.00)
I actually picked up the snake in person. Animal was as described. Thanks again
Rating by a***t for Cinnamon Mojave Ball Python ($400.00)
Snake arrived just as pictured.
Rating by r***8 for Spider Pinstripe Enchi Ball Python ($100.00)
My ackie came on time and well packaged, love this little guy! Great disposition! Thank you again!
Rating by s***e for Possible Female Yellow Ackie Spiny-Tailed Monitor ($750.00)
Extremally great customer communication and willingness to accommodate. Pair that with a great ball python what more could you ask for? I strongly recommended this seller and I will be buying more from Lunar exotics!
Thank you so much!!!
Rating by a***5 for Lavender Albino Ball Python ($1,350.00)
Jasmine was awesome to deal with, super fast when responding. The snakes came in looking excellent. 10/10 would purchase again from her. 👍🏽
Rating by u***a for Albino Ball Python ($450.00)
First time buying off the morph market. Seller communicated timely and with manners. Shipping was super quick. Pet came in great condition. Definitely recommend buying from this seller.
Thank you so much!!
Rating by v***a for Red Stripe Tangerine Tremper Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($175.00)
The description tame and healthy is what this animal is. I really appreciate a seller that's honest will buy from her again!👌
I hope you enjoy her! Thank you again
Rating by m***y for Adult Female Savannah Monitor ($350.00)
I had a postive experience working with her. She was very responsive and answered my questions thoroughly. The snake I purchased looks healthy, active and is also super cute! Would definitely recommend!!
Rating by k***n for Pastel Banana Pos Fire Ph Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
Experience was amazing friendly and very fast response times would recommend! Also the Dragon I picked up looked very healthy and appreciate how tame and friendly it is. You can tell she loves and puts time in to her reptiles which is amazing!
Thank you so much!
Rating by r***8 for Hypo Trans Dunner Leatherback Central Bearded Dragon ($250.00)
Well packaged and arrived safely
Rating by d***s for Double Het Albino Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
Wonderful experience! She was healthy and beautiful. Very satisfied with all aspects of the sale. Great to deal with.
So glad i made this experience good!!
Rating by p***n for Freeway *shipped* Ball Python ($1,600.00)
Great experience, smooth transaction and perfect YB Ball. Thanks so much!
Rating by p***4 for Yellowbelly (Locked With Pastel Mardigrass) Ball Python ($500.00)
Jasmine was absolutely amazing to work with. Incredibly responsive to messages, gave very useful information, and I now have the most beautiful ball python. Thank you!
Rating by m***i for Honeybee Ball Python ($500.00)
The packaging was carefully and well done. Seller also monitored weather for safest shipping .
Rating by g***s for Subadult Female Irian Jaya Carpet Python ($350.00)
Great communication, reply’s fast ! I received my beautiful northern BTS this morning very pleased with my overall experience dealing with Lunar exotics
Rating by p***h for Sunrise X Red Northern Blue-Tongued Skink ($750.00)
One of my first purchases with MM and was so blown away by how easy and seamless she made it! My python was beautiful and in great condition! Will shop with again!
Rating by d***m for Pastel Pos Het Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
Healthy corn, great communication, and a sticker!
Rating by t***t for Extreme Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake ($400.00)
Super friendly seller. Very helpful and worked with me on everything despite me having some pick up issues! Would 100% purchase from again!!
Thank you too! I hope she does great for you ☺️
Rating by a***n for W&y Redstripe Eclipse Het Tremper Leopard Gecko ($250.00)
Great seller! Would highly recommend!
Rating by t***n for Pewter Ball Python ($450.00)
Jasmine is very nice to work with and passionate about breeding Snakes. She is local so I will therefore keep an eye out for anything else that I could possibly purchase from her. It was a great experience, thank you.
Rating by o***s for Albino Het Pied Ball Python ($600.00)
She was extremely nice and genuinely cared about her animals! I purchased a leopard gecko from her and the Leo is healthy and a good weight! I named her opal and she’s absolutely stunning and well bred!
Rating by m***6 for Super Snow Tremper Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($200.00)
Super friendly seller. Answered all my questions in a timely manner and was quick to ship as well. She came nice and healthy. Thank you!
Rating by b***n for Mojave *shipped* Ball Python ($580.00)
Fast response time We’re very happy with the newest member of our group
Rating by m***s for Extreme Harlequin *shipped* Crested Gecko ($380.00)
This little crested is so pretty, pictures do not do her justice. Super friendly, and another quality animal from Lunar Exotics!
Rating by c***8 for Female Subadult Red Crested Gecko ($400.00)
This snake is absolutely gorgeous, and sweet as can be! Definitely a quality snake!
Rating by c***8 for Lesser Pastel *Black Friday Sale* Ball Python ($399.00)
Beautiful gecko I got in awhile!!! The gecko is completely healthy! She’s responds fast and is friendly, definitely recommend her to anybody!!
Rating by j***x for Super Stripe Crested Gecko ($175.00)
Ordered a leopard gecko, she came in healthy and I couldn’t be happier. Will be buying from her again soon.
Thank you so much! Im glad she made it safely :))
Rating by h***5 for W&y Redstripe G Project *Black Friday Sale* Leopard Gecko ($210.00)
A very inspiring young lady! Hope to do business with her in the near future! So amazing to see how she tends and cares for her animals! May God be with her and her family on the road to success!
Rating by p***x for Pinstripe Ball Python ($250.00)
I had a great experience with this seller and will buy more from her if I need another reptile! She was very responsive, with great customer service. I asked if my order could be sent out the next day and she worked with my schedule and preferences!♡
Rating by m***i for Super Snow Tremper Het Eclipse Leopard Gecko ($150.00)
She was an amazing seller, really no complaints.
Rating by j***o for Mystic Spider Ball Python ($125.00)
she responded very quickly and kept me updated! the snake is gorgeous and very healthy! i definitely recommend buying from this seller :)
Rating by h***y for Lesserbee Ball Python ($350.00)
we had a few problems with fedex and he arrived a day late, but the seller was very helpful in helping me get the issues resolved. very healthy beautiful snake!!
Rating by h***y for Banana Pastel Mojave Ball Python ($250.00)
The snake was perfect and the seller answered all of my questions.
Rating by f***1 for Spider Ball Python ($120.00)