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Jul 03, 2017
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We are two brothers who have always enjoyed keeping animals. We usually just went herping as kids, but when we went to our first reptile show and found out how big the world of captive reptile keeping was we were hooked. We have been building our collection ever since. Currently we work primarily with ball pythons. Our goal at Kaptive KEEPERS is to provide the best quality care for both our animals and our customers.

Store Policy
Buy purchasing from Kaptive KEEPERS you are accepting that you have read and understood our Terms and Guarantees.

Terms & Shipping
All live animals are shipped FedEx Priority Overnight via Reptile Express. We ship out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays, weather permitting. Animals are only shipped once payment is cleared. The Buyer or a member of the household 18 years or older must be available for delivery upon first attempt or Live Arrival Guarantee is voided. In the event of a DOA or health issue with the animal we must be contacted within 1 hour of the fedex delivery time stamp and be provided photo and video evidence. After 1 hour the well being of the animal is the sole responsibility of the buyer. We are more than happy to help you by answering questions or concerns regarding proper husbandry nevertheless we can not control and are not responsible for your environment, husbandry, or mistakes. In the event of a DOA we do not offer refunds, but we will offer credit. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer for replacement animal. We are not responsible for any carrier delays and/or mishandlings which will not be covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee. We reserve the right to refuse a sale or end a transaction with any individual FOR ANY REASON. Must be 18 years or older to purchase an animal.
Deposits & Payment Plans
All transactions over 1,000$ require an I.D. to prevent fraud. We accept payment through Paypal and Venmo. Contact us if you would like pay another way. Short term payment plans are available on purchases over $500 with a non-refundable 25% deposit. If you need a payment plan please contact us to discuss terms and duration.