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At LEOSINTX, I pride myself on the level of customer support offered and the quality of animals produced. Being a hobbyist breeder with only a select number of highly focused projects, I can devote a large amount of time to each animal and in turn each customer.

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Store Policy

All leopard gecko purchases will include a digital itemized invoice, care guide, hatch certificate, and more! You may request a physical copy of these documents, however we insist that you take a look at our digital versions. And, of course, you can expect some sweet stickers in every box.
Geckos labeled TSF or TSM (Temp-sexed Female/Male) are not guaranteed to be female or male respectively. TSF geckos are incubated at 80-81• and are almost guaranteed to be females. TSM geckos are incubated at 88-89• and are almost guaranteed to be male.
Geckos can be placed on hold (On a case-by-case basis) for no more than 30 days*. A non-refundable deposit amounting to 25% of the cost of the animal and shipping is due immediately**. The remaining balance is to be paid off at your leisure, within the following 30 calendar days.
*Gecko(s) under $250.00 cannot be placed on hold.
**This deposit must be paid via PayPal or Zelle with no exceptions.
In the event that you would like to pay for a gecko in full, but have them held to be shipped at a later date, we can hold your new leopard gecko for up to 30 days. An additional $50 charge may be incurred if your gecko must remain here for an additional 1-30 days, however LEOSINTX reserves the right to terminate the hold and re-list the animals on day 31.
LEOSINTX reserves the right to deny holds and payment plans.
D.O.A.s (Dead on arrival) will be honored and the value of the animal refunded if video evidence of the failed shipment is received by myself within 30 minutes of the animal(s) being available for pickup or delivered. All of my geckos are cared for according to the care guide included in the Customer Packet that accompanies the invoice of any and all gecko purchases. In the case that an animal fails to thrive or passes away past the above time-frame the customer (You) and myself will need to assess the care provided and habitat of the gecko. I am always more than happy to help you give your gecko(s) the best life possible for years to come!
*Please refer to Morph Market's Default Store Policy for my terms and conditions not covered above.
**Please refer to Redline Shipping's Shipping Policies for my terms and conditions regarding live arrival, shipping standards, etc. not stated above.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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