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Nicholas A Fiorillo Jr

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I've always been fascinated by our reptile friends. Upon retirement and a move to the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas in 2001 I decided to breed boa constrictors. This went well until a health change in 2015 made it very difficult to care for 40 pound snakes. Had to do something, so breeding Crested Geckos took up the slack in 2015. I selected some of the best breeding stock available at the time from breeders in the US and Canada. I now produce about 50 Crested Geckos a month that are mostly sold to wholesale buyers in 4 different states. Gargoyle Geckos were added to the breeding collection in 2019 and are producing now. With the help of Morph Market I look forward to providing nice looking healthy animals at a good price.

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Store Policy

PAYMENT: is by Pay Pal. Animal and shipping costs must be paid in full before an animal will be shipped. Payment plans can be worked out on a case by case basis.
SHIPPING: I use FedEx Priority Overnight shipping and live arrival is guaranteed. DOA must be reported within 1 hour of occurrence. In most cases to be safe, temperatures must be between 40-80 degrees at all stops in the shipping route. Shipping cost is based on recipient's zip code.
ANIMAL CHARICTURISTICS: Picture will be of the identical animal for sale. Sex will be as indicated unless indicated as unknown. Animal color will change depending on the mood of the animal at a given time so it might look different when it arrives. I try to take photographs with the animal in fired up state. Although a rare occurrence, tails can be dropped in shipping and in no way hinders the heath of the animal. We will not provide a refund for lost tails.
Feel free to request additional information if needed.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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“Gecko arrived great , amazing colors very healthy, great customer service very helpful and friendly, definitely recommend to anyone looking for geckos with Great color and personality.”


“I am extremely satisfied with the gecko I received. It turned out even better than the pictures showed. Great communication! Great price! Highly recommend purchasing from Nick!”



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