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Stunning geckos and superb service! Will recommend to friends!
Thanks so much for those kind words
Rating by g***s for Female Super Dalmatian RTB *CG4* Crested Gecko ($900.00)
Absolutely stunning animal
Thank you for the kind words. Glad you’re happy.
Rating by s***s for Citrus Phantom Pinstripe Pores Seen *CGH* Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Gecko arrived in pristine condition - the box was well packaged. Seller communication was stellar. The gecko was exactly as pictured and came very healthy with an ice pack. The key here is that it is obvious they care about their animals!
This was such an easy and smooth transaction. Buyer was great.
Rating by l***l for Possible Female Super Dalmatian SDB Crested Gecko ($120.00)
I had purchase this beautiful super dalmation possible female from wizards lizards , Matthew was very responsive very quick and answer my question I had tru messenger.upon arrival packaging was great including a cold pack gecko was also safe ,active
Rating by p***n for Possible Female Super Dalmatian SDQ Crested Gecko ($280.00)
Smooth, easy transaction.
Great client. Easy sale.
Rating by c***d for Possible Female Super Dalmatian SDC Crested Gecko ($275.00)
Sold as lily white dalmatians, was expecting better.
These were not sold as Lilly White Dalmatian bloodline. These were the exact animals in the photos. Never in the ad was the LW bloodline ever mentioned.
Rating by h***e for Super Dalmatian SdA Crested Gecko ($350.00)
The seller was excellent from start to finish. Communication was top notch; thank you so very much!
It’s easy when you have great clients
Rating by m***c for Super Dalmatian SdC Crested Gecko ($300.00)
it was good deal
Rating by j***g for E.) Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Gargoyle Gecko ($240.00)
Good all around guy to deal with
Rating by l***t for Silent Hill HOLDBACK RELEASE $400 Gargoyle Gecko ($400.00)
Best seller that had exactly what I wanted and will definitely buy from them again. Great communication, great animals( you can definitely tell they love the animals they breed), great service overall. Matt at Wizard Lizards is the best.
Rating by m***5 for PhOAx-4 50% Possible Het Obscurial Axanthic Subadult Male $600 Crested Gecko ($600.00)
It was The best crested Gecko in the world know I have it, thank you.😁
Rating by 7***s for PhOAx-7 50% Possible Het Obscurial Axanthic Crested Gecko ($600.00)
My lizard arrived in great condition due to greasy packing and diligence in the timing of shipping to ensure safe arrival. The seller promptly replied to both my initial inquiry as well as subsequent emails to help me coordinate safe shipping. Thanks
Hey this was a great experience. Btw, this client did contact me about the “greasy packaging” lol. It was an auto correct and once the review was submitted they couldn’t change it lol. Oh well. Either way, this worked out well for the both of us.
Rating by n***c for VlXWw-Q2 Yellow Flame Crested Gecko ($50.00)
Lottery mix of Isopods came in excellent condition! Several different types, all healthy looking; happy to have purchased from Lizard Wizard Reptiles!
Rating by a***s for Porcellio Scaber “Lottery Mix” 12ct Isopod ($10.00)
Great communication, and the animals looked amazing! I bought a gecko from them as well and is he is calmest little crestie I have ever met. Thank you!
Rating by b***s for Bumblebee Millipede ($5.00)
Very pleasant transaction. Seller communicated through all steps and delivered the package promply.
Rating by f***s for CeXHl-C3 Red Base W/Red Striping Possible Phantom Eye $250 Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
Polite and accommodating seller Beautiful gecko Pleased
Rating by t***0 for PhOAx-18 50% Possible Het Obscurial Axanthic Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Seller was very accommodating and very patient. Very pretty geckos. Thank you.
Rating by t***0 for SfSrXCl-F2 Cream (Possible Lavender) Crested Gecko ($300.00)
The best experience answers all my questions and Continue being a big help will definitely buy again thanks
Rating by r***e for CeXEd-Z2 Red Base Possible Phantom Eye Gargoyle Gecko ($300.00)
Matt was very helpful and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. The little guy arrived well packaged and is very active. Thank you Matt for the personalized birthday card for my son- he was very surprised!
This was a good experience for everyone involved
Rating by j***o for KnXKt-L2 Possible Super Dalmatian $140 Crested Gecko ($140.00)
The customer service and communication was amazing! I ordered a gargoyle gecko and some isopods from them and they came in perfectly and were better than expected! 100% would recommend and buy from them again!
Rating by m***w for CeXEd-X2 Funky Gargoyle Gecko ($350.00)
Wonderful seller, great communication. I love my new little baby.
Rating by g***0 for TzXKJ-T2 Dark Base Harlequin $80 Crested Gecko ($80.00)
Lizard Wizard was awesome. He made the shipping process extremely easy and walked us through what to expect. Will definitely be working with him again!! 💚
Rating by v***l for OrXLD-C2 Super Dalmatian W/Oil Spots $300 Crested Gecko ($300.00)
Received an awesome healthy chahoua gecko. Seller responded quickly to all questions and concerns. I would recommend Lizard Wizard Reptiles for future purchases.
Rating by z***l for P4XP5NLS-J2 Non Locale Specific Chahoua Gecko ($500.00)
great communication, and a healthy gecko exactly as shown. wonderful seller, cant wait to buy more!
Rating by k***i for SHXNb-B2 Red Striped Silent Hill Baby $350 Gargoyle Gecko ($350.00)
Matt has been amazing! I’m super happy with my experience with him. He was responsive and quick to message me back. Answered all my questions and I just received my new baby which is perfect! Highly recommend!
Rating by l***3 for CGG22-X1 Dalmatian/Possible Super Dalmatian $100 Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Such a gorgeous little gecko! It arrived well packaged and alert with a second one I purchased. This seller is communicative, friendly and put my mind at ease about shipping these guys. Great company and amazing geckos!
Rating by d***2 for PhOAx-17 50% Possible Het Obscurial Axanthic $500 Crested Gecko ($500.00)
Received such a beautiful, healthy, and sweet gargoyle gecko baby from LWR! Definitely recommend for all reptiles and reptile needs :)
Rating by m***5 for GGG2-U1 Red Base Red Stripe Super Stripe $250 Gargoyle Gecko ($250.00)
This gecko is exactly as pictured. It arrived perfectly packaged with a second one I bought. The seller is awesome! Super friendly and very communicative. I will be buying from Lizard Wizard again in the future.
Rating by d***2 for JWxHD-V1 Yellow Cream/White Harlequin Crested Gecko ($200.00)
These folks are incredibly helpful and great to work with!!! Absolutely fantastic customer service I really couldn't ask for anything better. The animal I received was absolutely beautiful no issues and came out of the container happy and ready to go
Rating by k***y for **UPDATED 5/21/20** FPSD-C Yellow Dalmatian $115 Crested Gecko ($115.00)
I really liked the service I received from Matt, he was very nice pleasant person to talk to through the whole process. This was my very first time buying reptiles online and at first I was nervous,soiwould like to thank Matt for a great experience.
Thanks for making us part of your first time online reptile purchase!
Rating by k***e for CGG15-I1 Yellow And Cream $100 Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Excellent buying experience. Received a healthy, happy little gecko that was eating and exploring his cage in the first day. Thank you!
Rating by t***s for GGG1-K1 Red Base Red Stripe Possible Phantom Eye $225 Gargoyle Gecko ($225.00)
Amazing! 10/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Rating by j***z for **UPDATED 5/2/20** PSD-N Possible Super Dalmatian $115 Crested Gecko ($115.00)
Matt is a stand up guy. Knowledgeable, professional and courteous. He was more than willing to work with me on a shipping time frame around my schedule. He communicated during every step. Lizard Wizard will not disappoint
Rating by j***s for CGG5-D1 Super Dalmatian $130 Crested Gecko ($130.00)
My crested gecko is beautiful. They was very helpful. Great response to any of my questions.I'm definitely going to get another baby from them.
Thanks so much. We love helping people with their next reptile purchase.
Rating by l***a for CGG-J1 Possible Super Dalmatian $70 Crested Gecko ($70.00)
Was wonderful to work with,kind and caring.Will buy from him again soon!
Thank you. We were happy to get your new gecko to you.
Rating by g***7 for High Red Mainland $550 Chahoua Gecko ($550.00)
Great smooth purchase.
Pleasure was all ours
Rating by r***t for PSD-L Dalmatian $80 Crested Gecko ($80.00)
Matthew was very kind and responded promptly to any questions I had. He went above and beyond to make the process a smooth one. The gecko I received was super healthy and just stunning. I would not hesitate to buy from Lizard Wizard Reptiles again.
Thanks for the kind words. We were happy to work with you on your new gecko.
Rating by r***a for RHD-D Possible Red Dalmatian W/pattern Crested Gecko ($80.00)
Easy to work with and over all nice experience...animal appears in great health...would do business with again
Thank you. The pleasure was all ours. We look forward to helping you choose another gecko in the future.
Rating by f***a for Red Mainland $550 Chahoua Gecko ($550.00)
I am very pleased with not only the gecko I received but also the owner. Not only was the owner honest, open and willing to help me, but also wanted what
The gecko is actually one of the most chill gecko’s I’ve ever purchased. She is very healthy and adapted to her new environment like a champ! The seller did a wonderful job raising her.
Rating by l***e for GGG3-A Possible Yellow Base Red Stripe $175 Gargoyle Gecko ($175.00)
Seller was very helpful and answered all questions I had and kept me nformed with the shipping process
We aim to please and we want people to feel good about the animals they choose. It was good to work with you.
Rating by m***4 for ERGG1 Banded $140 Gargoyle Gecko ($140.00)
Lizard Wizard was awesome to buy from. The communication was excellent and customer service was top notch. And my new gecko is exactly as I had expected from the add. I will definitely buy from this guy again!
Thank you so much for the kind words. We look forward to getting you another gecko when you’re ready.
Rating by m***3 for GGG3-A Possible Yellow Base Red Stripe $175 Gargoyle Gecko ($175.00)
I'm very happy with Lizard Wizard Reptiles! The seller was very easy to contact and even made arrangements to meet up in person instead of shipping b we were so near each other which I really appreciated. I will definitely consider them in the future
We greatly appreciated your business and hope you’re enjoying your great new lizard.
Rating by a***0 for CGG14-C1 Red Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($60.00)
item as described. one of the best people i have met thus far. and the animal exceeded my expectations thank u lizard wizard. looking forward to doing business with you in the near future. buy with confidence fellow mm buyers and sellers
We were happy to work with you. Hope you’re enjoying the gecko.
my gecko is doing great growing well again thank you!
Rating by d***s for NLS $400 Shipped Chahoua Gecko ($400.00)
EXCELLENT!!! Lizard Wizard Reptiles is a wonderful breeder! If I could give them 100 stars, I would! Owner is extremely responsive to messages. They really care about their animals and super knowledgeable! Excellent geckos. Highly recommend them!
We greatly appreciated the business. You were easy to work with and we look forward to maybe helping you again in the future.
Rating by r***y for Dark Base Pinstripe $80 Shipped Crested Gecko ($80.00)
Very friendly and communicative, would definitely purchase from again.
We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you again.
Rating by s***z for NLS $350 Shipped Chahoua Gecko ($350.00)