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Hannah Danielle Durham

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Lovable Geckos has specialized in breeding high-quality crested geckos since 2020 but has been caring for them for nearly 6 years. Our mission is to produce healthy animals and educate others on properly caring for their pets.
We are located in Central Indiana.

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Store Policy

Terms of Sale:

Before purchasing an animal from me it is important to read my TOS and agree to all terms. It is also important for you to know the basic husbandry for the animal in question before purchase.

SQUARE (Customers now need to pay taxes on geckos through this payment.)

To place a gecko on hold, a 25% non-refundable down payment is required. Deposits are for individual geckos in question. Payments must be made in full before the animal is shipped. If the payment were to be canceled before the animal is completely paid for or received I will offer in-store credit for the amount sent. THERE IS NO CASH REFUND.

Contact me via Facebook messenger or Instagram messages to put a down payment on an animal. You must get in contact with me before sending payment. WE ONLY TAKE PAYMENTS VIA CASHAPP, ZELLE, AND SQUARE!

Payment plans are available for animals over $200 and extended plans for animals over $700. Payment plans are not always available, so make sure to ask if you're interested in one. Payment plans are only for full-priced animals. If you are interested in making a deal, that deal MUST be paid in full.


Shipping is available to the continental 48 United States.​
I ship through FedEx Priority Overnight Monday-Wednesday for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday arrival. Animals are to be shipped to a hub for holding unless we discuss otherwise. Shipping prices range from $40 and can go over $90. Shipping rates are constantly fluctuating so to get a shipping quote please contact me. When shipping, the weather has to be between 40-80 degrees at both locations. If the temperatures are not met, I will hold the gecko free of charge till the conditions improve. Depending on your location Priority Overnight Shipping usually arrives around 10:30 am, in some areas they can arrive later in the day. I will include heat or cool pack if needed.​

For a shipment to be scheduled, the payment and shipping costs must be paid. No animal will be shipped without the customer's approval. Geckos shipped to a FedEx office must be picked up within 1 hour of arrival. If the package gets rejected by FedEx or you fail to pick up the gecko within 1-hour of delivery, then we cannot guarantee a live arrival, nor are you eligible for in-store credit. You must pick up your gecko in time.

I guarantee a healthy animal if the following terms are met:
*The correct shipping address must be given. (A PO Box is not acceptable.)
*There must be someone to receive and sign for the animal within the first hour of arrival on the first delivery.
*There are no delays on the part of the shipping company or rejections.

You must contact me within an hour of receiving the animal to let me know you've picked them up.
If any of these terms fail, the live guarantee is void.

In the unfortunate event of a dead on arrival (DOA) or unhealthy animal, I must be contacted within 1 hour of delivery. You will be required to show photographic evidence along with video evidence of the animal's condition. You are responsible for proving that the 4 guarantee requirements (detailed above) are met. If so, then you may be eligible for in-store credit equal to the amount paid (not including shipping) or a replacement animal.
If you choose a different animal as a replacement, you will be responsible for the shipping cost. I am not responsible for packages running late nor rejections. However, if the package is running late you may be entitled for a reimbursement from the shipping company. Shipping fees are NOT refundable from Lovable Geckos.

Any accidents or improper husbandry by the new owner voids the guarantee.​

If an animal were to drop its tail anytime after purchase (including transit), I will not issue a refund or in store credit, as it does not change the quality nor value of the animal.

​Please note that photos taken of animals are not always accurate! If the animal arrives, and you decide you no longer like it there is nothing I can do. I always try my best to take accurate pictures, but animals can be very stubborn.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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