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They are very polite and helpful, very protective of snakes well being and would not ship snake until weather was permitted, snake arrived healthy and bigger than listed size!!! Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again!!
Rating by n***s for Cryptic Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Awesome person, great communication, great transaction
Rating by t***o for Enchi Lemonback Lesser Granite Ball Python ($350.00)
Hands down really great customer service & quality. Communication was a breeze; and shipping was the a easy set up! Upon picking up, I was blown away by the color she has! Even better that the pictures provided! Overall, I recommend Bill & Stacy! Thx
Rating by a***r for Enchi Vanilla Ball Python ($200.00)
So happy with this guy!
Rating by c***8 for Super Enchi Lesser Pinstripe Ball Python ($350.00)
Lox Herp done an awesome job communicating and shipping my animal. Animal was in great health and as described in their ad. I would definitely recommend them for your animal needs!
Rating by e***y for Champagne Leopard Pastel Ball Python ($650.00)
It was wonderful! They answered every question promptly and even dropped 50$ off the asking price- incredibly pleased with my purchase
Rating by c***e for Coral Glow Spotnose Ball Python ($350.00)
Communication was great, packing was perfect, they stayed in contact and were good about providing options for shipping dates. Highly recommend.
Rating by w***t for Super Pastel Enchi Lesser Granite Ball Python ($300.00)
Very responsive and held snake until I was ready for shipment. Snake arrived in good health and packaged very well. Would definitely recommend.
Rating by b***r for Mystic Ball Python ($600.00)
Another beautiful and healthy snake from these guys!
Rating by s***n for Ghi Special Ball Python ($300.00)
I received the exact animals I purchased. The animals were very healthy. It was a pleasure doing business with Loxahatchee Herp Hatchery and I will be buying animals from them again in the near future
Rating by d***5 for Lemonback Pastel Gravel Ball Python ($500.00)
Rating by m***s for Coral Glow SoulSucker Ball Python ($500.00)
Great communication. Shipped very quickly. Snakes look very healthy.
Rating by t***d for Enchi Lesser Ball Python ($750.00)
Very communicative and pleasant. The ball python arrived healthy. Thank you!
Rating by p***n for Ivory Ball Python ($1,000.00)
I am a repeat customer and for good reason. The sellers communication could not have been better. I have had an issue with weights not being as advertised with some sellers; not the case here. The snake is gorgeous, good body weight. I’ll be back
Rating by c***s for Het Candy Ball Python ($500.00)
This was the third animal I purchased from Loxahatchee and another awesome animal! Great customer service and communication, highly recommend!
Rating by c***5 for Mojave Pastel Ball Python ($750.00)
Very easy to work with. The coral glow looked even better than the pics. Would definitely do business again!
Rating by d***t for Coral Glow Vanilla Enchi? Ball Python ($400.00)
Great communication snakes I purchased arrived on time and healthy thank you all so much
Rating by m***s for Het Red Axanthic Pastel Sable Ball Python ($200.00)
While no fault of the seller, shipping did run into a snag. Apparently, the package was delayed at the hub in Memphis for nearly 24 hours. Stacey at Loxahatchee kept me posted as soon as she had been made aware of a lag. Very smooth transaction.
Rating by c***s for Candy/Candino/Albino Enchi Ball Python ($400.00)
Everything was perfect from the customer service to the fast shipping time and packing of the snake its self.
Rating by s***8 for Lucifer Pastel Hidden-gene Woma Yellowbelly Granite Ball Python ($600.00)
The seller responded promptly and worked with us. She was more beautiful in person when we got her than in the pictures. Will definitely buy from this seller again. They are great to work with.
Rating by r***s for Enchi Bumblebee Ball Python ($250.00)
I received the python as soon as they could get it shipped. We had to work around warm weather but all went well. The snake arrived in good shape looking healthy and clean I am very satisfied with the snake and the service.
Rating by m***b for GHI Granite Pastel Ball Python ($225.00)
Snake looked better in person! Super healthy and the shipping had him here quickly.
Rating by s***e for Enchi Pastel Mojave Ball Python ($250.00)
The animal was well packaged and exactly as described. Stacey maintained great communication throughout the process and got the animal sent out quickly. I 100% recommend Lox Herp Hatchery for quality animals and great customer service.
Rating by o***s for Enchi Black Pastel Pos Het Piebald Ball Python ($250.00)
I love these guys, the adult female I received is extremely healthy nice and plump. Great communication and packing, couldn't ask for better service. Thank you lox herp!
Rating by b***p for Lemonback Pastel Ball Python ($350.00)
Amazingly smooth transaction from inquiry to receiving. We will keep an eye for other snakes to add. Thanks again
Rating by s***n for Lesser Sable Het Clown Ball Python ($350.00)
This is my first purchase from Morph Market. The entire transaction, communication, and snake are/was absolutely perfect. Very Pleased and Impressed! Many Thanks! -Stef
Rating by a***f for Enchi Killer Spinnerblast Ball Python ($500.00)
Initial inquiry received a timely response with a link to an invoice at the ready. Turnaround on shipping was fast; bought the snake Tuesday and received her Thursday. Stacey was on top of communication and the snake is healthy & as described; 10/10.
Rating by e***e for Super Enchi Ball Python ($250.00)
Very pleasant jnteraction. Thanks!
Rating by a***r for Super Enchi Pastel Ball Python ($250.00)
Beautiful animal. Looks to be in perfect health
Rating by n***l for Enchi Pastel Lesser Spider 66% Het Clown Ball Python ($300.00)
amazing customer service and very awesome animals!!! Very easy to talk and really fast with responses!! I'll be a customer again I'm sure 😁
Rating by k***n for Super Enchi Pastel Ball Python ($300.00)
Very smooth transaction! Very fast responses, fast shipping, went above and beyond to make sure were informed along the way! Thanks!
Rating by c***s for Hidden-gene Woma Leopard Ball Python ($100.00)
Another flawless transaction. This was my second time buying from luxherp. I couldn't be any happier with the purchase and will be back for more.
Rating by m***3 for Enchi Pastel Leopard Champagne X Enchi Het Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
As described, fast shipping and great communication
Rating by 6***g for Black Pastel 50% PHP Ball Python ($250.00)
As we’re questions as best they could and allowed a payment plan. This is my second snake from them- highly recommend. Healthy snake in a well packaged box. Such polite and good people!
Rating by m***4 for Enchi Breeder Female Ball Python ($400.00)
Definitely would buy again from this seller!
Rating by c***w for Enchi Lesser Breeder Female Ball Python ($500.00)
Wonderful experience from beginning to end!
Rating by j***e for Super Enchi Pastel Pinstripe Ball Python ($350.00)
Great communication and worked with me on shipping based on when I would be home. I would deal with them again, no question.
Rating by a***3 for Mojave Coral Glow Pos Het Piebald Ball Python ($250.00)
Excellent communication. Received a nice healthy beautiful girl. Will definitely do business with them again in the future.
Rating by i***z for GHI Mojave Pastel Ball Python ($650.00)
The most amazingly beautiful snake I’ve ever seen and own. ( just my opinion because of the colors and my favorite) thanks so much
Rating by s***k for Enchi Killer Bee Ball Python ($350.00)
Thank you!
Rating by c***s for Special Ball Python ($75.00)
Beautiful lively happy healthy snake! Communication was almost instant, they made this my easiest purchase I’ve ever had! Thank you!
Rating by l***6 for Coral Glow Ball Python ($150.00)
Very easy to do business with. They answered all my questions and would definently do business with them again!
Rating by j***0 for Enchi Lemonback Lesser Ball Python ($250.00)
It was amazing and I will definitely be getting more they did a amazing job thank u so much
Rating by h***0 for Enchi Lesser Ball Python ($250.00)
Rating by p***s for Mojave Special (Crystal) Ghi Cinnamon Ball Python ($500.00)
Rating by r***s for Vanilla Breeder Female Ball Python ($300.00)
Beautiful, healthy snake, but her color was seriously enhanced in the photo. No big deal, as I'm interested in her genes. We'll have to see if she proves the genes she was sold as, in addition to the possible genes. Great interaction overall.
Rating by d***s for Pastel Enchi Fire Pinstripe Pos Het Piebald Pos OD YB Ball Python ($400.00)
Rating by b***s for Enchi Mojave Yellowbelly? Ball Python ($300.00)
Great breeder !!!
Rating by e***n for Pastel Yellowbelly Het Piebald Ball Python ($250.00)
Receive the bp in great condition
Rating by e***n for Pastel Enchi Fire Yellowbelly OD? Pos Het Piebald Ball Python ($400.00)
Rating by b***s for Ghi Mojave Cinnamon Ball Python ($400.00)