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Celestial Serpents shows a lot of care in the animals they have, and it really comes through in communicating with them. They were super helpful and knowledgeable throughout this purchase, I absolutely would buy from them again. Thank you so much!
Rating by m***s for 1.2 Black Head Red Axanthic Trio Ball Python ($350.00)
Easy communication, passionate for the animals, great to communicate with!
Rating by a***5 for ADULT G-Stripe Black Head Pinstripe Pastel Trio Ball Python ($575.00)
One of the best experiences with another breeder and their hospitality! For sure I’d buy again and urge other ms to buy here also! Celestial serpents is top notch!
Rating by w***s for 995g 100% Het Desert Ghost Pastel Ball Python ($450.00)
Amazing animals and quality! It was a smooth transaction and would definitely do business again.
Rating by r***s for SALE - ADULT PAIR Desert Ghost Chocolate Hypo Ball Python ($480.00)
Great communication and perfect animal. Thank you.
Rating by p***s for SALE 540g Acid Black Pastel Ball Python ($375.00)
This girl is a great addition to my puzzle project. A++ seller, I would purchase from again. She arrived safely, she was well packed and healthy.
Rating by e***s for 820g 100% Het Puzzle Pewter Ball Python ($600.00)
She is very healthy and docile. Mrs. Meryl was very wonderful to work with and I am so happy with this girl! Thank you so much for everything!
Rating by f***e for 470g Ddl Het 100% Tri Stripe Albino Ball Python ($400.00)
Such a sweet lovely boy, can’t wait to pair him this year !
Rating by l***n for 1300g Gravel Black Pastel Proven Ball Python ($200.00)
Very happy with the whole process overall great experience. Received my snake with no health problems and was very active. Thank you
Rating by v***n for Pastel DH Desert Ghost, G-stripe Ball Python ($300.00)
Great communication, very nice animals! Thank you
Rating by r***1 for Pastel DH Desert Ghost, G-stripe Ball Python ($300.00)
Great communication, and shipping! Thank you
Rating by r***1 for Lemonblast DH Desert Ghost, G-stripe Ball Python ($375.00)
AWESOME!! the whole process went great. thank you so much ..
Rating by h***l for 690g Mahogany Pastel Het Pied Ball Python ($575.00)
Meryl was great to work with and both of my snakes are even better than shown in the photos! Thanks!
Rating by s***t for 550g Leopard Yellow Belly Het Pied Ball Python ($175.00)
Wonderful communication. I highly recommended doing business. 10/10 highly recommended
Rating by r***c for 1225g Butter Mojave Ball Python ($550.00)
Everything was perfect , great communication from the beginning to the end of purchase . Both snakes I purchased came in healthy and exactly like the photos .
Rating by s***s for Pastel Sandblast Pied Ball Python ($700.00)
I had a wonderful experience purchasing from them. I bought 6 ball pythons from her and they all came healthy and look great! She was flexible and found a time that worked for the both of us to meet up I look forward to doing business with her again
Thanks so much for your business. It was very nice meeting you!
Rating by e***s for 1.1 Pewter Pied/Cinnamon Het Pied Ball Python ($675.00)
Beautiful snake, pictures didn't do her justice! Thank you for such an amazing girl! She's already out exploring so temperament seems to be just as described.
Rating by b***s for Black Head Pos OD 50% Het Pied Ball Python ($325.00)
My new snake arrived in good condition and appears healthy and docile. Happy with my purchase, wont hesitate to purchase again in the future! Good communication and nice to talk to! Thank you!
Rating by l***l for Sandblast Pewter 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($375.00)
So excited to finally receive her! Seller was easy to work with and takes the extra precautions which is really good! Im overall happy with the snake!
Rating by k***g for 1380g Pastel Butter 66% Het Clown Ball Python ($425.00)
Overall pleasant transaction with good communication on sellers part. Purchased two snakes total both arrived in great condition.
Rating by h***4 for 800g Black Pastel, Orange Ghost Ball Python ($200.00)
Another awesome transaction with Celestial Serpents!!! And what a beautiful one she is!! 5 star 5 star 5 star
Rating by l***7 for Black Pastel Highway Ball Python ($545.00)
Awesome breeder! Beautiful ball pythons! Great customer service and communication from start to finish. 5 star 5 star 5 star!!!
Rating by l***7 for 8Ball Poss Mojave/poss Gravel Ball Python ($300.00)
Great seller with awesome communication. This girl was held up for awhile because of cold weather and they had no problem keeping her until it was safe to travel. She was well worth the wait. She’s a beautiful girl and I will buy from again.
Rating by c***s for 1047g 8Ball, Pinstripe, Paradox Ball Python ($450.00)
Great experience, healthy animal no mites just how I like it. Thanks so much
Rating by c***x for 920g Fire Highway Ball Python ($900.00)
I am beyond happy with these guys! Both snakes came in clear of and issues and both are in very good body condition and have the demouner of well handled snakes. The seller took alot of consideration into their shipping materials and setup.
Rating by t***f for SALE - T- Albino African House Snake ($175.00)
Healthy Beautiful snake! Wonderful communication! Highly recommend we will definitely continue our business with them! Thank you for being awesome!
Rating by c***n for Pewter Fire Yellow Belly Ball Python ($430.00)
Excellent seller, fast communication and easy to work with, snake was just as described and in great condition, no issues. Thanks again!
Rating by c***e for Black Pastel Mojave Gravel Ball Python ($380.00)
Wish I could give more stars! Outstanding quality animals. Excellent customer service.
Rating by o***n for 2020 0.1 Pastel 100% Het Lavender Albino Ball Python ($200.00)
Amazing quality animals. I’ll definitely be buying here again, the experience was great. Thank you!
Thank you Ryan, very nice meeting you!
Rating by o***n for 2021 0.1 Butter Spotnose Ball Python ($160.00)
She was very flexible with time and worked around my schedule and has great prices and will definitely be buying from her again. 🙂
Thank you! I look forward to it :)
Rating by h***s for Banana Lesser Ball Python ($280.00)
Excellent interaction all around on the sale
Rating by b***y for 8Ball Poss Mojave Gravel Ball Python ($400.00)