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Oct 18, 2015
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“Animal arrived safely, expertly packaged, and healthy. Could not be happier with my purchase. Will purchase from again in the future.” — outregius_balls
“Logan is not only a great breeder, but also a great guy to do business with. From the first inquiry, down to opening the bags of snakes at home, there has been nothing but efficiency and quality. His YB and Cypress scream! Buy with 100% confidence” — snakederm
“WARNING! If you buy from Medusa’s Morphs you will be HOOKED FOR LIFE!!! Everything this guy has is cream of the crop. Snakes speak for themselves and Logan is a stand up breeder. Thank you sir!” — vamphyre

My name is Logan Stillwell. I am a Chicago based mid sized Ball Python breeder focusing on recessive based morphs. This is a labor of love for me and I produce what visually pleases me and want to share with my customers. I ship within the US, produce stunning multiple gene monsters to quality single gene and love every minute of it! I have worked with several different species of snakes over the years but Ball Pythons have been the backbone of my reptile passion.

Quality genetics and excellent customer service is my definition of success. I take pride in being selective with my breeders and holdbacks to continually improve my collection. Never becoming complacent and always learning and teaching has allowed my passion to thrive year after year. My ultimate goal is to provide healthy, visually pleasing snakes to collectors, breeders and even pet owners. I believe passion is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. When you buy from me, you buy with confidence.

I am the Midwest distributor for ReptiChip – Premium Coconut Substrate currently serving:

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I accept Cash, Money Orders, Personal Check, PayPal, Chase Quick-Pay, Venmo and all major Credit Cards. Payment plans are offered for 30 days on $999 purchases and less and 60 day terms on purchases over $1000+ with a 25% non-refundable deposit to start the hold. One minimum monthly payment must be made and communication is mandatory should you need an extension.
Anything outside these terms make your payment plan null/void without prior consent.
Payments made in full are final sale and non refundable but can be transferred to another snake(s) should your plans change and be interested in another option.
I am a professional shipper with years of experience. This has allowed me to perfect my methods and safely ship from door to door year round barring certain unsafe weather conditions. I do reserve the right to ship when I deem safe for the animal. I ship Mon – Wed via FedEX for next morning delivery when temps are above 36º on both ends/hubs and below 90º. I use heat and cold packs when necessary as well as 3/4″ insulated foam coupled with an appropriate size box. When receiving a snake from me please confirm sex, health and genetics any discrepancies must be relayed within 4 days of receiving your snake.

All snakes are guaranteed by our 100% health/gender/genetics guarantee. I also guarantee live arrival via FedEX overnight with tracking so long as the buyer is home to receive on the first attempt. Should there be any problems or discrepancies please notify us within 24 hours of arrival. Our customers come first and we want you to be satisfied and happy with your purchase experience.