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Great experience keep me informed though whole process. Very professional and polite. Animal was as described and healthy
Milk snake was healthy and over all whole experience was great. Would definitely buy from again.
Rating by g***0 for Possible Het Albino Spotted Mexican Milk Snake ($200.00)
Awesome snakes berry healthy beautiful snakes I’m in love
Rating by t***1 for DailyDeal JAN 19 2023 California Kingsnake ($155.00)
Very good seller
Rating by p***w for Ghost Het Lavender California Kingsnake ($400.00)
Great service
Rating by p***w for Lavender Het Ghost California Kingsnake ($400.00)
Honestly, as close to a perfect transaction as one could hope for. By all indications, an honest, responsible, and responsive breeder. Very happy with the animal that I purchased and received. Ate right out of the shipping container. Thanks.
Rating by j***e for Daily Deal OCT 3 2022 California Kingsnake ($95.00)
Perfect transaction. Could not be happier
Rating by m***x for DailyDeal OCT 14 2022 California Kingsnake ($500.00)
Felt good about the purchase. Seller was patient with lots of my questions.
I dont mind answering a bunch of questions! Especially when the customer is interested in multiple things, I like to make sure they get what they want or are aware of what theyre getting into. Good luck with those, theyll produce some awesome stuff!
Rating by p***w for Albino Het Ghost California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Awesome looking turtles! Thank you!
Rating by r***r for High Yellow Caramel Pink Slider Turtle ($1,500.00)
Albino snapping turtles is very healthy eating like a monster, fast shipping. Looking forward to buy again
Sounds good. Enjoy that little dude he wont be little for very long lol!!
Rating by d***8 for Albino Snapping Turtle ($2,500.00)
Nice little snake, just as described. Prompt communication and shipping. Thanks!
Rating by a***r for Pet Quality Only California Kingsnake ($125.00)
Very pleased
Rating by g***n for Albino Possible Het Charcoal Slider Turtle ($150.00)
Great transaction, no problems everything as described in the add, healthy snake. I will buy from Fedzen reptiles again in the future.
Rating by e***d for Light Ghost California Kingsnake ($250.00)
Great transaction, this is my second time purchasing from Fedzen Reptiles and I'm sure I will again in the future.
Rating by e***d for Lavender Het Ghost California Kingsnake ($300.00)
FedZen reptiles was amazing! The snake is perfect and very happy! Would buy again in confidence anytime!
Rating by r***i for Striped Het Ghost Lav Ph Hypo Hypermel California Kingsnake ($250.00)
Everything from purchase to delivery went smooth. Good communication, and the little ones arrived in great condition. Highly recommended seller.
Rating by s***r for Mosaic California Kingsnake ($250.00)
Lovely King snakes and great customer service. Thanks a lot =)
Rating by o***3 for Lavender Het Ghost Ph Hypo Hypermel California Kingsnake ($350.00)
Awesome snake that was delivered quickly. Good communication from the seller. Responsive to my inquiry. Highly recommended.
Rating by p***r for Albino Splotched Nelson's Milk Snake ($500.00)
Mike is a great person to do business with; animal arrived safe and sound in excellent condition and packaging. 100% recommended breeder.
Rating by k***e for Aberrant Lavender Het Ghost California Kingsnake ($400.00)
Shipment was perfect! Got all three snakes looking beautiful and aware. Highly recommend this breeder, has some great selections. Packaging was perfect as well.
Rating by k***7 for Het Pink Pearl California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Fedzen was a big help, didn’t mind answering questions and all snakes I bought are beautiful.
Rating by 0***2 for Mosaic Poss Het Ghost California Kingsnake ($250.00)
Seller is great at communication and willing to work w customer. Only complaint is animal is really small for age and looked bigger in pic. I have younger ones that are twice the size of the animal recieved. Happy w purch, would buy from again!ThankU
Snakes that are for sale get fed every 10-14 days, pretty common for breeders who hatch out hundreds of snakes a year. It "looked bigger in the pic" because it was an upclose pic with a camera phone? Such weird complaints.
Rating by k***s for Albino Aberrant Nelson's Milk Snake ($250.00)
Great seller, fast shipping. Great response time.
Rating by r***s for Striped Poss Het Ghost California Kingsnake ($165.00)
Mr Mike is a stand-up guy all around and I won't hesitate to do business with him in the future. The little one arrived healthy and alert - I couldn't be any more stoked! Thanks again Mr Mike!
Rating by s***r for Mendota Locale Albino Mendota Ghost California Kingsnake ($1,000.00)
My turtle is flawless. Great seller!
Rating by w***9 for Albino Het Caramel Slider Turtle ($250.00)
Excellent service as well as customer service 👏 👍 definitely an amazing experience. Very pleased
Rating by a***n for Albino Het Caramel Slider Turtle ($300.00)
I bought one of his albino common snapping turtle, however packaging was subpar. The turtle was ordered and shipped in October, however there was no heat pad provided, even when I paid over 3000.00 for it. It took 5 mins for the turtle to respond.
Its a common snapping turtle, you obviously dont have much experience with them if you felt the need to complain about no heat pack. If it was cold enough to need a heat pack - there wouldve been one. No need to cry about it. :)
Rating by y***4 for Albino Snapping Turtle ($3,200.00)
Gorgeous snake, perfect transaction.
Rating by m***t for Light Ghost Het Albino California Kingsnake ($950.00)
If you are looking for less common Calking morphs, Mike is definitely the person to reach out to.
Rating by m***t for Banded Het Ghost And Albino California Kingsnake ($225.00)
I’m so excited about my new baby! She arrived in beautiful shape, sassy and musking right out of the box. Exactly what a kingsnake should be doing. She was packaged perfectly, and I’ve been very satisfied with this seller’s communication. Thank you!
Rating by c***j for Pet Quality High White California Kingsnake ($125.00)
I just bought a female striped California Kingsnake from this buyer and she arrived in very healthy condition. Seller answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I really have nothing negative to say about this seller; he’s done a great job!
Rating by a***s for Striped California Kingsnake ($165.00)
Everything was perfect.
Rating by m***t for 100% Vanishing Stripe California Kingsnake ($500.00)
Turtles came in healthy and as advertised. I can’t be any happier. I will definitely purchase more in the future.
Rating by r***7 for Caramel Het Snow Slider Turtle ($900.00)
Mike responded to all my questions. Packaging was well represented for live animal and she arrived on schedule.
Rating by 1***l for Striped California Kingsnake ($175.00)
Good communication and nice animals.
Rating by m***t for Het Pink Pearl Trio California Kingsnake ($650.00)
Snake arrived in good condition and ready to go. Beautiful!
Rating by u***b for Vanishing Stripe California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Nothing really negative I can say here. The animal was healthy and unharmed during arrival. Snake was curious and alert when unboxed. Breeder did a good job of answering my questions, 10/10.
Rating by w***n for Striped California Kingsnake ($160.00)
Excellent communication and fast shipping. The California Kingsnake was in great condition and as described.
Rating by m***4 for Albino Banded California Kingsnake ($140.00)
He was very patient with my many questions and did his best to answer all of them. I am very happy with how everything was handled. She came very lively ann with quite the attitude!
Rating by k***7 for Vanishing Stripe Poss Het Ghost California Kingsnake ($175.00)
Amazing snakes, great communication...can't ask for a better seller!
Rating by c***r for Ghost Gray-banded Kingsnake ($1,100.00)
This seller was unpleasant to deal with. He contradicted himself many times to get out of a refund. Blamed me for things that didn’t happen and used all caps and insults.
Buyer bought a snake and told me to ship when it was 92 degrees, it died. She got a full refund the same day so her rating of me shouldnt even be here.
Rating by t***f for Albino Striped California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Mike was very accommodating and prompt in communication, made sure the snake was comfortable during transport despite weird FedEx delays beyond anyone's control. Yet, the snake arrived on time, beautiful and quite energetic.
Rating by m***s for Albino Aberrant Striped California Kingsnake ($175.00)
Mike Fedzen cares a lot for his reptiles and ensures they go to a good home with adequate knowledge on how to care for them.
Rating by j***r for Spotted Poss Het Albino Mexican Milk Snake ($550.00)
Mike was super nice and he answered all my questions he was able to answer all my questions no matter how silly they were my snake came alive and well she was clean and alert i will deffinatly buy from mike again in the future
Rating by j***r for Albino Palmetto Corn Snake ($1,050.00)
The purchase went well.
Rating by r***y for Albino Het 4 Genes Western Hognose ($950.00)