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I am Mariah Rivers and I started, own, and operate MJR Exotics. I breed and sell crested geckos, currently specializing in harlequin and dalmatian morphs. I breed with purpose and responsibility and all of my animals’ health and happiness are my top priority. I have a bioactive centered operation which allows my geckos to have more natural environments and enrichment. It also encourages natural behaviors that I find lead to more activity and better health. I love what I do and love sharing it with others so please feel free to check out my Instagram and facebook for more information. I am based out of Colorado and hope to expand in the future.

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Store Policy

ALL ANIMALS ARE ON WINTER SHIPPING HOLDS TILL SPRING 2023, but still able to be locally picked up or held till spring.

All animal shipments are sent via Fedex Priority Overnight. Temperatures are checked at the time of scheduling and the day of shipment to ensure safety for your animals! MJRE guarantees that all animals will arrive alive and in good health, provided that:

Someone is there to accept the package on the first delivery attempt, or the package is picked up by noon the day of arrival if the package is held at a Fedex Hub or Print and Ship Center for pickup.
Failure to meet these guidelines will void the Live Arrival and Health Guarantee.

Claims on Animals
If animals arrive deceased or in poor condition, MJRE requires that:

The customer notifies us of the condition of the animal(s) within 1 hour of arrival with photos of the animal(s) via our email [email protected].
Failure to meet these guidelines will void the Live Arrival and Health Guarantee.

MJRE has a 3 day health guarantee on all animals purchased. If animal(s) purchased arrive in good shape but fail to thrive within 3 days, MJRE requires that:

Pictures of the animal(s) and habitat (make sure to show the ENTIRE enclosure), as well as a brief description (substrate used, type of top, lights, etc)
Temperature and humidity in the enclosure and the device you're using to measure them (digital or analog thermometer, etc)
This information must be sent via our email [email protected].
Failure to meet these guidelines will void the Live Arrival and Health Guarantee.

MJRE does its best to accurately determine the sex/gender of its animals. Sex/gender of an animal is not guaranteed unless it is sold as a Proven Breeder.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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