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Healthy turtles and good communication! Will be buying from this seller again!
Rating by j***s for Razorback Musk Turtles Mud & Musk Turtles ($49.00)
Just got a hatchling Hermanns tortoise. Quick easy responses to questions. Packaging was done well and the tort arrived healthy and energetic. Some mites were in the packing moss but a quick response solved that problem. I would buy from this seller.
Rating by c***k for Hermann's Tortoise ($185.00)
Easy, quick, trustworthy
Rating by p***n for Leopard Tortoise ($175.00)
The turtle arrived very well packaged and very healthy already very active in his tank I would do business with this seller again no doubt thanks a bunch! Kris
Rating by l***2 for Common Snapping Turtles ($29.00)
Very easy to purchase my red foot! Received it quickly and perfectly! It was safe and sound in its package and ready to be placed in it new home! Thank you!! Will definitely be purchasing again from you all!
Rating by h***1 for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($119.00)
Thanks it was a fast and efficient transaction.
Rating by o***s for Eastern & Mississippi Mud Turtles Mud & Musk Turtles ($39.00)
Our little one is an amazing addition to our home and is so loved already!!!! Thank you
Rating by c***8 for Leopard Tortoise ($175.00)
Rating by t***1 for Eastern Painted Turtles ($29.00)
Happy healthy turtle, great price. Will order from them again.
Rating by l***1 for Reeves Turtle More Turtle ($45.00)
I didn’t purchase the red foot tortoise but I did purchase a pair of Hermann tortoise. My experience was excellent from beginning to end. Great communication, knowledgeable advice on care, and made shipping arrangements due to the cold weather.
Rating by p***t for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($129.00)
Very helpful
Rating by c***9 for Razorback Musk Turtles Mud & Musk Turtles ($49.00)
Great seller fast shipping
Rating by a***2 for Eastern Box Turtle ($129.00)
Received package from seller the day after purchase. The Ornate Box Turtle that was sent was beautifully marked, healthy, arrived in excellent condition and began eating, like a hog, the very next day. I will buy from this seller again.
Rating by t***r for Ornate (Desert) Box Turtles ($129.00)
Communication was great, animals were packed perfectly. Highly recommend this seller.
Rating by w***t for Rio Grande Cooters Slider Turtle ($25.00)
excellent experience. very quick to respond, highly recommend seller. eastern box turtle was in perfect health.
Rating by w***2 for Eastern Box Turtle ($129.00)
The three mud turtles were in separate deli cups with humid moss.The turtles are very active and so pretty
Rating by j***2 for Red Cheek Mud Turtle Mud & Musk Turtles ($49.00)
Everything was perfect,the turtles look amazing
Rating by t***i for Yellow-bellied Slider Slider Turtle ($20.00)
Got quick responses from Stephen over at Nauti-Lass. Was very quick to answer all my questions and help me make a purchase. Turtles were packaged next day and I received them this morning. All three are totally healthy and free of injuries, thanks!!!
Rating by x***x for Western Painted Turtles ($29.00)
Red foot tortoise arrived quickly and safely. And doing great!
Rating by s***3 for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($129.00)
This experience was great. They responded quickly and worked with me when some of my info got mixed up. Would buy from again.
Rating by q***3 for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($129.00)
Got the baby map very quickly. It is nice and alert and seems very healthy and was packed good. I'm am very happy with the purchase.
Rating by n***1 for Cagle's Map Turtle ($45.00)
My little tortoise was delayed in transit, but arrived safe & warm. Seller had excellent communication, was very professional & the packaging was wonderful. The tortoise was already eating within minutes of being added to the enclosure. Thank You!
Rating by c***9 for Leopard Tortoises ($159.00)
I had a great experience at arrival both of my turtles were very active and running around. They are now in a community tank with a total of four turtles in it and are happy and friendly.
Rating by a***2 for Kwangtung River Turtles More Turtle ($59.00)
Very healthy turtle 🐢 every thing went smoothed. No problems. Recommend them 👌
Rating by d***3 for Mississippi Map Turtles ($20.00)
This whole transaction was seamless and pleasant. Mr Lass was quick to respond and kept his promise. I received a healthy and happy baby Hermann's Tortoise that my daughter is utterly in love with. Thank you sir.
Rating by c***y for Hermann's Tortoises ($165.00)
Perfect animals! Great packing and shipping! Professional communication! Thanks!
Rating by j***y for Elongated Tortoises ($149.00)
My baby tortoise came in and doing well already
Rating by j***1 for Hermann's Tortoises ($165.00)
Very responsive and helpful before purchasing. Extremely fast shipping and excellent packaging. The turtle is exactly what I wanted. Great experience all around.
Rating by l***r for Central American Ornate Wood Turtles ($59.00)
Got my little guys safe and sound will definitely buy from them again.
Rating by d***7 for Mississippi Map Turtles ($20.00)
Rating by r***g for Mississippi Map Turtles ($20.00)
This was a fantastic breeder / seller to work with! Very fast communication, very friendly to work with, willing to answer all of my questions... I would absolutely recommend this seller to friends, family and strangers.
Rating by k***e for Common Musk (Stinkpots) Mud & Musk Turtles ($25.00)
If you’re looking for good quality leopard tortoises you need to purchase from Nauti-Lass Ponds & Critters INC.
Rating by r***6 for Leopard Tortoises ($159.00)
No complaints, arrived on time and in excellent health.
Rating by r***a for Hermann's Tortoises ($149.00)
I received my redfoot tortoise exactly when the seller said I would. I ordered on a Saturday and received them on the following Tuesday. My tortoise is in great health. Packaging was fantastic and kept them warm and humid enough that they didn't dry
Tortoise died after 5 days. Never even defecated once and it never would eat either. From the beginning it rubbed at its eyes, I thought nothing of it at first, but now it's really seeming like it was sick all along. On 05/03/2020 it started to gasp
Rating by s***a for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($110.00)
The little baby Red Foot Tortoise arrived healthy and safe. The little guy is full of energy. Great packing and communication.
Rating by j***s for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($110.00)
I bought 2 and they’re perfect. I forget the mans name but he was very friendly and communication was on point.
Rating by v***e for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($110.00)
Very responsive. sent a quality animal
Rating by b***n for Three-toed Box Turtle ($125.00)
Great experience, the guy is legit. Turtles chunky and bright. Can easily blow the bank on his stuff, gr8 quality and prices.
Rating by k***0 for Ornate (Desert) Box Turtles ($125.00)
Everything went very smoothly and the animal came refectory packaged.
Rating by j***n for Redfoot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($110.00)