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Ivan Borošak

Sveta Nedelja, Croatia

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No1 Reptiles as a experienced breeder in reptile breeding society delivers the most exciting ball python morphs and unique perspective in future ball python designing.
We are small breeder producing approximately 100 of ball pythons a year. Our main goal is to put quality in front of quantity in our everyday care and breeding. Our work is base on our passion to ball python morphs and we work only with morph line of genes which are, in our opinion, the highest quality lines.
We are mostly working with following morphs: Scaleless, Piebald, Candy, Black head, Ultramel and Ghost genes.

You may notice that none of our prices ends on round number instead they end with 1. That 1 is the 1 euro that we donate to charities for every sale we made su please suport us in that matter.

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