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Seller was great at keeping up communication for the sale ! Snake arrived alive and healthy to my best knowledge so far and she is absolutely stunning , although she was close to 300 grams smaller than stated.
Rating by a***8 for Pastel Albino 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($850.00)
Great experience, can't wait to do business with this seller again in the future. I highly recommend them!
Rating by p***r for Pastave Het Clown 50% Het Pied Ball Python ($350.00)
I purchased two snakes from Will and i couldn't be happier. They are both beautiful, healthy looking animals. Communication was prompt and pleasant, just an overall good experience. Thanks!
Rating by t***1 for Enchi Clown 100% Het Hypo Or 50% Het Pied Ball Python ($650.00)
Great seller awesome communication and awesome animal
Rating by s***y for Albino Het Pied Ball Python ($275.00)
Everything was as advertised and seller was professional.
Rating by z***s for Pastel Clown Het Pied Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Mr. Nussman is responsive, informative, and professional. His answers to my questions helped me pick out the perfect new snake for our family. Our new snake, like the other snake we bought from him, is beautiful and healthy. Highly recommended.
Rating by c***b for Pied 66% Het Albino Ball Python ($425.00)
Nice man to deal with. Snakes look great!
Rating by m***a for Pastel Leopard Het Clown Ball Python ($300.00)
Great experience
Rating by h***8 for Clown 100% Het Hypo Or 50% Het Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
Great transaction. Seller provides great information about his snakes. Local pickup so shipping not needed. Will be a repeat customer.
Rating by j***t for Dh Clown Pied Ball Python ($150.00)
Very professional and fast transaction.
Rating by j***s for Orange Dream Yellowbelly Dh Albino Pied Ball Python ($1,250.00)
The snakes I ordered arrived healthy and are eating and growing great. Thanks
Rating by m***d for Orange Dream Yellowbelly 66% Het Pied Ball Python ($750.00)
Very professional. Animal is my favorite purchase no question. I can not wait to pick something up from them again! Quality animals!
Rating by f***3 for Pastel Leopard Yellowbelly Het Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)