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couldn't be happier with the animals I received. I'll definitely buy from OutBack again.!
Rating by b***1 for Pastel Pied Ball Python ($225.00)
Seller was really nice, communication could’ve been a little better but wasn’t terrible and the snake ended up arriving healthy and happy!!
Rating by a***e for Pastel Champagne Ball Python ($200.00)
Great communication and worked with me when I had to put off shipping do to covid. Bought 2 from them and will buy again from them. Thank you.
Rating by w***n for Asphalt Specter Ball Python ($350.00)
It was a very smooth transition
Rating by c***0 for Lavender Albino Platinum Golden Child Reticulated Python ($700.00)
Beautiful animal, for a great price.
Rating by k***n for CBB Guyana - Nice Striped True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($450.00)
Snake was fine and everything was as described but there was a hole in the package bag and it got out inside the box but other then that everything was great.
Rating by a***9 for Banana Black Pastel Mojave #1 Ball Python ($300.00)
The snake is exactly as described. She is healthy and better than expected. Very happy with the transaction.
Rating by g***s for Genetic Stripe Possible Scaleless Head Ball Python ($350.00)
Beautiful snake and perfect delivery.
Rating by p***t for Scaleless Head Pinstripe Ball Python ($200.00)
Great service!
Rating by c***5 for Banana Clown Ball Python ($550.00)
She was absolutely beautiful can't thank them enough definitely will do business again
Rating by c***s for Albino Genetic Stripe Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Nice animal, good communication
Rating by b***h for Classic Suriname True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($550.00)
Seamless transaction from start to finish. Gecko is super healthy and just as described. Will definitely do business with Mike in the future if he has something I want.
Rating by p***s for LTC Giant - Fimbriatus Leaf-Tailed Gecko ($400.00)
Very happy with animal, Great comm. All good. Robert
Rating by b***h for Classic Suriname True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($450.00)
I have not checked the sex yet but is a easure to work with
Thanks again Donna, was a pleasure doing business with you.
Rating by d***9 for Fire Enchi Special Ball Python ($250.00)
definitely will do business again wanted to wait a week befor leaving a review to check the guy over no mites thick and healthy so far never missed a meal. love it
Thanks again!!!
Rating by r***e for Candy Pewter - Kinked Ball Python ($300.00)
I received her and she is healthy. Quick shipping. Great communication.
Thanks a lot!
Rating by s***z for Mystic Fire Het Clown Ball Python ($250.00)
The company was Great, and I Love my new animal. Thanks again !
Rating by b***h for Suriname - Exceptional Classic Female True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($650.00)
I received this BEAUTIFUL pair and got exactly what was described. Communication was excellent!
Rating by n***6 for 1.1 Adult Pair Monostripe Albino Rosy Boa ($1,000.00)
Perfect transaction as always! Outback is where it’s at!
Thanks a lot!!!
Rating by s***t for Import Brazilian Rainbow Boa ($450.00)
Mike did a great job at communication and the animal is great!!
Rating by l***0 for Aberrant Guyana True Red-tailed Boa Constrictor ($550.00)
Outback Reptiles goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction! I received my snakes in a carefully packed box. Upon opening and inspecting, the animals were just as described. I'll definitely purchase here again!
Thank you so much George! I'm glad we got everything worked out, and very happy that you were satisfied. Don't hesitate to reach out if you see something you like in the future. ~Mike
Rating by g***y for Pastel Lesser Ball Python ($475.00)
Outback is great to work with and their animals are top quality. Couldn't be happier with all the snakes purchased from them.
Thanks a lot! Was a pleasure working with you as well!
Rating by m***k for Pastel GHI Ball Python ($250.00)
Seller has been great about answering all of the questions I had. Would do business again and highly recommend.
Rating by i***t for Red Saharan Spiny-tailed Lizard ($125.00)
It looks as if the snake lid eggs before I received it and I paid for a possibly gravid female and I told outback I didn’t want If it laid eggs before it shipped and I beleive by looking and feeling belly it did lay and they shipped it anyway so I’m
Rating by b***e for Solomon Island 10 Lot !! Ground Boa ($150.00)
Despite a few unforeseen hiccups after purchase, Ian came through and got me taken care of. I have purchased several animals from Outback over the years and have always been happy with the customer service, quality, and knowledge. Highly recommended.
Rating by d***s for African Import Striped Dark Blush Ball Python ($325.00)
Thec contacted me and I got there address and went on a little road trip picked up my snake they were great people will buy more from them
Rating by s***a for African Import Volta (Gravid) 4,170g Ball Python ($950.00)
Animal was exactly as described/ pictured in posting, awesome and quick communication, arrived on time packaging was perfect!
Rating by r***e for Amazon # 6 Tree Boa ($100.00)
Great visual Ball Python! Great communication skills, everything was on point! I would recommend everyone to shop here!! Best experience!!
Thank you , We appreciate the business and the good feedback
Rating by b***s for Ghost 100% Het Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
Outback is where it's at. Beautiful pastel clown great weight,great visual,great feed response. Overall my best experience buying a snake! Will be back again very soon!!
Rating by b***s for Pastel Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
Awesome snake ,2nd time getting a snake from them and will do business in the future!!!Thank you so much
Rating by d***3 for African Import A4 Ball Python ($200.00)
Noah was very quick to Answer any questions I had and I received My beautiful baby girl within a couple days of making payment. Will definitely go through them again.
Rating by r***s for Pastel Clown Ball Python ($550.00)
Would purchase from them again.
Rating by g***e for Toffino Ball Python ($700.00)
Would purchase again.
Rating by g***e for African Import Ball Python ($200.00)
Animals arrived in the exact condition specified and in good health. Would definitely recommend
Rating by d***7 for African Import Ball Python ($200.00)
I spoke with the gentleman twice on the phone. I was very impressed so I called back and placed my order. I will definitely order again
Rating by s***6 for Super Dwarf Het Albino Reticulated Python ($200.00)
Noah and the time are very good. The communication is very quick and and easy to work with. I will definitely be purchasing from them in the near future
Thank You !
Rating by p***s for African Import - Classic 2,470g Ball Python ($200.00)
Animals were shipped very well and arrived alert and seen healthy so far! Thanks so much for the quick responses and help selecting the right animals!
Rating by a***h for Fire Skink Pretty Normal Other Skink ($35.00)
Noah was great!! Worked well with me. Will be buying again!!
Thank you ! Enjoy your snake
Rating by r***n for Scaleless Head Het Albino Ball Python ($175.00)
What can I say , I been buying from Ian and his crew for years and as always , thanks outback team , Noah thanks man you made it a pleasure my friend. 5 stars to team outback !!!
Thank You !
Rating by r***5 for GHI Pastel Lesser Poss Het Clown Ball Python ($450.00)
Thanks again!
Rating by t***p for Cinnamon Pied Ball Python ($525.00)
Thanking Outback Reptiles for keeping me posted on my delivery, also information when needed. My female Albino ball python is so much beautiful in person.
Rating by r***s for Albino Ball Python ($225.00)
Very unsatisfied, was told the animal was healthy and eating. But what i got was the opposite of that. The animal died one week after i received it. They were Unwilling to work with me in any way other than selling me another animal DON'T WAIST YOUR$
Rating by j***o for White Lip Python ( D'Albert's ) Pretty Friendly White-lipped Python ($450.00)
Perfect transaction! Thank you, Noah!
Rating by k***s for Huge Male Brazilian Rainbow Boa ($300.00)
Perfect snake and had it in hand the next day!
Rating by d***9 for Irian Jaya Carpet Python ($275.00)
Good people to work with, Outback has some beautiful morphs and I couldn't be more pleased with mine.
Rating by m***h for Super Enchi Fire Het Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
Gorgeous snake. Very responsive and courteous.
Rating by k***r for Super Dwarf Het Albino Reticulated Python ($200.00)
Smooth and easy transaction. Very pleased.
Rating by b***y for Banana Lemon Blast 66% Het VPI Axanthic Ball Python ($375.00)
Ordered 3 all came in live and healthy and are doing very well inTheir new enclosure
Rating by l***h for West African Caecilians (Geotrypetes) Other Amphibian ($50.00)
Great service
Rating by d***s for Enchi Candino Ball Python ($500.00)
Great experience will love to keep doing business with them
Rating by s***4 for Pied Het VPI Axanthic Ball Python ($650.00)