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Colton Scherer

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I was born in Ottumwa, Iowa but I grew up in Florida. I have always loved animals. I was the kid in school who picked up frogs at recess. I started getting into reptiles when I was sixteen. I started with Bearded Dragons because of a family friend who had several. Then I migrated to my first snakes which were Corn Snakes. I started attending reptile shows all over Florida. My first reptile show ever was the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Daytona in 2010. Shortly after that I purchase my first Ball Pythons and I was hooked. That first year I had Ball Pythons, I had three clutches, and have been steadily increasing my clutches each year.

I have been breeding ball pythons for over 13 years. I have produced thousands of babies since then. We have barely touched the potential of colors and patterns that ball pythons are able to a produce. I also produce several corn snake and other Colubrid clutches ever year so I have a variety of animals available.

I travel all over the east coast of the United States vending reptile shows. I plan on branching out and doing more and more shows each year, so I can reach as many amazing people as possible. I want to share our great designs and animals with everyone.

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